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Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9mm, 3" Barrel, Black Melonite Finish, 7rd and 8rd Mags
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Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9mm, 3" Barrel, Black Melonite Finish, 7rd and 8rd Mags

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Smith & Wesson M&P Shield
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Extremely thin and lightweight design means that it can be comfortably carried all day. Single-sided thumb safety and slide stop maximize slimness. M&Ps patented take down lever and sear deactivation system allows for disassembly without pulling the trigger. Includes 2 magazines; 1 with extended capacity for full grip. 18 degree grip angle for natural point of aim. Striker-fired for short and consistent trigger pull every time. White dot front sight, white 2 dot rear sight. Stainless steel barrel and slide with polymer frame. Black Melonite 68 HRc barrel/slide finish.
Available in 9mm and .40 S&W, the new M&P SHIELD features a slim design combined with the proven and trusted features found in the M&P Pistol Series. From the pistols easily concealed one-inch profile to its optimized 18-degree grip angle, the M&P SHIELD offers professional-grade features that provide consumers with simple operation and reliable performance.

The M&P SHIELD is standard with a 5.3-inch sight radius and has been enhanced with a short, consistent trigger pull measuring 6.5 pounds. Featuring a quick and audible reset made possible by the striker-fired action, the M&P SHIELD allows multiple rounds to be placed on target both consistently and accurately.
Striker fired action providing a smooth, short, consistent and dependable trigger pull.
Stainless steel internal chassis - reducing flex and providing a stable shooting platform.
Patented take down lever and sear deactivation system allowing service without pulling the trigger.
Optimized 18 degree grip angle providing a natural point of aim and rapid target acquisition.

The M&P SHIELD is chambered in both 9mm and .40 S&W and, comes standard with two magazines, one compact for easy concealment and the other extended for full grip and increased capacity.
  • SKU:180021
  • Model:M&P9 SHIELD™
  • Caliber:9mm
  • Capacity:7 Round & 8 Round
  • Action:Striker Fire
  • Barrel Length:3.1" / 7.874 cm
  • Front Sight:White Dot
  • Rear Sight:White 2-Dot
  • Overall Length:6.1" / 15.5 cm
  • Frame Width:.95" / 2.413 cm
  • Overall Height:4.6" / 11.684 cm
  • Weight:19.0 oz / 538.7 g
  • Frame Material:Polymer
  • Barrel/Slide Finish:Black Melonite® 68 HRc
  • Trigger Pull:6.5 lbs. +/-
  • Sight Radius:5.3" / 13.3 cm

20 Reviews

  • Ripit

    Posted by Z on Feb 19th 2017

    I really like my MP9. Only issue I have, is its off center. To move the front sight I don't have a punch, and its so tight, I will have to take it to a gun smith. It will cost around $15. Right now shooting at a coffee can dead center I will just hit the ground and to the right. So I have to aim above the can and to the left and I will hit dead center. So that really sucks. I like my guns right on. I realize if there is a bad guy coming its gonna be a point and shoot anyway, but still. You never know if you might have to take that bead so....

  • Top Gun

    Posted by Ben on Jun 26th 2016

    In my opinion you can't do better than a Smith & Wesson M&P with an Apex trigger installed. It's a toss up between the Shield and the Compact. The Shield is easier to conceal but you can only get the duty / carry trigger for it. The Compact is fatter but you can get the better forward set sear trigger for it. Between the Apex trigger and the extra size, the Compact is a dream to shoot at the range. And the Shield is just about perfect too.

  • Perfect Carry

    Posted by Dan on Nov 10th 2015

    I was shocked at how well this fires for such a small pistol! Well balanced and easy to tuck right in the small of my back.

  • Great concealed carry gun!

    Posted by Luke on Jul 29th 2015

    Purchased the M&P Shield 9mm from Impact Guns about a year ago now. The Shield is a fantastic carry gun; I've put over 1000 rounds through it without a problem. Impact Guns is great to work with as well: the best prices for the best guns.

  • Great Gun

    Posted by Big Mac on Jul 17th 2015

    I bought this from Impact in April of 2015. They had the best price online once you factored in shipping and CC fees. Impact Guns was great, fast shipping, good communication.

