3 Gun Competition

For fast-paced shooting fun, 3-Gun Competition is the fastest-growing shooting sport in the nation.  3-Gun is a timed competition, using three guns:  rifle, pistol, and shotgun.  You can find out more about the competition at:  https://www.3gunnation.com/.  We carry a wide variety of 3-Gun Competition guns.  

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The P415 Series is the pinnacle of all-purpose 5.56 caliber sporting rifles. It is a product of continuous development and improvement to the AR platform that no other rifle company has attempted. E2 Extraction Technology, complete ambidextrous fire...

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Available Online In Limited Quantities

Shotgun shooters will rejoice in the ease and practicality of the newShotgunner's Kit. An excellent upgrade kit for any Model RC Remington12 gauge or 20 gauge shotgun.FEATURES: 1 ounce Rem Oil. 12 or 20 gauge Full Lead or Steel choke tube 12 or 20 gauge...

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