Remington 1911 Model R1 45 ACP 5" Barrel Walnut Grips 7rd Mag

Remington 1911 Model R1 45 ACP 5" Barrel Walnut Grips 7rd Mag
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45 ACP
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The accuracy and reliability that have made the 1911 an American icon now shine brighter than ever. Features include a crisp trigger, dovetailed front and rear sights, precision-machined slide and frame, and available fine-checkered American walnut grips. The new Model 1911 R1 is truly the finest blend of exacting craftsmanship and out-of-box performance available today. Every element is produced with ultra-tight tolerances on equipment representing the height of modern technology. The result is a sweet-shooting advancement of a legendary design we’re more than proud to put our name on.
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The Remington Model 1911 R1 is manufactured with pride and precision, to the exacting standards you’ve come to expect from Remington. Right here in Ilion, New York.
Barrel length 5" Flared and lowered ejection port Sights, dovetail front and rear, 3 dot Double diamond walnut wood grips Satin black oxide metal finish Weight 38.5 ounces Carbon steel frame and slide Capacity 7 + 1 Two 7-shot magazines supplied Shipped in custom carrying case
  • Category : Pistols
  • Type : Pistol
  • Action : Single
  • Caliber : 45 Automatic Colt Pistol (ACP)
  • Barrel Length : 5.0"
  • Capacity : 7+1
  • Safety : Manual Thumb/Grip
  • Grips : Walnut
  • Sights : 3-Dot Dovetail
  • Weight : 38.5 oz
  • Frame Finish : Black

16 Reviews

  • Can't be beat!

    Posted by Jack on Jun 2nd 2014

    Since my military days of the '60s always wanted a 1911. Before purchasing my R1, considered the Ruger, Springfield Armory (rented one of these) and Rock Island. Finally got a R1 in my hands and loved the fit and finish. I bought it. My first trip to the range was very impressive, crisp trigger, great sites, and unbelievable accuracy for first attempts. Several range trips later and I am more enthused than ever. For the price it can't be beat!

  • Best In Class of 1911

    Posted by Dixie Shooter on Jan 27th 2014

    I was shopping for a 1911 and I had my heart set on the Springfield GI model in OD Green. I went to my usual gun store to check it out but they didn't have one in stock. I looked at several other brands but I didn't like any of them until I put the Remington R1 in my hand. It felt like an extension of my hand it was so comfortable. I still wanted to see the GI so I didn't buy the R1. I went back to the store when they got the GI back in stock but it came in second to the R1 due to the military type sights it had. My eyes just couldn't focus on them because they were so short. I didn't have any difficulty seeing the Remington's sights so I bought it. It has not had a single malfunction as of yet and I don't anticipate any. I have used most all brands of ammo from the cheap Russian TulAmmo to the high priced stuff and it ate 'em up and spit 'em out with no problem. In my opinion the Remington R1 rates "Best In Class" because as George Jones used to sing, "There's Nothing Better Once You've Had The Best".

  • Good 1911 - 2 issues

    Posted by Roy on Jan 10th 2014

    I've had my Remington R1 about a year and found two issues that were easily corrected. 1 - It would have hollow points hang up in the feed ramp once in a while. This was easily corrected by polishing the feed ramp by hand for 20 minutes with rubbing compound on a patch. The ramp had some machine marks cross-wise to the feed direction. Problem solved. The other was the Remington magazines sometimes lost the last round, causing a feed failure on the last round. I got some Kimber magazines. They have a dimple on the follower that ensures the last round is retained until it supposed to be stripped off. That resolved those jams. Otherwise a good shooting 1911 and way tighter than the old ones I used on active duty.


    Posted by Retired Military on Nov 9th 2013

    Immediately upon picking it up I knew I had to have it. It felt just like the 1911's I carried during my military career. 800 Plus rounds through it and not a single FTF, FTE. An amazing weapon for a reasonable price. I bought it to use as a secondary backup to my Kimber and Springfield 1911's but I'd feel confident to carry this as my primary. This is a tight fitting, accurate pistol with a crisp trigger.

  • Remington 1911 R1

    Posted by DC on Oct 7th 2013

    This is the second 1911 that I have purchased, Perfect. I picked it up about a month ago I have ran over 300 rounds through it, Flawless. It came with rosewood grips, Have had absolutely zero issues with it. I will be using it as my carry piece. have had 2 inch groupings at 25 yards. It even impressed the folks at my local shooting range with the accuracy.

  • remingtonr1

    Posted by mrbelamy on Sep 2nd 2013

    I ve had this gun for a year less then 300 rounds but no hiccups anyone interested should consider this gun for home sport and carry remember you dont need high cap mags just knowledge practice and respect as a gun owner oh and trow in a 12 guage 18 inch shotgun and your good to go.

  • My experience

    Posted by G on Aug 21st 2013

    I have had this 45 for a month and have put through two hundred rounds. Great. Using a flat line of sight it shoots low (target set at 15 yards)but by bringing up the front a bit all is well. I am used to it now. This was a good buy.

  • Excellent firearm

    Posted by Mike on Apr 11th 2013

    I carried a model 1911 45 ACP for many years when I was in the Marines. They were made by USS, Colt, and Remington. They were well used and very loose.

    In recent years I have been shooting 9mm, 40 cal S&W ,, and 380 for personal protection.

    Last month I had the opportunity to purchase the new Remington 1911 A1.

    This gun is tight and I am shooting a 2" group at police 30 yard targets.

    The recoil is less than my 9mm Glock 17 and. does this at a very gentle recoil behavior .

    This is the most comfortable pistol I have ever owned and shot. A great gun.

