Hi-Point CF-380, .380 ACP, 3.5" Barrel, 8rd, Black, Silver Strip

Hi-Point CF-380, .380 ACP, 3.5" Barrel, 8rd, Black, Silver Strip
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380 ACP
Hi-Point CF-380
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Hi-Point offers affordably-priced semi-automatic handguns in a range of the most popular calibers including: 380 ACP, 9mm , 40 S&W, and 45 ACP.
Hi-Point firearms are very popular with recreational target shooters, hunters, campers, law enforcement and anyone seeking an affordable, American-made firearm. Whichever model you choose, you are assured of reliability and accuracy at an affordable price. Each is sized to assure a firm, comfortable grip and exceptional recoil control, and includes Hi-Point’s lifetime unconditional warranty. Hi-Point handguns are +P rated and accept all factory ammunition.
Polymer frame Durable, attractive easy-grip finish Last round lock open Quick on-off thumb safety Operations safety sheet +P rated Free extra rear peep sight Free trigger lock Lifetime warranty 100% American-made, parts and assembly
*Note: Not for sale in IL
  • Category : Pistols
  • Type : Pistol
  • Action : Double
  • Caliber : 380 Automatic Colt Pistol (ACP)
  • Barrel Length : 3.5"
  • Capacity : 8+1
  • Safety : Manual Thumb
  • Grips : Black Polymer
  • Sights : 3-Dot Adjustable
  • Weight : 29 oz
  • Frame Finish : Black

21 Reviews

  • Hi-Point .380

    Posted by Erica Reinhard on Sep 14th 2018

    This gun completes the set of Hi-Points, .380,9mm,.40 and .45.
    They are bulky and unattractive but shoot great and is perfect for testing new powder/bullet loads without fear of gun damage. The .380 id just at the beginning as I have only put one box through it, but I am sure in about 500 more rounds it will be fun to shoot, as are the other ones. Laugh if you will, but I have decimated the bullseyes with all of them and that aint hay!

  • Love the thing

    Posted by spaztastic91 on Feb 3rd 2017

    Accurate with next to no recoil. For the price I don't think you can find a better gun.

  • hipoint 380

    Posted by johnny on Dec 13th 2016

    great deal for a solid firearm,my only problem is that its the same size as their 9mm,bulkey but dependable and accurate.

  • high point 380

    Posted by eirc on Jul 21st 2015

    I've owned a dozen of these guns awesome for the money. A great shooting gun!!

  • "Wow!" What a great pistol!

    Posted by Northwest Florida Big Dog on Apr 23rd 2015

    To begin: I ordered this pistol yesterday, from my home, in Florida. I was "happily shocked" to receive it within 36 hours! Talk about fast shipping! I still am quite amazed at how fast, it took to ship it that far a distance! I now have four of these "Ugly Ducklings," that are actually, a very good looking weapon. The only thing that I have done to my CF380's, was to buy a white paint ball point type pen and, change the two rear Red Dots, to two White Dots, for better visibility, during less than optimum lighting conditions, in the woods, or, wherever I am in my truck, where I carry this pistol, for my primary personal-defense weapon when needed. The accuracy of these pistols is totally awesome, and, I believe, because of the pistol's weight, displays minimal recoil, which is fine with me! A really great pistol. Buy at least 3, or, 4, of them! I did, and, I'm glad that I did. They are a great investment, in case I ever need to sell one, or, more of them, for whatever reason. These pistols (High Point brand), sell themselves!

  • Can't complain for the price

    Posted by Alex on Nov 4th 2013

    I ran 300 rounds through it, 200 Russian, 100 US, it jammed w/ the very first round of the Russian ammo, and a few more within 200, after I switched to the US, I had none, it was very easy to clear the jams I did have. The gun seems to be solid, it is slightly heavy, but all in all it functioned better than I expected for a $155 gun.

  • great gun

    Posted by ericb17109 on Oct 18th 2013

    I just purchased a Hi-Point .380. First gun I have shot in years. Not experienced with guns at all. Shot 50 rounds out of the box with no problems. Bought 2 10 round clips with it. Fired every time without a problem. Very happy with this purchase. Will recommend to anyone.

  • Owned one for years...love it

    Posted by Lee on Aug 13th 2013

    The .380 in a 39 oz. gun produces very little recoil and it's extremely accurate. Previous reviewers have reported problems with cheap ammo; have to admit I've experienced some myself...no issues with the good stuff in the standard 8-round magazine. Only problem was when I got the 10 round mag (a Hi-Point, not aftermarket). The extra pressure of the spring in the 10-round produced numerous double-feeds and jams. Tossed the 10-round (good thing it was only $15). Otherwise it's a lot of bang for the buck and a good home defense gun (with the low recoil even the wife is happy shooting it). A bit on the large/heavy side for carry but depending on the holster and what you're wearing it is possible. I highly recommend a look at the Hi-Point .380 if you're in the market for this type of firearm.

  • A very pleased customer

    Posted by Popsracerx on May 19th 2013

    Ordered this gun online on a Sunday morning and it arrived at my local LGS by Thursday. Took it apart, cleaned it and went to the range. Zero problems in 100 rounds. For the price and the comfort of a full unconditional factory warranty Hi Points are, by far, one of the best bangs for the bucks around.

