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Looking for lever handguns, derringers, break-action handguns, or single-shot handguns?  Look no further!  Impact Guns carries all of these unique designs.  From 45 derringers  to large calber hand-cannons, Impact has them.  Some popular derringer brands are Bond Arms  and CobraPedersoliRossi, Henry, and Thompson Center  have also has come out with some cool break-action or single-shot handgun designs.  An extremely unique, and ultra concealable design from Heizer can also be found here. 

Bond Arms Cowboy Defender, 45LC Only

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The Cowboy Defender was designed for Cowboy Action or the Most Compact Carry Concealed .410 shotshell protection available. The overall appearance is similar to the Remington Double Derringer of the 1860’s. The Cowboy Defender will accept all the...

Bond Arms Defender Derringer, 9mm, 2.5", 2rd, CA Compliant

$618.49 $455.89
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This Bond Arms' Defender is finished in stainless steel and has Rosewood grips with a California bear. It comes with a rebounding hammer, retracting firing pins, a cross-bolt safety, and a spring-loaded cammed locking lever. This California-legal model...

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Bond Arms Texas Defender 40 SW

$430.59 $424.59
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The trigger guard aids in the control of the pistol when shooting the larger calibers. All Bond derringers are true pocket pistols that will shoot largecaliber ammunition. The Texas Defender will accept all the extra interchangeable barrels.Category :...

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Bond Arms Texas Defender 45ACP, 3" Barrel

$493.00 $413.59
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High quality stainless steel heat treated for durability. Patented rebounding hammer. Retracting firing pins. Crossbolt safety. Special grip design. Patented spring loaded cammed locking lever. Trigger guard. Spring loaded extractor. Blade front and...

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