Remington UMC 38 Special JHP 125gr, 50Box/10Case

Remington UMC 38 Special JHP 125gr, 50Box/10Case
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38 Special Plus P
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For nearly 140 years, the Union Metallic Cartridge Company name has been synonymous with some of the finest ammunition made in the United States. Since its beginning in 1867, UMC has blazed a trail of innovation in cartridge-making excellence that continues to this day. UMC was the first ammunition company to produce centerfire ammunition, the .22 Long Rifle cartridge, and super-accurate "Palma Match" target ammunition. All these milestones mean one thing: Experience - experience that translates into outstanding performance at a very attractive price.
At our UMC division, we make only first-quality product, in a limited line of popular specifications, so we can bring you the benefit of manufacturing efficiencies that keep costs low. The rifle and handgun ammunition we make today is the product of 140 years of design innovation and manufacturing excellence. So try UMC - and enjoy the experience.
REM L38S2 UMC 38SP+ 125JHP 50/10
  • Category : Centerfire Handgun Rounds
  • Caliber : 38 Special
  • Bullet Type : Jacketed Hollow Point
  • Bullet Weight : 125 GR
  • Muzzle Energy : 248 ft lbs
  • Muzzle Velocity : 945 fps
  • Rounds Per Box : 50
  • Boxes Per Case : 10
  • Application : Performance/Protection
  • Casing Material : Brass
  • Rating : +P

1 Review

  • Good Hunting Round but Better Carry Self Defense!

    Posted by J.mag22 on Jul 1st 2015

    Great Ammo at a good price. Some Shooters think the SJHP Plus p ammo is the old rounds that most Police officers across the country carried in the late 70s into the 80s and it really is the same round but a bit improved, these Remington Plus P Semi Jacketed HP's work great wether shooting from snub nose or from a 4inch barreled revolver. These are great all around Bullet's for almost everything. Nice Penetration about 12 to 16inch, very good Expansion about 1.5" and nice weight Rent ion. I shot a huge Raccoon in my backyard that was just about to attack my wife's cat, I hit the con with one of these rounds fired from my S&W model 637 5 shot snub nose Revolver, I was about 10feet away and shot it right in the back, instant death. The Round Penetrated 13.6" into the Raccoon and expending drastically and fragmented. The weight of the spent round was 122.9grains so it lots a little less then 3grains of weight from the shot. Again Great All around Ammo, This a cheap carry round that does work and expand nicely. Thank you Impact Guns! and Thank you Remington for bringing back some of the Old Stuff that really does Work!

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