  • Hi Point 380acp

    Posted by flyboxtech@gmail.com on Feb 26th 2013

    Just purchased this 380 after reviewing on You Tube, and a variety of written reviews, and comments. Other than tweaking the magazine and using liquid wrench silcone spray lightly inside and out ( wiping off excess ), no polishing of feed ramp, adjusting sights as needed for "my eyes" accuracy, I must say I am impressed. Shoots better than my Browning 380 ever did, even after sending it back to Browning for sighting, and minor repairs. I actually like the feel of the 29 oz weight, and the "lack of hard repeat".
    Got Blackhawk #8 hip carry holster (at Walmart) for $12.97... comfortable and not unreasonably visible, as some may state. Great lifetime warranty. had some technical questions (minor), and their techs were great!

  • Weight Is only draw back

    Posted by Joe b on Feb 22nd 2013

    This gun is well worth the money. It is accurate, has never jammed and has almost no recoil. It is heavy in your hand or to carry. A lot of people think the cost means bad quality, it does not. It is just heavy

  • great value

    Posted by dan on Jan 8th 2013

    great pistol, small and easy to shoot, some people don't like hi points, but thier great, if you shoot a bunch of reloads it may mis fire, that why i always shoot the good stuff ,no mis fires if you got good ammo.

  • Big Bang for Little Bucks

    Posted by Bigmag47 on Oct 25th 2012

    I gotta say to those with feed problems on their Hi Points whatever the caliber, I only had 1 feed problem and it was with the Winchester flat tipped stuff. I polished the feedramp as I do with all my firearms, and I own ALOT! No problems with FTF`s or FTE`s. I paid $139.00 and it was worth 3 times that much at minimum. Hardly any recoil, deadly accurate, and you can`t break one if you tried! In this case anyway, $$$ does not mean quality! It`s a tad bit heavy, and not an easy concealed carry pistol, but does it`s job as well as ANY high dollar firearm. Hi point...I salute you and your means to arm those of us with not much income. Thanks, a job well done.

  • Excellent gun

    Posted by Jake on Oct 15th 2012

    Please don't listen to silly people that claim to "have owned a Hi-Point". For $159 or ~$100(used) you can have a gun with almost NO recoil, pinpoint accuracy and NO MAINTENANCE. Bought a USED Hi-Point .380 from a FIRING RANGE, no telling how much the previous owner put through it or the range...

    This gun fires SPOT on EVERY time. By far better than the Ruger LC9 or any other "cheap" compact. PLUS on top of that you get a LIFETIME warranty NO EXCUSES!!!!! I mean seriously...how could you go wrong.

    If the guy above owned one he coulda just sent it in to be fixed, but for some strange reason he decided to take $159 and melt it...a lil shady to me.

    Most people hate on these because they think quality = $$$ and 99% of the time I agree (harbor freight is crap compared to snap on) but in the case of this weapon, that rule does not apply!

    Highly Recommend!

  • My review on the Hi-Point Model CF-380.Bigger is

    Posted by Mike on Jun 23rd 2012

    I have the Model CF-380 & of coarse paid 202 for mine but i got the limited series production with the flash suppressor with an 8 and 10 rnd.clip the trigger lock,and a roll on rubber grip to cover the slick handle,but for me with big hands the ten rnd. is great.However the only problem i've had is pulling to get the 1st rnd. in properly. I still feel that i got the better deal at 202 than the 139 that their asking for this. I got the extras with mine all in one set.Does anyone know how many were made in the 380 model?

  • Better than you think

    Posted by JP on Jul 13th 2011

    I know people look down their nose at these hi points, and they are your basic of the basics...but, they are rugged. Look up the you tube videos where two guys do all they can to break one, drag it down the road tied to a truck, beat oversized bolts in the barrel and fire it, bury it, throw it in the lake, loaded and shot it with overloaded ammo, etc. You wont believe it. It took them two days before they could finaly damage it. They started it to show how cheap it was and ended up as believers.

  • Hi-Point .380 Auto

    Posted by Eddie on Dec 26th 2010

    Honestly, this gun is great for the money! Despite the barrel only being 3.5" long, this gun is really accurate; from 50', free standing, I can shoot 6/6 in a 2.5" radius cirle. The only con I have with this gun is that it is extremely heavy! (and maybe its odd asthetic appearance)However, there may be a silver lining, as its weight definitely helps to tame the already tame 380 auto recoil. Hi-points are made here in Ohio, not far from where I live, and with their lifetime guarantee, they will repair or replace anything that breaks on your Hi-Point.

  • great first gun

    Posted by grannyclmpt on Dec 7th 2010

    first handgun purchase. was definately right one for me. not to heavy. smooth trigger action. not hard recoil for my 110 lb self. accs comparable to more high dollar models. good bigger gun for smaller person

  • Great Gun Great Company

    Posted by Rick on Nov 29th 2010

    You can not beat this gun for its price and the company is awesome. I had an issue with the gun stove piping and they immediately shipped me new parts to correct the problem.The gun shoots fine and comfortable for carrying everyday.

  • Outstanding value for the money

    Posted by Bo on Nov 22nd 2010

    I have owned this pistol for over a year. It is a very reliable utilitarian fire arm. The price and warranty are what initially sold me on it. The only drawback that I have found is it's size. For a person with small hands, it is a little bulky.

  • Nice, Simple, Solid

    Posted by SD on Nov 12th 2010

    Obviously, the attraction here is the price. But more than that, I appreciate the company, their attitude, and their warranty. This was a first gun for me, and a perfect entry level handgun. The components are easy to understand, and very solid. The blowback design has been a little tough for my wife (a novice) to use because the shell does not always eject all the way, but I have had no problems with it. It is surprisingly accurate and I gave it a 4 for value. A good plinker and learning gun, and my experienced friends have been surprised at the solid feel and action. The only drawbacks are the blowback action and lack of an accessory rail.

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