Gunsmith & Repair

Gunsmithing Sign

Impact Guns has a full time gunsmith with over 40 years of experience on staff here in Ogden, Utah. We offer a wide range of services including general gunsmithing & repair, scope mounting & boresighting, cleaning, tuning, but Terry is most famous for his trigger jobs. Check out the videos below to see the difference a good trigger job can make. 


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  • General gunsmithing and repair - Starting at $35
  • Mount and boresight scopes - $30 plus parts
  • Replace sights on most handguns - $30-$40
  • Recoil pad installation - $45 plus parts

Trigger Jobs:

  • Mini-14 type trigger job - $100
  • Bolt-action rifles - $85
  • Most semi-auto pistols and revolvers - $85


Terry gunsmithing photo