    The Shield is a great pistol. I have put about 500 rounds through it so far, not a single issue. I'm a big guy, so the 7 round mags are not my favorite. I bought 2 extra 8 rounders from Impact. Extra mags are expensive, but necessary. The trigger is actually pretty decent, it is way better than my fullsize M&P 9mm. It's crisp, and has an audible "click" on reset, two things I can't say about the fullsize. The gun is very concealable, points great in my hand, and is fun to shoot. I added some Ameriglo I Dot sights, and am loving those so far. The factory sights are good, just wanted to try something different. Impact Guns and the M&P Shield 9mm are both highly recommended.

  • Great carry gun........Period.

    Posted by Jay on Jun 18th 2015

    My review is like many others. Too many of us on the same page to be wrong. I was shocked the first time I took mine to the range at how accurate it was. Also easy to handle for the small size. I own several range guns including a CZ P07 and H&K VP9 so I have a good basis for comparison. (not for handgun size but for overall ease of shooting and this gun shoots well) I could not be more pleased with it.

  • It doesn't GET any better!!!

    Posted by BMW FREQ on Nov 13th 2014

    I purchased a 9mm Shield about 6 months ago to use as my primary concealed carry. I purchased it based on online reviews and YouTube reviews. Let me tell ya, this is a great handgun. Not only is it comfortable to wear, but it feels good in your hand; great grip. it's also extremely accurate for such a short barrel (3.1"). I've probably put about 700 to 800 rounds through it, and it's eaten everything.

    I'd highly recommend the M&P Shield to anyone looking for a high quality, accurate and reliable handgun. For the price they can't be beat!

    Get one; you won't be sorry!!!!

  • My third one

    Posted by Vinny on Sep 11th 2014

    I bought my first Shield when they first came out. I got an early version. However, I found it too big for my pocket and sold it for a Kahr CM9. A few months later, I missed it and bought another. I then got a Sig P938 and sold the Shield. Last week I bought my third Shield. I was looking for a single stack gun that I could fit all of my fingers on. I can just about do it with my Sig but the Sig is small. The Shield fits my hand very well with the extended grip and is a little larger than my Sig. It will be used as my belt gun.

    There is something about the Shield that keeps drawing me to it. First off, none of the three ever jammed on me. They carry well, good sights and trigger. It carries very well IWB and is a good example of the small 9mm guns out there today. It is a gun that I always recommend to new shooters. You can even get it without the manual safety now. They even have MA and CA compliant versions. Nothing that I can think of that I do not like with this gun. Impact Guns treated me very well and got the gun to my FFL in two days.

  • Great gun

    Posted by JimmyU on Jun 14th 2014

    Ordered on Tuesday, showed at the FFL on Thursday afternoon, took it to the range on Friday. Have the SWV9 but too big for CCW, so after much research and visiting gun stores, went with the M&P Shield. Price on Impact was best around, included free shipping. Right out of the box, the M&P shot solid at 7-10 Yards with nice tight groups, much better than the larger SWV9. Put around 60 rounds thru it with no issues. Small but feels solid, glad I went with this one over the cheaper 9's out there.

  • Amazing Conceal Carry handgun

    Posted by TanTan on Apr 2nd 2014

    I did A TON of research on CC guns before I purchased this beauty. I have a smaller physique (about 5'9" and 130lbs) so it was important to me that I find something that packs one hell of a punch while still being very easy to conceal, the M&P Shield is the one that does it. I have a wife, a son and a daughter on the way, I carry everyday and it's comforting to have the Shield on my person. A round is always chambered with the manual safety OFF with a full flush mount mag loaded with Federal Premium 124 gr. HST's and I feel very confident in it's ability to perform to perfection when needed. Always has so far when at the range. Perfect CC handgun with no compromises of accuracy, faults or functions.

  • Choice for concealed carry

    Posted by Roy on Jan 10th 2014

    I tried a different brand for concealed carry, but the I've found the Shield much more reliable. It always works and is about the smallest pistol I can get a grip on. Recoil in 9mm is quite manageable, but I found the .40 jumped quite a bit, so I use the 9mm. The trigger pull is relatively short and crisp and not so heavy as to throw off my aim.


