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Real Avid/Revo AR-15 Field Guide Booklet

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The AR15 Field Guide is a lightweight, pocket-sized, go-anywhere reference guide for maintaining an AR15. The color-coded, illustrated instructions provide step-by-step instructions for disassembling, scraping, cleaning and lubricating. The pages are...

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Mil Dot Master Calculator w/Training Manual

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"Practical analog calculator is comprised of only two parts, uses no batteries, fits easily in a shirt pocket and is impervious to weather. Quick-to-align scales provide direct readout of range and bullet drop/wind drift, plus converts yards to meters...

Blue Book 35th Edition of Gun Values

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New 2014 Edition. Update your library! Latest edition of gun values significantly updated for both modern and antique firearms. Significant pricing updates on major trademark current, antique, and discontinued models, including Colt, Winchester, Smith &...

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Tapco SKS Operations Manual

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Very detailed, fully illustrated, contains technical data regarding the operation, disassembly, assembly, original accessories, maintenance, and ammunition. This manual is a must-have for any AK-type rifle owner. High-quality reprint, cover reads...

Dates of Manufacture Smith and Wesson

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This book series provides firearm production dates for United States manufacturers. Each book in the series focuses upon a particular manufacturer thus allowing the information to be entered into a pocketbook format. Wherever possible, the following...

Mauser Military Rifle Markings

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Size/Type: paperback Author: Lapin, Terrence Covers in detail the meanings and significance of inscriptions, numbers, dates, codes, coat of arms and symbols found on Mauser military rifles from all over the world. Extensively illustrated and packed...

Loadbook 8mm Mauser

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Books include everything from basic tool components and mechanics of reloading to advanced and specialized reloading techniques for each of the following types. Unless otherwise noted: 5 1/2" x 8 1/2". 44 pages. (c)Copyright 2001 Royal Publications Inc.

M1 Garand Owner's Guide

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Interest in the M1 rifle has reached levels not previously experienced. New owners of the M1 often have questions about their recent acquisition. Most common among them are: Who made my rifle and when? How do I know if it is safe to fire? How do I take...

Wilson Combat 401 1911 Manual Reloading Manual

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In this informative technical manual, Bill Wilson shares many of the little tricks he's learned over the past 25 years on proper maintenance of the 1911 Auto. Complete Disassembly / Re-Assembly, How to Check for Proper Extractor Adjustment, How to...

Loadbook 30 M1 Carbine

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Books include everything from basic tool components and mechanics of reloading to advanced and specialized reloading techniques for each of the following types. Unless otherwise noted: 5 1/2" x 8 1/2". 44 pages. (c)Copyright 2001 Royal Publications Inc.

Barnes Reloading Manual Number 4

Available Online In Limited Quantities

This manual features loading data for many recently introduced cartridges, including Winchester's Short and Super-Short Magnums, 6.8 SPC, .338 Federal and the .375 Ruger. It also contains data for big bore dangerous game cartridges like the .470 and .500...

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Lyman Black Powder Reloading Manual 2nd Edition

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The one manual all black powder shooters should own Lyman has teamed up with "Mr. Muzzleloader", Sam Fadala to produce the most comprehensive black powder manual available. This manual is entirely new, from the ground up, and includes thousands of...

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Lyman New Pistol & Revolver Handbook 3rd Edition

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Today's most complete and current handgun reloading data. Reloaders are constantly in search of updated data, especially for most recently introduced, "hot" new cartridges. The 3rd Edition of the Lyman Pistol & Revolver Handbook is the most comprehensive...

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Blue Book of Gun Values

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The 37th Edition Blue Book of Gun Values has been updated with current market trends, values, and 2016 makes and models. This book has 2,512 pages covering 1,500 manufacturers, nearly 30,000 gun model descriptions, and over 180,000 prices.

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Blue Book of Gun Values, 36th Edition

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36th Edition of gun values expanded to over 2,500 pages. CLOSEOUT 2015 -- makes and models have been included, plus it contains updated values on discontinued firearms and antiques. Soft cover.Retail Price : 49.46 Description : 36th Edition Blue Book of...

Blue Book th Edition Blue Book of Gun Values

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The firearms industry standard is back with the 38th Edition Blue Book of Gun Values. This edition has been updated with current market trends, values, and most of the 2017 makes and models. With 2,512 pages covering 1,500+ manufacturers, nearly 30,000...

Chamberlain American Heritage Black Powder 27"x 38" Poster

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Chamberlain Development's American Heritage poster highlights black powder ammunition (rifle, shotgun, and handgun) used by the American Rifleman and US Military from 1776 to roughly 1885 when the conversion was made to smokeless powder. It includes all...

Chamberlain Handgun Cartridges 36"x24" Poster

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Chamberlain Development's Handgun Cartridges poster focuses on handgun cartridges (revolver and automatic) from all over the world which includes Military, Law Enforcement, Civilian and Sporting use. It includes Metric, USA, and British cartridges. This...

Chamberlain Riflemans Classic 38"x27" Poster

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Chamberlain Development's Rifleman's Classic poster includes American, British, European, and Metric rifle cartridges as well as some well-known proprietary cartridges. It also is a good representation of military small arms cartridges dating back to WWI...

Duck Commander Benelli Present Duck Commander Season 2 DVD

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In the highly anticipated second season of "Benelli Presents Duck Commander" the Robertson family is trying to keep afloat while record Louisiana floodwaters threaten the family home, the Duck Commander business and the lifeblood of the family - duck...

Duck Commander Best of the Duckmen DVD 66 Minutes 1992

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Shot for shot, duck for duck - all of your favorite highlights of the Duckmen captures in one movie. Relive moments from the deer flip, the coining of "Cut'em all, Jack" and alligator wrestling, to killing bull congos and good old fashioned drake dusting...

Duck Commander Duckmen 07 - Green Headhunters DVD

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This DVD is about Mallards and overwhelmingly Mallard Drakes. Sometimes, you just have to go for the "green". For all the dog men, this video features the Duck Commander's "Peggy Sue" and what she can do. Of course, Phil trains all his dogs exclusively...

Duck Commander Duckmen 10 - Relentless DVD 52 Minutes 2006

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There are many family businesses in America, but none like the Robertson's. Rather than laptops and briefcases, the Duckmen go to work with decoys, shell bags, and shotguns. Through many miles, time zones, and strong coffee, the Duckmen get to the bottom...

Duck Commander Duckmen 16 - Resurrection DVD 60 Minutes 2012

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A new season has dawned. Duckmen 16 : Resurrection. It features the never-ending passion for pursuing waterfowl that set the Duckmen apart form the rest of the world. Sit back and hold on as Phil and the rest of the crew start their year off with...

Duck Commander Duckmen 17 - The Reckoning DVD 60 Minutes 2013

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Duckmen 17 - The Reckoning. The Duckmen have currycombed the countryside looking for the elusive Mallard duck and for Uncle Si's sake, the Jack! From the North Louisiana woods to the Mississippi River delta to the Kansas plains, the Duckmen have chased...

Duck Commander Duckmen 18 - Blood, Sweat, & Beards DVD

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Blood, Sweat, and Beards: Duckmen 18 - will not let you down. Like so many times before, the Duckmen head to the woods and swamps for what they love best - blood and a good hunt. The Beards are not afraid of the work and sweat that goes into hunting - it...

Duck Commander Duckmen 5 - Traditions DVD

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Join Phil Robertson and the Duckmen in this 90 minute adventure and see not only duck hunting, calling, and shooting, but see also their heritage and what makes the Duckmen so unique. In this video, you will feel the danger and excitement when you come...