Ruger SR22 Pistol, 22LR, 3.5", 10rd

Ruger SR22 Pistol, 22LR, 3.5", 10rd
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22 Long Rifle
Ruger SR22
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Built on a black polymer frame, aluminum slide with serrations and black anodized finish. Fixed white dot front sight and adjustable rear sight. Reversible blade allows selection of two white dots or black blade. Picatinny rail with multiple cross slots on underside of frame. Two interchangeable rubberized grips with serrations (no tools required to change). Ambidextrous manual safety, decocking lever and magazine release. Includes two 10-round magazines, two finger grip extension floorplates.

The Ruger SR22 Semi Auto Pistol is a do-it-all .22 pistol for shooters who really appreciate style and even small game hunting. It is easy to field-strip, fun to shoot, and will run reliably with a wide variety of ammunition (not just high-velocity)
  • Category : Pistols
  • Type : Pistol
  • Action : Single/Double
  • Caliber : 22 Long Rifle
  • Barrel Length : 3.5"
  • Capacity : 10+1
  • Safety : Ambidextrous
  • Grips : Black Synthetic
  • Sights : 3-Dot Adjustable
  • Weight : 17.5 oz
  • Frame Finish : Black

44 Reviews

  • Little Combat trainer

    Posted by Brian on May 10th 2019

    Other than a few VERY minor failures to feed on the first round occasionally, it's been flawless. A simple touch of the slide gets it into battery. It's shoots everything well and is a hoot on the indoor range with Stingers. Even has a bit of bark and flame!.

    Takedown is easy and cleaning is as well. My only gripe....the safety going in the wrong direction.

  • SR 22

    Posted by Cut on Feb 1st 2015

    excellent gun, I love this 22. I have shot this gun about 300 times. It works perfect. well done Ruger!!!


  • Another great gun Ruger!

    Posted by Trentbox on Mar 26th 2014

    Ruger hit it out of the park again with this lil' plinker/trail gun and even conceled carry! Yes, that's right, I said it! My SR22 goes with me everywhere I'm allowed to take it. It's currently my only pistol and it really is a "do-it-all" gun for me currently until I get enough $ to get a larger caliber pistol. Better than nothing at all. I wouldn't want to be shot by a few CCI Velocitors from it! That is the type ammo I keep it loaded with (40grain round nose hyper velocity) It has never jammed with any ammo I've ran thru it with the exception of American Eagle by Federal. Wouldn't eject it? So, It was the ammo, not the gun. I've put dozens of different brands thru it and it ate everything but AE by Federal. Even nasty 25 year old CCI ammo my Dad gave me. Feels great in the hand, very accurate, realiable, easy takedown, 2 mags come with it, what is there not to love about this thing? The only gripe I can come up with at all is the lack of accessories for this gun and after market parts due to it being fairly new to the market compared to other pistols like the Walther P22.


    Posted by JohnnyD on Jan 29th 2014

    Received my Ruger SR22 Pistol yesterday. I picked this particular pistol because baased on specs and appearance it seemed to approximate the size and shape of my Springfield XDs 45. I wasn't disappointed. With the Pierce grip extensions on my XDs and the factory provided grip extensions on my SE 22 they look and feel almost identical; the only real difference the XDS's extra weight. For me, the SR22 is the most ergonomically perfect pistol that I have ever handled. Trigger pull in both the single and double action modes is much better than I expected.It will make an excellent 22 practice pistol to compliment my XDs 45. Hoping to see some more normally priced 22 ammo in the market place sometime soon.

  • Rugged Reliable Ruger

    Posted by emercator on Jan 10th 2014

    3000+ and counting of every kind of ammo, this chews up and spits out every brand and quality of ammo I have put through it. Feels ergonomically perfect. Easy to clean. A pure joy to shoot.

  • Best .22 for the price

    Posted by Biloxi Bob on Jan 4th 2014

    Originally purchased the SR-22 for myself, but my 12 year old daughter fell in love with it and claimed it. We shot a 500 round brick from 1986 through it with less than 5 misfires. No problems at all with new CCI or Remington ammo. The sights are spot on. At 50 feet, we both can keep all of the shots within a 6" circle. The pistol is a blast to shoot on combat courses. The magazine can be changed in seconds.

  • Excellent plinker and trainer

    Posted by GunnerMT on Jan 1st 2014

    Great gun at a great price!

  • Outstanding Little Gun, but Ammo Makes a Differenc

    Posted by Christine on Nov 22nd 2013

    I absolutely love shooting this gun. Not only is it a lot of fun to shoot, but the sites have proven incredibly accurate, it's easy to load, easy to maintain, and downright comfortable to hold even for my long fingers. I had very few problems with the first 1500 rounds I put through it, but began to experience occasional jamming when I switched ammunition of about 1 jam for every 15 rounds. Remington behaves pretty well, Winchester not so well, CCI is great. I know other reviewers have also experienced some difficulties with different brands of ammo so my recommendation would be to find and stick with what works for you.

  • Good little pistol .

    Posted by Michael on Nov 3rd 2013

    Tack driver out of the box feeds everything I put in it ,this will give my pocket a break way cheaper to shoot rimfire all day .

  • great gun

    Posted by Ro on Oct 25th 2013

    I have seen may different reviews for this pistol but I must say mine is awsome! Fired perfectly out of the box, sights were dead on at 50 feet. It even cycled sub sonic rounds the second mag and had no issues at all!

  • WOW

    Posted by John on Jul 5th 2013

    This Ruger is just a blast to shoot. Got it for the wife but I end up always bringing it the range. Tack driver out of the box. Its easy to clean and that's good because it get shot a lot. Have well over 2500 rounds thru it and maybe 3 or 4 ftf. Buy lots of ammo, you will need it.


