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Remington Game Loads .410 Ga, 2.5", 1/2oz, 6 Shot, 20rd/Box

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For a wide variety of field gaming, these budget stretching loads include the same quality components as other Remington shotshells and are available in 12, 16, 20 and .410 bore gauges.Category : Shotshell Lead LoadsGauge : 410 GaugeType : LeadLength : 2...

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Kent Bismuth 28 Ga, 2.75", 7/8 oz, 6 Shot, 250rd/Case

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Kent's proprietary manufacturing technique produces Bismuth pellets of superior integrity and ballistic capability. This shot is safe for the environment and suitable for use in fixed choke and high grade shotgun barrels.Category : Shotshell Non-Tox...