Hi-Point 40SW 4.5" 3D 10rd Black Poly Grip Black Frame

Hi-Point 40SW 4.5" 3D 10rd Black Poly Grip Black Frame
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40 Smith and Wesson
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This 40 S&W has a 4.5" barrel for an overall length of 7.75". It has a high-impact polymer frame with high-impact grips and a black powder coat finish. The durable, attractive easy-grip finish assures a firm, comfortable grip and exceptional recoil control. It has an 10+1 capacity and a quick on/off thumb safety, magazine disconnect safety and last round lock open feature. It has 3-dot sights with a fully-adjustable rear and an additional rear peep sight. Hi-Point produces affordable, American-made firearms featuring 100% American parts and assembly. Hi-Point handguns are +P rated and accept all factory ammunition. Each comes with a free trigger lock. This model is standard black or with a green slide and camo grip. The black model 40S&W is available with a LaserLyte laser or a hard case.
  • Category : Pistols
  • Type : Pistol
  • Action : Double
  • Caliber : 40 Smith & Wesson (S&W)
  • Barrel Length : 4.5"
  • Capacity : 10+1
  • Safety : Manual Thumb
  • Grips : Black Polymer
  • Sights : 3-Dot Adjustable
  • Weight : 35 oz
  • Frame Finish : Black

19 Reviews

  • What more do you want?

    Posted by The Truth on Aug 8th 2016

    "Ugly?" I don't buy a firearm for beauty. I'm not taking it out on a date.

    Rear adjustable sights. Not that you'll need to adjust it because it's super accurate out of the box.

    Underbarrel rail for laser, not that you'll need it.

    Online video torture tests: Cover it in dirt, slide open and breech up. Bury it in snow for hours. Take it underwater. Pull it out of those environments. Check barrel for obstruction, rack, commence fire. Yes, it still shoots perfectly. Watch your friend with the 2000$ pistol try to do these torture tests then fire as his pistol stovepipes horribly. Conceal your malicious chuckle at the irony.

    Lifetime warranty. Fully transferable. Great customer service on phone. Have a problem? They take it, fix it, send it back with an extra mag for your trouble. Do the premium high price companies do that?

    I have the 9mm and the .40. Never had a problem. Got both pistols new for a tiny percentage of what my friend spent on his FN. Mine are more accurate. Especially because I can zero them because unlike him I can adjust the sights.

    I would trust my life to my hi point .40 in home defense.

    I was in the army for five years. I assess this should a contender for our de facto sidearm. Yes it's heavier than the beretta 92F and its ilk. But try to break the hi point. In my experience I should be able to beat the crud out of a weapon like my SKS and have it work every time.

    Also, Impact guns has never failed me on an order. Very fast.

    Give hi point a try.

  • 40 cal hi point

    Posted by not a bad gun on Jul 11th 2015

    Bought one of these to test out and see what the new 40 cal cartridge is like to shoot
    The handgun was delivered promptly and was as expected. It is large and feels good in the hand although the plastic grip is a bit slippery. I have not yet had the opportunity to fire the weapon yet. One feature i was impressed with is that my wife was actually able to rack the slide on this handgun . She has small hands and has had difficulty in the past racking slide to chamber a round on most other autoloaders. Anxious to give it a try. I own lots of brand name handguns and rifles but wanted to test out what could be had for $180.00 out the door with a box of cheap wolf ammo too.

  • Hi-point 40

    Posted by Steve on Sep 29th 2014

    It's a solid gun I like the look and feel wish it had higher round count in the mag.i have 3 high points 2-9mm feeds everything but crappy reloads rarely a misfire or jam for the money can't be beat

  • Awesome

    Posted by Niki on Sep 29th 2013

    "Don't buy a hi-point" yeah right it's ugly and heavy but It does what it was intended to do go bang! I love the ugly thing.

  • Great Pistol

    Posted by GzPPX on Jul 14th 2013

    This was my first gun and first purchase from impact. I am very pleased with both. Impact was great with ordering and shipping, I have nothing but good things to say.
    The pistol itself performs great. It is ugly, and heavy but it is very accurate and I have had no problems with it and I have put about 300 rounds through it.