  • Worth every penny

    Posted by Cooper on Feb 10th 2013

    I have had numerous 1911's. Two Les Baer, a Colt series seventy, a Taurus, and a new Ruger SR1911. I must say that the R1 surprised me in its flawless functioning with a multitude of various ammunition, from 185 and 230 grain + P hollow points to several different brands of ball ammo and reloads without a single hiccup.
    The R1 is a nice mix of traditional 1911A1 and more modern features like the stainless barrel bushing (nicely fit), high visibility sights that are much more user friendly than the GI sights and walnut or rosewood grips instead of plastic. I like the fact that it resembles the 1911A1 very closely yet has features that improve the function. The trigger is not a Les Baer but it is a pleasure to shoot for 1/3 the cost.
    If I had to choose between the Ruger SR1911 and the R1 It would be difficult. If your looking for a classic modern A1 style 1911 I don't know how you could beat the R1. It is a beautifully crafted 1911 for the money.

  • What a beautiful pistol.

    Posted by Dennis on Jan 20th 2013

    I purchased an R1 in black and it came with the rosewood grips. The fit and finish are excellent and it feels great in my hand. I've only had the chance to run a couple mags of Russian ammo through it and it was flawless. Not much kick. And it's the best thing at this price point. My friend bought the Springfield Range Officer; paid $200+ more and the only difference I see is the sights (and included holster and mag carriers w/RO). Since I'm not using for competition I'm very happy.


    Posted by Jim on Jan 20th 2013

    Bought it recently - the workmanship was superior and it was absolutely everything I expected. I have used several types of magazines and 3 different types of ammo with no notable issues what so ever. It's such an iconic weapon .... Very pleased.

  • Remington R1

    Posted by lj06716 on Sep 9th 2012

    My first 1911 was a Colt Series 70 Government Model. I bought it brand new and if you ripped it fast as you could pull the trigger it would jam on the last shell every time. I carried it back to the store I bought it from and was told it needed to be throated out. They sent me to a gunsmith to have it done. He called me when it was ready and I picked it up and went to the range. I ripped the shells off and it jammed on the last bulled again. I reloaded and it done the same thing. This Remington R1 has never had so much as a hiccup since I've had it. The only reason I would trade it for a new Colt would be so I could sell the Colt's and buy 2 more of the R1's. This pistol has zero flaws that I have found, and I'm sure I would have found one by now if I was going to have one, because I've went from the cheap Russian ammo to the best name brands and every shot went bang and with accuracy too.

  • great

    Posted by swede on Aug 2nd 2012

    I bought the r1 a year ago i have a few thousand rounds through it now and have had only one ftf. I am going to buy another one soon maybe the stainless. I would sell my colt before i got rid of the r1.

  • Great for the price

    Posted by Mark on Jan 15th 2012

    When I saw the first advertisment, I knew I had to have one. A few months later I finally had it in my hands. The pictures do not do it justice, it is certainly a finely crafted piece. Fit and finish cannot be beat for the price range. The feel of pistol is just right, I am not a fan of overly large beaver tails. This one is true to the original design with upgrades that do not detract from the originality as it is a reproduction of the WWII model produced by Remington and others. If your looking for a 1911 and want to compete with the big boys or not, this is the gun for you.

  • My R1

    Posted by William L on Jul 21st 2011

    Back in Febuary I Bought me a R1 and Boy do I ever love it. There is actually some workmanship in it and I compared it to a Kimber 1911 and a Springfield Range Master. The R1 OUT SHOT both the Springfield and the Kimber ( The Kimber malfunctioned once it got to 100 rounds due to getting dirty) The R1 had 1 feed malfunction at the 27th round and has not done it sense. The R1 has a lot going for it and I expect it will be around for quite some time. It out-shoots guns twice it's price, It can use most Colt Parts and did I mention the Price ( I paid $679.99) being reasonable. You really can't go wrong with the R1. I also have 2 700BDL rifles in 25.06 and .300 magnum and the R1 is built just as well as the rifles.

  • Great Qualtiy for the Price

    Posted by Matt on Dec 18th 2010

    I bought this gun without ever trying it out or even seeing it, because judging by what have read in reviews on the net and in mags, it was going to be worth it. The overall quality and finish are closer to 1911s nearly twice the price. This includes the barrel and barrel bushing. Just compare them to other 1911s under $700. The sights are great and I like that other than these and the flared ejection port, the gun stays nearly identicle to the original design.
    It is easy to shoot because of the weight and 5" barrel. So far I've put 207 rounds through it, 200 with Remington UMC 230 grain FMJ, and just 7 rounds of Black Hills 230 grain JHP just to see how it would shoot with those as the loaded home defense ammo. It is very accurate and comparing the recoil with my Glock 23, it is noticeably less. The only thing would say is there were two FTFs, first after the inital 48 rounds first time out, then at the second time at the range at 46 rounds. Because not broken in and when the barrell was dirty with powder. Didn't happen after that and I did polish the feed ramp after the FTFs. The trigger which is the standard short 1911 like the orgianals, would prefer it to be longer, so may try a different comp trigger. I'm sure this mainly has to do with being used to and prefering the Glock trigger system. It's not as easy to shoot rapid fire shots with the R1 of course. Other than polishing the feed ramp only thing have done is bought two Mec-Gar 8 round mags that fit and worked flawlessy last 50 rounds.
    I really like this gun. It is not for concealed carry, that is what my Glock is for and for me is too big and heavy, but that's not why got the R1 in the first place. It's just a legendary pistol that was ahead of its time, and is like owning a piece of history, besides the .45 ACP round being the ultimate stopper!

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