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Hi-Point Model 995 9mm Carbine 16.5", Skeletonized Target Stock, 10 Round

Hi-Point Model 995 9mm Carbine 16.5", Skeletonized Target Stock, 10 Round

Hi-Point Model 995 9mm Carbine 16.5", Skeletonized Target Stock, 10 Round
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Reviewed by 13 customer  
VERY IMPRESSED - Model 995TS, October 28, 2014
American made, high quality, guaranteed for life and realistically priced. Who offers a better product? 500 rounds of Russian steel later and no jams. 3 inch groups at 50 yards with iron sights: it shoots better than my eyes can see. Lots of fun shooting. If you want a pistol caliber carbine, buy a Hi-Point, you'll be happy and have money left over for lots of ammo.
By Sandy from Arizona
Hi-Point 995TS 9mm Carbine... Awesome !, April 09, 2014
I Just purchased one a couple of weeks ago... Sighted it in at 50 yards with a Quick Point... I was surprised how accurate it was, I even through the crappiest ammo I had and it preformed flawlessly and lots of fun... Definitely worth adding to the collection.
By Jim T. from Northern N.H.
Nice gun for the money, August 05, 2013
I was looking for an inexpensive rifle to go with my 9 mm pistols. Had heard allot about the Hi-Point both good and bad. Picked one up and have run a few hundred rounds through it. No ftf or misfeeds. Accuracy was is excellent. Have the optional laser for fun and once it's dialed in you cannot miss. I do not mind the 10 round magazine as I am using it for plunking anyway. I bought the optional two 10 round magazines and stockholder for them. The magazines feel kind of cheap (they were) but still function well. All in all great gun for the price
By Yacaptain from Naples, FL
Great gun, great deal!, February 06, 2013
Great gun, great deal. Very accurate.
By HanMal from Detroit
Great firearm, January 20, 2013
I purchased mine when they first came out a few years ago and it is one great little carbine to shoot. Having several 9mm pistols it was logical to have a carbine chambered for this round. I looked at several brands particularly the CX4 but the price was not in my budget. A friend who owns a local gun-shop ordered me one and the rest is history. I tried to buy another one recently but with the chaos your gooberment prez is causing they are really hard to find. Get one if you can, I think you will be very pleased.
By Rudedawg from USA
Great Gun, December 01, 2012
Purchased this gun because of the price at first. Once I got the gun I have been pleasantly surprised. I have been shooting it at least once a week for the last six months. I shoot a box ever time I go out. I have never had a misfire, jam or any other issues. As long as your smart enough to sight it in correctly you will hit dead center of your target every time you pull the trigger. Don't listen to others who will down this gun just because of the low price. Hi point has hit a home run with this product and the compitition has noticed. So their only defense is to trash talk. Buy one of these and you will be glad you did.
By Mark from Millington, TN
Great Value, April 27, 2012
Impact Guns and Shipping were great it was at my FFL in 5 days. Some say it is ugly but when was the last time you heard the a bad guy complement someone on how nice the gun was that shot them! Function over looks every time. took it out of the box wiped it down loaded it up and shot 10 rounds no problem. Cant wait for the weekend.
By DRJ from North TX
Nice But..., April 26, 2012
It's so ugly it look as though you took scraps from cardboard and glued it together as a 3rd grade art project besides that good gun for the money
By Fastslicker1938 from your mouth
I Love This Gun!, January 16, 2012
It's the perfect firearm for the money!
By George Arfaras from Florida
wow!!, November 05, 2011
WOW!!, if you like 9mm carbines you will love this one, strait out of the box dead accurate 25 yards didnt have to adjust the sights worth every cent ,thes are getting harder to find glad i got this one ,thanks
By toddh from east ohio
great value, September 21, 2011
Can't beat it for the money. Has a better feel than the Kel tec sub 2000 and about $400 less than a Beretta Storm. Accuracy was about 2" at 25yds with most rounds touching. The only drawbacks were the 10 rnd magazine was empty WAY to soon and it's a bit tricky to strip for a good cleaning. LOTS of fun!!
By degored from wisconsin
For the money...., September 16, 2011
For the money; one cannot do better. While this gun may not be much to look at, it makes up for it's aesthetic shortcomings by functioning flawlessly and being 100% reliable. The stock is also very comfortable, and while short, somehow still manages to fit my 6'5" - 290lb frame almost perfectly. It will eat any ammo one feeds it: any bullet type/shape, any weight, any power level (though the manual recommends that it not be feed a steady diet of +p loads) and does it very accurately. My only complaint is that it's not easily field stripped. Including the supplied multi-tool, it will also require an extra handful of tools to tear down for a thorough scrubbing. This is the reason for my 4/5 rating. In my opinion, the best feature of this gun by far is the warranty and the level of customer service. I don't have the manual handy, but from what I recall it has a no-questions-asked lifetime warranty. The level of customer service is also amazing; I misplaced a few parts (springs and little screws) while changing out the ugly factory stock to an aftermarket ATI stock. I called them up with credit card in hand ready to pay for my mistakes. To my surprise, they replaced the parts free of charge and covered the 1-2 day shipping.
By Longslide from Kansas
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