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Tuesday, September 29th Update: Email response times and Shipping Delays, Yet Another Update

Posted by Thomas on Sep 29th 2020

We can at times sound like a broken record with these updates, but we are trying to stay in touch with everyone on current circumstances and response times. Over-communication is better than not enough. Email responses could take 3-5 days or longer right now. We have thousands of emails in queue at the moment. We have more than doubled the number of employees responding to emails in the past 4 months, and it is just not enough. Part of our problem is that we have product available that cann
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Friday, September 25 Update: Fiber-Optic Line Cut, Phone System, Product Availability, Order and Email Lead-times

Posted by Thomas on Sep 25th 2020

EDIT: Phone lines and Internet have been restored. Today, September 25th, a fiber optic line that supplies phone and Internet service to our operations building was cut. Our entire area is down, currently. If you cannot get through today, please try again. Lead-times are still much longer than normal due to demand. We have hired new employees, expanded and improved systems, and re-organized in an attempt to get caught up, but the increased demand due to social unrest is absolutely
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Salt Lake City Store Closed Due to Power Outage: Wednesday, September 9th. EDIT: Power Now Restored.

Posted by Thomas on Sep 9th 2020

Our Salt Lake City store has been without power now for the past 24 hours due to the massive wind-storm that hit the area. The store is closed until power is restored. As of Wednesday, September 9th at 9:15am, we still have no power. We will update this page when power is restored. EDIT: Power was restored Wednesday, September 9th, around 4:00pm. Thank you for your patience.

August 31, 2020 Update

Posted by Thomas on Aug 31st 2020

Operations are still running significantly behind in pulling orders, responding to customer emails, and in answering phones in a timely manner. We have hired in all stores, in customer service, and in our warehouses, but it just isn't enough to get caught up with the massive increase in demand. We do apologize for delays and lack of communication on orders, but we have been unable to hire qualified people fast enough due to the current environment. Please be aware that we are operating extend
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California High-Capacity Mag Ban is NOT Lifted Due to Existing Stay

Posted by Thomas on Aug 17th 2020

Unfortunately, all orders from California for high-capacity magazines since last week will need to be cancelled. You do not need to do anything to cancel your order. We will notify you upon successful cancellation. There is no need to contact us. From the National Sports Shooting Foundation on August 17, 2020: "While the holding in Duncan is a tremendous victory for the Second Amendment, members of the industry should continue to refrain from selling or shipping into California
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