Hi-Point Model C9 9mm 3.5"Barrel Black Finish Comes With Hard Case 8rd Mag

Hi-Point Model C9 9mm 3.5"Barrel Black Finish Comes With Hard Case 8rd Mag
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Hi-Point C9
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Hi-Point Firearms, Model C-9, Striker Fired, Semi-automatic Pistol, Compact, 9MM, 3.5" Barrel, Polymer Frame, Black Finish, 3 Dot Sights, 8Rd, 1 Magazine, Hard Case

Striker-fired single action semi-automatic. Rugged and simple design. Safety lever at top of left grip locks sear and slide, also locks slide in open position. Magazine disconnect safety. Features include 3-dot fully adjustable sights and high-impacat grips. Includes free trigger lock.
  • Category : Pistols
  • Type : Pistol
  • Action : Double
  • Caliber : 9mm
  • Barrel Length : 3.5"
  • Capacity : 8+1
  • Safety : Manual Thumb
  • Grips : Black Polymer
  • Sights : 3-Dot Adjustable
  • Weight : 29 oz
  • Frame Finish : Black

20 Reviews

  • Great pistol

    Posted by greenheadspoonbill on Nov 30th 2015

    Great pistol for the price. Rear sight needed adjustment(shot low out of the box) No misfires or jams of any kind, goes bang every time. Couldnt be happier with the purchase of the High Point

  • Amazing American Made value

    Posted by Driver8 on Dec 22nd 2014

    I bought mine a year and a half ago . My son told me about Hi Points so I watched a few YouTube video and decided to buy one. I love mine. after hundreds of rounds not one ftf. Accurate too. The paint on the dots is a nice helpful touch. No frills, utilitarian highly reliable gun worth more than they charge.

  • Bang Bang

    Posted by D.J. on Dec 19th 2014

    I purchased my C9 about a month ago and I love it. I had to adjust the rear sight a little but after that it hits its mark every time. This thing made such an impression on me that i went out and purchased the 40 caliber pistol and 9mm carbine. Btween the three only 2 ftf's. Both were from the pistols but aminor adjustment to the clip ears and they feed perfect. Looking to purchase a 45 pistol and the 40 and 45 carbines these thing work. Oh and almost forgot my 9 carbine came with a laser so I really have fun with that

  • Great gun at any price

    Posted by Jim on Sep 11th 2013

    Purchased from local dealer after he spent 30 minutes convincing me it is a quality handgun. Cost me $169 with a case. Have put 500+ rounds through it and never had a ingle FTE or misfire. The weight of this handgun is a bonus in keeping on target and it is a no frills, easy to maintain, fun addition to my collection.

  • Value and a little bit of fun

    Posted by Opie on Jan 4th 2013

    I purchased mine 2 years ago at a show as a novelty. I took it home read the book, watched the reviews on Youtube. My wife said I was crazy to get it, but I took it to the range and put 300 rounds through it the first day. WOW ! Very accurate handgun out of the box. I shot a mix of Blazer Brass and Rem. 1 stove pipe while shooting left handed (think it was wrist pressure or lack there of). Give this one a try. I still shoot it every chance I get and it still amazes me what a value it is.

  • You CAN fix stupid

    Posted by Mac on May 9th 2012

    When I bought my C9 I found it would randomly jam when using cheaper ammunition and shoot low and to the right. When my expert-ranked father and friends shot it, it never jammed and hit dead-nuts on target.

    So.......I accepted advice and have worked to correct my weak hold and trigger anticipation. In four months I have no jams using the same cheap ammo and my groupings have improved. Turned out the problem was me and not the gun I can fix me.

  • Price is Not Always An Indicator

    Posted by Curt on Jan 22nd 2012

    I own 2 Glocks (17 & 26) and decided to purchase the C9 for my wife so when I am gone she has a firearm she can handle. I have recently put 200 rounds of FMJ through the C9 and hit my torso target in all the sections needed to score for a Concealed Wepaons License. No issues. For the price I beleive this is an excellent buy. It is heavy, but I too believe it helps with stabilty. Additioanlly, a lifetime warranty with 100% factory support and quick turnaround (not tested yet) is great customer service, and I understasnd Hi-Point pays for ALL shipping. For $140+/- this is a smart buy.

