Gerber Gatormachete Pro, Nylon Sheath, Machetes

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GERBER Gator Machete Pro This is the top of the heap for Gerber machetes. The corrosion-resistant, multi-purpose blade can be used as an axe, machete, brush thinner or knife. The Gator grip handle and nylon lanyard keep the machete safely in your hand...

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Gerber Gator Machete, Nylon Sheath, Machetes

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This dual purpose machete solves two obstacles: chopping and sawing. Successful at both, the 18 inch blade features a full performance saw on one side, a 15 inch fine edge blade on the other. With a Gator Grip handle to keep it secure, it is ready for...

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Gerber Gatormachete Jr, Nylon Sheath, Machetes

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GERBER Gator Machete Jr. The Gator Machete sports their proprietary Gator rubber grip for ergonomic control while using either the fine edge blade on one side, or the saw onthe other. The riveted, nylon sheath provides safe, durable transport. Built...

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