  • Pretty damn good

    Posted by Andrew on Jun 27th 2013

    This was my first handgun and I tell you its a great gun...its big bulky and also on the heavy side but a great gun...when I first got it I broke it down cleaned it and polished up the feed ramp and barrel block...put it back together and the same day took it out and put 100 rounds through it and no jamming no nothing...accurate right out of the box...I didn't mess with the ghost sight I like three dot sights and just an all around great gun for the price....and its a 40 S&W...

  • Good gun, great price

    Posted by ShawnB on May 13th 2013

    Had my doubts when I bought it,but at the range heavy and accurate, no FTF;s

  • great gun

    Posted by zeroonef1 on Apr 29th 2013

    Let me start off by saying I wanted something reliable and American made and finally settled on the hi point s&w 40. I got a great gun and so much more. Impact customer service 5 star, very prompt delivery got the gun within 2 days. Took it to the range not one problem no ftf or fte. Fired 200 rounds through it from 4 different manufacturers and the gun shot flawlessly. Keep it clean it will last you forever.

  • bang for buck

    Posted by bflame cali on Feb 15th 2013

    I have the hipoint 45 its a good gun heavy and big but i carry it every. Where with me

  • hi point 40 cal

    Posted by robert brown on Feb 13th 2013

    ITS A heavy gun but its shoots accurate right out from box.ITS A big gun for ccw but if u want a house or defense gun its perfect.Never had a problem jamming or miss firing i would recommend this gun for the price and durability ..ALSO IT MADE IN USA thanks

  • Low Cost great Pistol!

    Posted by Bearcub on Feb 1st 2013

    My 40 S&W JCP has had more than 500 rounds through it with No Issues. Very accurate for the cost (less than $140). Use good Ammo and don't forget to lube your Magazines and you will have a great time shooting this pistol!

  • Didnt expect the accuracy to be this good!

    Posted by averyhappypistolguy on Dec 27th 2011

    I bought the Hi Point JCP .40 S&W a few months ago, this gun is awesome! It is heavy and defianitly not a concealed carry weapon, but if you want a pistol made in America, that is straight shooting and accurate, Hi Point is a very good choice. It is priced reasonably also. Buy one and shoot it!!!

  • bang for the buck

    Posted by Dusty on Jul 2nd 2011

    At first I was a little leary about spending under $150 for a new semi auto hand gun but I figured why not. Imagine my suprise when this gun actually works and works well , not match grade but for a inexpensive easy to use reliable firearm these can't be beat.

  • Excellent

    Posted by GrOuNd_ZeRo on Nov 24th 2010

    Hi-Point is the King of inexpensive firearms, better than the ring of fire guns or their descendants.

    I own the .40S&W JCP and I love it, it was my bedside gun until I bought my Taurus 24/7 and that was mainly since my 24/7's magazine was bigger.

    They are big and bulky but they shoot great.

    If you are in the market for a good weapon and only have a small budget I HIGHLY recommend Hi-Point.

  • bang for your buck

    Posted by sideways on Nov 19th 2010

    very good gun for the money.. very accurate

  • bang for your buck!!!!

    Posted by sideways on Nov 19th 2010

    great gun for the money.very accurate would recomend to anyone looking for a good cheap gun

  • Excellent Choice

    Posted by Striker on Nov 15th 2010

    I bought mine for a truck gun and am very happy with it. I have put 400 rounds through it so far and not a single hic-up. accuracy is good to excellent out to about 30 yards. Very good pistol for either a first auto or a truck gun.

  • Nice Gun!

    Posted by Tom on Nov 14th 2010

    Great value! Best $150 you could spend. Nicely balanced, shoots great out of the box.

  • Hi-point 40

    Posted by KT on Nov 14th 2010

    Dollar for dollar, thats what you get. I did not want to like this gun. Its ugly, heavy, and cheap. I bought it anyway. I have put 2500 rounds through this gun and only stripped it down after 2200. I have only had 2 (two) FTE and that was with cheap ammo. Don't use steel case or aluminum cases. It is dead on accurate out of the box. Be prepared for its substantial weight approx 36 oz. This is not for concealed carry, but would work great for home protection. I also bought the 45 hi point for my grandson to shoot. good deal for the average joe.

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