  • Fun fun fun

    Posted by Darrel on Jan 16th 2012

    So I'm not a dealer or a gun snob in fact I'm just a redneck that love guns and loves to shoot. American made,no questions asked,unlimited, lifetime warranty,and I bet It can kill a home invader just as dead as a $800 gun. I put a few hundred rounds through this the day I got it.Shoots straight ,kinda heavy and it's ugly like me, and my wife thinks I'm beautiful so each to his own. Hey before you take yours to be melted down send it to me cause I got plenty of expensive guns and this one suits me just fine.

  • Inexpensive not cheap

    Posted by Mike on Dec 3rd 2011

    Very reliable nice gun. 500 plus rounds and no problems. However if you do have problems it a lot easier to send it back to the factory on their dime where they will repair the problem or, replace the firearm at no charge to you for the lifetime of the weapon.No questions asked.Taking it to a gunsmith to repair and and then paying for it is ridiculous. Its heavy but that seems to help with the accuracy. This gun shoots straight. If you like to spend lots of money then don't bother with this pistol but if you want a quality inexpensive weapon buy it , try it and judge for yourself. I'd love to get a 40 but our wise communist regime here in Cali knows wat best for us, so until that changes the 9mm will do.

  • Not a bad cheap gun

    Posted by Ace on Nov 9th 2011

    Regarding all the negative comments:
    Taking it apart - it is a pain, but find the right tool to remove the pin, and it's easy.
    Putting it back together - if you can't figure that out, you shouldn't own a gun.
    Jams - I switched brands of ammo, and had no more problems. Lots of guns have "Favorite" ammo.
    As for being an overweight "Brick" - when I am out of ammo, one smack to the head with this, and they are going down.

    While this isn't a great Concealed and Carry weapon, it is good for home protection. Clean it and oil it like you should, and you will be happy, unless you are a gun snob that wants to brag about how much they spent on their guns. If you are the kind of person that wants to pull the trigger, and put a hole in what you were pointing it at, this will do the job.

  • First Personal Pistol Hi-Point C9

    Posted by Jim Miller on Apr 7th 2011

    Well, I haven't held a pistol since '86 when I had a 45 while in the Army. I purchased this with the idea of keeping costs down and am I happy. I just got home from the local gun range and had the best time behind a pistol in many years, including my military days. I ran through 200 rounds without a single jam or problem of any kind. My pattern was o.k. for a guy who hasn't fired in nearly 3 decades but I got tighter as I went. I fired from 12 feet, 18 feet and 22 feet with increasing accuracy as I went. If you want to protect yourself or property, and are on a budget this is the weapon for you. No, it ain't real pretty but if you have to use it, the other guy is gonna look WAY worse than this gun. Oh, and I highly recommend the 10 round clip which is available through Hi-Point.net.

  • C9 is a great value

    Posted by Dave on Jan 7th 2011

    A good reliable gun that won't jam if you hold up your end...(don't limp-wrist.) 200 rounds and it's only stove-piped 2 times, when I handed it off to someone who didn't lock the wrist. Keep it clean, buy the correct tools to dis-assemble/clean, and don't be afraid to send it to the factory when it wears out as you'll get a new one. And if you ever need to draw it in self-defense your'e not out a weeks pay if it's 'taken for safe-keeping.'

  • Good storage weapon

    Posted by Cervnates on Dec 16th 2010

    I purchased mine in 08. Solid little weapon for a very good price.
    I neglected to thoroughly clean/lubricate the weapon prior to firing, so I had a jam about every 8th round. After that initial firing, I've cleaned and lubricated the weapon and it works very well. Of course you can;t bury it in sand, then freeze it in water and expect to fire it after thawing, but as a backup weapon to keep in the wifes car or rent house, pretty good deal.

  • A Sound Firearm At A Bargain Price

    Posted by Peter on Dec 15th 2010

    I wanted very much to dislike this firearm. I've heard all the moaning about it being a pot metal piece of junk, ready to blow up at a moments notice. I ended up picking the Hi Point C-9 9mm semiauto pistol in a private person-to-person sale with a friend who had to move to Chicago, and get rid of his firearms. I figured it'd be a nice beater gun, but had little faith in it.

