If you conceal-carry, then carry the best-- your life depends on it. Our experts have have listed the best concealed carry guns of all time here, all at extremely competitive prices. There is no better time to arm yourself than right now.   There are many ways to conceal a gun, some of the most popular are:  the belt holster, inside-the-waistband holster, inside-the-pocket, the ankle holster, and purse holsters.  There are even bra holsters! We have a section for women's concealed carry here. Impact Guns has concealed carry classes in Ogden, Utah, where we can give you the training required and information on concealed carry reciprocity laws.  Some of the more popular holster brands are Galco, Bianchi, Fobus, Blackhawk, Alien Gear, Desantis, and more.  Some of the most popular concealed carry guns are: Ruger LCP, Sig Sauer P938, Glock 43, and the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield and the Shield M2.0 .