Lever-Action Rifles

The original repeating rifle was a lever-action design created in the late 1880's and made popular by companies such as Henry and Winchester.  The rifle that won the American West, the lever-action rifle is still extremely popular today in all calibers, for hunting, plinking, and in Cowboy Action Shooting competition.  The Henry  lever-action 22 is popular for varmint hunting, the 30 30 lever-action rifle is still popular for deer hunting, and the 45 70 lever-action is good for big game-- like dinosaurs!  (Like the Marlin 1895SBL as seen in Jurassic World.)  Some of the biggest producers today are Marlin, Winchester, Henry Repeating Arms, Uberti, Taylor's, and Browning.

Rossi Rio Grande .30-30, 20" Barrel, Pistol Grip

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Rossi Rio Grande 30-30 The Rio Grande is for high performance lever action hunting and shooting. Now there's a Rossi rifle in the popular 30-30 Winchester caliber. The Rio Grande offers accuracy, performance and practicality for a lifetime of fast,...

Winchester 1873 150th Anniversay 44-40 20" Barrel

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Model 1873 150th Commemorative Rifle .44-40 Winchester 24 Inch Octagon Barrel American Walnut Stock Oil Finish FANCY GRADE V/VI WALNUT STRAIGHT GRIP STOCK with classic cut checkering and a high grade oil finish that’s velvet smooth to the touch •...

Winchester 1873 Sporter 44-40 24" Octagon Barrel Pistol Grip

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The Model 1873 Sporter features an octagon barrel with a case hardened receiver, and a fine Grade II/III walnut pistol grip stock. It has a blued steel crescent buttplate, receiver, forearm cap, and barrel. The receiver top tang is drilled and tapped for...

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Winchester 1892 Short Rifle 45LC 20" Barrel

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Model 1892 Short .45 Colt 20 Inch Barrel Gloss Blue Finish Straight Grip Walnut Stock Oil Finish Tubular Magazine WALNUT STRAIGHT GRIP STOCK with a satin finish that’s velvet smooth to the touch • CLASSIC RIFLE-STYLE FOREARM with blued steel cap for...

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Winchester M94 Short Rifle 38-55 20" Barrel

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Winchester Repeating Arms Model 94 Short Rifle WALNUT STOCK with satin finish, authentic straight-grip styling and a blued steel forearm cap offer a nostalgic look • SHOTGUN STYLE BUTTPLATE for smooth and easy shouldering • TRIPLE-CHECKED BUTTON...

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Henry Big Boy Steel Carbine 44Mag 16" Round Barrel

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Henry Big Boy Steel Carbine .44 Magnum 16.5 Inch Round Barrel Blued Finish Checkered American Walnut Stock 7 Round Capacity While we are fond of the brass tradition begun by B.T. Henry’s 1860 rifle, we do understand that today’s hunter may prefer...

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