Shotgun Chokes

Remington Extended Tactical Ported Choke Tube 12g

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REMINGTON TACTICAL CHOKE TUBE, PORTED/EXTENDED- The SNAGGLE-TOOTH This Remington Extended Tactical Ported Choke Tube is designed for optimum performance and recoil reduction and also aids in reducing muzzle rise for consistent shot placement. It has a...

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Beretta USA Optima Choke Tube 12 Ga Full, Silver

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Optima choke tubes are longer and slimmer than conventional Mobilchoke tubes, with an elongated cone to minimize pellet deformation to enhance the concentration and distribution of shot patterns. These flush fitting chokes are for 12 gauge shotguns with...

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Hevishot Hevi-Choke Turkey 12 Ga Extreme Range Black Pro Bore

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This super full turkey choke tube has been specifically formulated for ultimately tight patterns. It features a knurled forend for easy installation in the field under any condition, without tools. The choke tubes feature internal axial rings to keep the...