    Around a thousand rounds later, it's really grown on me. It's definitely not going to be mistaken for a more expensive elite brand name pistol, but every time I pull the trigger, it goes back, and the bullet hits just about where I'm aiming. I've NOT had a single malfunction with the pistol, or any of the magazines.

    It's a bit on the heavy side, and a little bulky. It's probably not suited for CCW, due to its size and shape. The high bore axis does make for a little more muzzle flip, but it's controllable with practice. I recommend it as a range plinker & loaner, a backup or stash pistol, and only as a primary weapon when you absolutely cannot afford anything nicer (Ruger P95 / P89, Bersa Thunder, Stoeger Couger, etc.). If you have any difficulty or malfunction, Hi Point will service it, even for third party sales.

    My C-9 has been a good purchase. It's been a reliable no-frills firearm, at an exceptional price.

  • Decent plinker

    Posted by Derek on Dec 15th 2010

    Hi Point makes a decent 'plinker' gun with their 9mm handgun. It jams a lot, looks hideous and is far too top-heavy for it's size. But it is a well-priced handgun for someone learning how to shoot. Would I trust my life on it? Not a chance. But I enjoy pinking away with the cheap 9mm rounds.

  • Don't let the snobs get you down

    Posted by Mike on Dec 15th 2010

    I bought this gun with MUCH trepidation, and was totally satisfied with it. I looked at them in the stores and they constantly tried to sell me the high dollar weapons. All I wanted was an inexpensive gun to take to the range and not worry about, this gun is it. I heard all of the horror stories of them being cheap, will explode if firing +p ammo, unreliable, blah blah...
    When I finally made it the range with my brother, we went through about 400 rds in this gun alone, (we only get to see each other every year and a half or so) with no, I repeat no trouble at all, no highhats, misfeeds, nothing. To boot, being a cheapskate I shot mostly cheapo ammo, you know the kind, and a bunch of +p. Not a single gripe. My brother brought along his Ruger 9mm and even so, I still outshot him. Awesome. Don't let the guys in the stores talk you out of one. If you're like me and don't give a crap about name brands, try it, you'll like it. Only downside, they're a bugger to take apart.

  • Hi-Pointe 9mm

    Posted by dan on Dec 15th 2010

    I wouldn't rate it excellent because it is a bit heavy. It is a great starter semi auto. I've purchased two of them and given them to my two sons. Very accurate right out of the box. I really like the thumb safety, which my XD9 doesn't have. Like I said, it's a bit heavy for in the pants carry but wasn't bad with a shoulder holster.

  • 9mm hi point

    Posted by bobby on Nov 23rd 2010

    For the price this gun is a pretty good buy. The lifetime warranty is nice, and as a first handgun it's definitely worth looking into. I've had problems with the magazine lock loosening after a while and the gun jamming if you don't clean it every 50-100 rounds.

  • Cheap & a Lifetime Warranty.

    Posted by Joe on Nov 17th 2010

    I've had mine for a couple of months and I really like it. The only loading problems I've had were from a loose fitting magazine. No,it doesn't look like a $700.00+ pistol but what do you expect for $150.00? If you have a problem the factory will repair it free for life and send you a free magazine for your trouble, all for the cost of shipping the gun to them. Sounds pretty good to me.

  • Great Gun, Would definately reccommend

    Posted by Chuck on Nov 14th 2010

    I have had the Hi Point 9mm for some time now as my primary weapon. I have had several guns before but because of the low economy I had to get a cheap one. Now usually I know people say with a weapon that protects your life you can't just base the decision on money. I don't. I've taken my gun to the range many times and have never had a problem with it. I value it as much as my Glock I used to have. The best part? I could by 4 Hi Points for the price of one Glock. I've never had a single mis feed or anything. I've definitely put over a thousand rounds through it. That's something I can't even say about my Glock. The downside is that it is difficult to conceal under clothing. It is definitely a gun that you would prefer wearing under bulky winter clothing or out in the open. Oh and I almost forgot that they have a LIFETIME warranty.

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