Muzzleloading Caps, Wads, & Patches

Muzzleloader and black powder caps, wads, and patches.  Powder cannot be shipped due to shipping regulatory issues.  You can purchasing all other reloading and accessories for muzzleloader and black powder guns here, however.  

CCI Muzzleloader Musket Caps Brass 1000/5

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These specially designed caps are fitted with an explosive charge optimized for replica muskets. They also feature a tough, four wing design to further performance.Category : Black Powder AccessoriesType : Musket CapsCaliber : N/AMaterial : BrassModel :...

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Winchester Muzzleloader Primers #209, 100 Primers/Pack

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Winchester's Triple Se7en primer is a clean burning primer that reduces fouling ring buildup, allowing muzzleloader shooters easy second shot loadings. It has a unique look with a black cap to distinguish it from other 209 primers. It is clam packaged...

T/C Accessories Quick Shot Magnum 1 50 Compact

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TCA's Quick Shot loader holds premeasured powder charge, projectile and priming in a waterproof container. Used with patch and ball, Maxi-Ball or Maxi Hunter, the Quick Shot may be used with either a percussion or flint lock rifle. Constructed of plastic...

TCA T-Handle Starter and Ramrod Extension Black Plastic

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Convert your ramrod into a range rod with T/C's composite T-Handle Short Starter. This lightweight and compact short starter has a "palm saver" built into one end and a removable seating end at the other. Remove the seating end of the rod and screw the...

Thompson Center Extended Jag .50 Cal Polymer w/Steel Shank

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This Extended Jag by Thompson Center Arms features a rugged steel shank with polymer over-molding, which protects the bore during cleaning. This extended jag fits .50 caliber muzzleloaders, 10-32 threads, and most ramrods. The durable design will not...

Thompson Center Flints All T/C Flint Locks 4/Pkg

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These high quality rifle flints are recommended for use with all T/C flint locks. They come in a package of 4.Category : Black Powder AccessoriesType : Rifle FlintsCaliber : All T/C Flint LocksFinish : SmoothColor : GrayQuantity : 4 PackPieces : 4

Thompson Center T17 Natural Lube 1000 Plus 3oz

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Thompson Center Arms'' T-17 Natural Lube 1000 Plus has been enhanced to work with Hodgdon's Triple Se7en powder. This all-natural lubricant reduces fouling, improves accuracy, and prevents rust. This is the first lubricant specially formulated to work...

Thompson Center U-View Flex Loader 45/50 Cal

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The U-View Flex Loader allows the shooter to pre-pack everything needed for three shots, all in a compact carrier. The rugged and flexible carrier holds three loading tubes, each containing the projectile and charge. When the back up charge is needed,...