    Posted by VOODOO DANCER on Dec 3rd 2013


  • M&P Shield

    Posted by Bigwood on May 22nd 2013

    I have carried a concealed handgun daily for the last 15 years. Mainly a Glock 30 or 27, both extremely reliable and accurate. I bought the Shield a year ago because I needed a smaller pistol for hot weather carry. What a little dandy! Simple,accurate, great trigger,very thin. Well over 1,000 rounds down the pipe with ZERO malfunctions. The Shield IWB loaded with Rem. Golden Sabers +P's hardly even know it's there. Great job S&W.

  • Gr8 working gun

    Posted by Coop on Apr 7th 2013

    Really like this S&W model... fit well in my hand right outta the box, even better with 8rd mag. Very accurate sites. This was my first intro to handguns, chosen especially for ease of "take down" & 9mm caliber. I just couldn't see cleaning the gun and taking a chance on losing one of those removable pins! Since its' purchase back in Feb., I've blasted out approxamately 1000 rounds even that ultramax lead reload ammo worked right through... I figure it'll take what ever you dish out!

  • Great little gun

    Posted by ELYLAS on Apr 6th 2013

    Sw hit a grand slam home run with this gun.
    Great in the hand.
    Easy take down
    Good sights
    Trigger ok could be better if they used the one on their pro
    Could do without the safety but you don't have to use it
    Made in USA
    Good iwb gun for ccw
    Fun to shoot.

  • Great Gun

    Posted by Tom O'Connor on Mar 15th 2013

    took it to the range where I promptly shot 100 mixed rounds through it. The breakdown of the rounds is 10 hydro-shock factory loads and the rest handloads, 10 Hornady 124 Grain XTP, 10 Speer 124 Grain Gold Dot and 70 FMJ. The second Hydro-Shock did not feed all the way so I pushed the slide closed and it performed as advertised. I think this was due to the gun being new as all other shells performed perfectly. Accuracy was better then I expected, @ 7 yards all shots where in a 6 inch group. Recoil is moderate but not abusive.
    If you can get one I'd recommend this gun as a great concealed carry pistol.

  • 9mm Shield

    Posted by Gun Nut on Dec 29th 2012

    I waited four months to get my hands on the 9mm Shield. Well worth the wait. I'm amazed how well it shoots. I highly recommend this!!!!! I've shot the Ruger LC9 and other similar models. The Shield is hands down the best choice in my opinion. I'm tempted to buy another one.

  • Good Buy

    Posted by Mark on Dec 3rd 2012

    Picked mine up in a lucky moment six or so months before writing this, and have never regretted the purchase. It is easily the most reliable handgun I own, having shot everything I fed it with only one failure with cheap steel cased ammo after several hundred rounds without cleaning. Recoil is minimal, and I have found the gun to be comfortable to shoot, even for an extended trip to the range. White 3 dot sights are clear and easy to use. The trigger has a clean break and definite reset. Apex offers more options for your trigger, but I've been happy with it stock. Interchangeable back straps would have been nice, but the gun fits my hand comfortably; probably wouldn't have changed it anyway. Good selection of holster options as well as additional sights and aftermarket support from other manufacturers makes this one a win, hands down.

  • M&P 9 Shield

    Posted by Sgt461 on Jul 17th 2012

    I was in the market for a carry gun that had a reasonable size and great reliability. After an attempt with a high priced but not durable small 9mm I decided on the Shield. I am extremly happy with the slim size and reasonable weight (24.25 oz loaded). Most important however is that it's been perfectly reliable in 800+ rounds of assorted ammo. Not one issue and by appearances it will last many rounds to come as I would expect. As a carry weapon I hit the range often and enjoy shooting it. Recoil is good even with the +P Gold Dots I carry. The standard sights were great for daylight/range but I replaced them with Trijicon HD sights. Couldn't be happier!

  • Awsome!

    Posted by Lynxous on May 18th 2012

    I have a full sized M&P 40 that i shoot very often and totaly love it. i saw many reviews on youtube about the M&P shield and thought to my self that it would be a nice to have one of these little things. my father at the time who was very new to shooting became hooked to it after shooting my 40, and decided he would look into buying a handgun. i told him about the shield and he became very intrested in it. we went to the local gunshow and asked around the tables if any body had them and some never hurd of it, and others said it would be another 6 weeks before any body would be able to sell any. got to another and the guy said they would be getting on in. my father said he would take it. Right out of the box he was hitting dead on! the thing is extreamly accurate, and has never jammed once yet! this is a very highly recomended hand gun if you can get it!

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