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Rail Lasers

Lasers that mount to a firearm using a rail system, such as a picatinny rail.  Lasers that mount to rail systems are very flexible because they can be moved between gun platforms-- as long as the gun has a compatible rail system, then the laser can be moved to that destination gun.  You can find rail mounted lasers for sale here on this page.

Ruger 10/22 Forend Red Laser 10/22 Barrel Band

$62.99 $48.09
Available Online

Designed by LaserMax specifically for the Ruger 10/22. Seamlessly integrates on your 10/22 to help all shooters, regardless of skill improve accuracy. Attaches by swapping out the existing barrel band. Easily adjusts for windage and elevation. Battery...

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Burris T.M.P.R. Red Laser Sight

Available Online In Very Limited Quantities

The T.M.P.R. SYSTEM is a modular system of purpose-specific optics that can be used individually or in combination to create the ultimate sight for any situation. Each T.M.P.R. System component has its own battery. When connected to a T.M.P.R. prism...

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Cyclops Green Laser Illuminator 680yd Range with Mounts

Available Online In Limited Quantities

Cyclops' Green Laser Illuminator is a high power laser illuminator which is weapon-mountable. The beam is adjustable, narrow to wide, with a 680-yard beam distance, and the green laser does not spook animals. It has an aviation-grade anodized aluminum...

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Steiner SBAL-PL Laser/Light 500lu for Glock 19

Available Online

The Single Beam Aiming Laser and Pistol Light is a compact pistol light offering a visible green laser and a 500-lumen white light LED. The green laser technology offers better visibility and greater stability over a wide range of temperatures. It...

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BSA Sporting Optics Tactical Laser, Red Laser, Black

$44.95 $29.59
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Features black matte finish. Tube diameter 18.9mm. Visible range: 50 yards (indoor lit). Visible range: 100 yards (outdoor night). Dot size: 11.3mm at 10 yards. Wave length 650nm. Includes 22 rail and Weaver style base. (2) 1.5V LR44 batteries. Hex...

LaserMax LMS-RAS Remote Switch

$75.13 $55.59
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This Remote Activation Switch has an ideal use with Manta-Ray LMR-M and LMR-IR WeaponLights. The LMS-RAS enhances operation, allowing more reflexive staging on AR-pattern rifles. It mounts in seconds without tools and is compatible with...