Why We Changed the Impact Guns Website

Posted by Mark Montana on Jul 4th 2018

Why We Changed the Impact Guns Website

We've been asked, "Why change something that worked so well?" "Whats up with the new website design?", and "How do I find things on your new website?"

There are two parts to this answer:

First, we changed the website because the old website was not mobile-enabled, it was difficult to change, and it lacked many features that shoppers expect to see. We had a long-term plan to move to the new website after we got it exactly the way we-- and you, the customer-- wanted it.

Unfortunately, changes in security and data protection required this change much sooner than we desired. The deadline for the change came up before we were fully ready, and we found that the old website was not compatible.  So, we are still making improvements to the new website daily, but we understand that it isn't quite there yet.  Some of the biggest issues include a minimal home-page and many refinements are needed to make it easier to search.

Our team of programmers is working hard to fix bugs and issues- and your feedback is appreciated.

Thanks for making us one of the top resources for guns and related accessories on the web since 1997!