What is a FFL?

What is an FFL?

Any business selling firearms is required by law to hold an FFL.  An "FFL" is a Federal Firearm License.  All firearms sold to customers online must be delivered to a local FFL holder who will help the customer perform a background check. There are over 60,000 FFL holders across the country. Don't have an FFL holder to help you with the transfer?  Don't worry, we've worked with tens of thousands of dealers across the country.  Use our FFL finder here to select an FFL holder in your area.  


What do I need to arrange with the local FFL holder?

It's simple. You can pick an FFL holder from our list that shows an "FFL On File", or have your preferred FFL holder send us a copy of their license to sales@impactguns.com if they are not already on file with us. Alternatively, they may fax it to us at (801) 393-2476. We recommend checking with your FFL prior to ordering to ensure that they are willing to accept the transfer.