Old West Guns

Old west guns for sale at Impact Guns.  Own a famous cowboy gun of the old west, like the single-action army 1873 pistol, a Sharps buffalo rifle, or the Henry Boy lever action.  We love guns of the old west, and carry a wide variety of firearms, holsters, gun belts, and more.  Used and made popular by Cowboy Action Shooting, many of the guns listed here are also used in that competitive sport.  You can find guns specific for Cowboy Action Shooting here.  

Winchester M94 Takedown 30-30 20" Barrel Walnit Stock 6rd

$1,459.00 $1,235.89
Available Online In Very Limited Quantities

Model 94 Trails End Takedown .30-30 Winchester 20 Inch Blued Barrel With Sights Walnut Stock 6 Round Quick takedown Model 94 lever-action rifle - designed for compact carry in a pack or case. Soft rubber buttpad for better recoil management. Marble Arms...

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Winchester 1873 Sporter 357/38 24" Octagon Barrel Pistol Grip

$1,469.00 $1,085.19
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Model 1873 Sporter Octagon Pistol Grip Lever-action Model 1873 rifle with grade II/III walnut pistol grip stock and octagon barrel. Blued steel crescent buttplate, receiver, forearm cap and barrel. Like no other. Do you like the look of a pistol grip...

Winchester 1892 Short Rifle 45LC 20" Barrel

$962.99 $902.69
Available Online

Model 1892 Short .45 Colt 20 Inch Barrel Gloss Blue Finish Straight Grip Walnut Stock Oil Finish Tubular Magazine WALNUT STRAIGHT GRIP STOCK with a satin finish that’s velvet smooth to the touch • CLASSIC RIFLE-STYLE FOREARM with blued steel cap for...

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Winchester Model 1886 Short Rifle, 45-70, 24" Barrel

$1,189.99 $1,111.89
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The strong and reliable action of the Winchester® Model 1886 was designed to handle the then-new, heavier 45-70 Govt. cartridge, developed by the U.S. Government in 1873. The Model 1886 Short Rifle features a deeply-blued receiver, barrel and lever,...

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