    Posted by ART on May 6th 2013

    Im very Happy with this gun I've owned her for 4 1/2 months and have put well over 1,500 rounds threw her with one ftf not bad at all. Its easy to burn threw a lot of rounds with this little gun she just eats whatever ya feed her .Im telling ya go pick this gun at your local gun shop and you'll be leaving out the door with her.RUGER ROCKS!

  • DA trigger.

    Posted by Robert on Mar 10th 2013

    The DA trigger on this gun feels like a staple gun. WAY to heavy. Otherwise after ~4000 rounds its really good. The occasional jam, but hey its .22. If you can put in a new spring it would be the best .22 handgun iv even shot.

  • Man alive, what a great pistol, value and more!

    Posted by Dangerkitty on Feb 14th 2013

    My first firearm, sight unseen, did the research, Impact Guns made the purchase seemlessly easy, fast too, they already had the FFL on file.

    Now for the fun part. The Ruger SR22 was an absolute riot to shoot, shot 200 rds of CCI mini-mag, zero problems, a high quality weapon.

    Granted, I was apprehensive (first firearm) but my fears were quickly erased after the first mag, this was an excellent choice, the best value, ultra simple take down, I'm totally satisfied.

    The seasoned shooters at the range today were impressed, well that's saying something right there for sure.

    Thank you Impact, I've been recommending you, I want to thank everyone who posted reviews about the Ruger SR22, it's everything you said it would be and then some.

    Man alive, I'm still glowing about the SR22, I could have not made a better choice, highly satisfied with my purchase.

    Kindly excuse me, I'm heading back to the range for another couple hundred rounds of pure fun.

  • SR 22 Tack Driver

    Posted by gost on Jan 27th 2013

    This is an excellent little gun. It could drive tacks if I were that good a shooter. Still I do OK.
    I bought it mainly for plinking and practice and in lieu of my 9. In other words to save money on ammo. Now it's almost impossible to find ammo in Billings, Mt. The only thing I don't care for is you have to push the safety button up to take it off safe. My 9mm Shield thumbs down which works better for me when drawing and presenting. Course I can always do my presentation practice with the 9. I own several Ruger .22 cal guns and love them all.

  • What you would expect

    Posted by Rob on Dec 26th 2012

    Bought this gun for my wife, she loves it, needed to find something that she could have fun with at the range when I go to practice every month. I have shot it and it is dead on. My eight year old girl also loves to shoot it as well. The interchangeable backstraps are awesome.

  • Awesome Ruger !

    Posted by Anthony on Dec 17th 2012

    I love this gun. I bought it from Impact in September 2012. Have shot 5,000+ rounds through it at the range. Have cleaned it about 10 times. Maybe around 10 misfires or jams. I use CCI Mini-Mag 36 grain (CCI 0031) with no problem. Also CCI Stinger 32 grain (CCI 0050) no problems. Also CCI Velocitor 40 grain (CCI 0047) with no problem. The Stingers and Velocitors are real nice and loud. I highly recommend this .22 pistol. It feels good in your hands, it's accurate, and there is barely any recoil. I had to adjust the sights, and move it way right, but other than that, this gun is perfect.

  • Great Value, Tons of Fun, Affordable Protection

    Posted by Utah Shooter on Nov 26th 2012

    Picked up this gun for my wife as a first gun. She will probably end up carrying it eventually. We put about 300 rounds through it today. Probably had about 5 FTF's, but found that it stemmed from not allowing the trigger to fully reset before pulling it again. Shot CCI Velocitors and Remington Bulk through it. Otherwise no issues. FTF's were easily resolved by re-racking the slide. Overall, an awesome little gun. Accurate, affordable and fun to shoot. Not the ideal carry round, but 11 high velocity hollow points to the gut will easily put a man down for good. Most gunshot deaths in the US are at the hands of a .22. My wife shoots it well, and as they say rule #1 of a gun fight, 'bring a gun'. Kudos to Ruger.

  • Ruger SR-22

    Posted by LaserCop on Sep 9th 2012

    I purchased a new Ruger SR-22 for two reasons. I wanted to practice prior to on duty qualification and did not want to spend the money for .40 cal ammunition to feed my Glock. Second,I wanted a light weight hand gun I could put in my back pack while bow hunting. I ran across a good deal on an SR-22 and snapped it up. I love the features and the light weight. It is a tack driver, more accurate than my old Mk II and much handier. The first shot double action trigger pull is a bit stiff, but oh well. I would highly recommend it.

  • Fun to shoot

    Posted by Dominic on Sep 8th 2012

    I was in the market for a .22 pistol for cheap practice. I had my eye on P22, Sig Mosquito, Bersa .22, and this one. When the gentleman at Impact Guns here in Ogden handed me the SR22, I was sold on how it fit my hand. The inverted safety doesn't bother me because most of the weapons I've owned didn't have safeties anyway. The decocker feature could be practical.

    I wish I could say that I've had zero jams, but if I did, I'd be lying. I'm sure that the ammunition is more at fault than the weapon. I wasn't too put off by that, as I expected it. I used Federal high velocity copper-plated and Winchester Wildcat high velocity. There were no CCI mini-mags or Stingers on the shelf when I went. Next week, I'll bring my own and see how I do.

    The weapon serves it's purpose. My carry weapon is a Glock 30 SF. I feel that after shooting my .22, I tend to do better with my Glock and vice versa.

    I must say that I am pleased that this weapon is so easy to field strip and clean. The sights on it are awesome. I'm still going through the break-in process, so I'm sure any shortcomings I have now will most likely be a non-issue down the road, especially if I choose the kind of ammo it seems to like the most and stick with it.

    All and all, it is a great .22, especially for the money. It's high quality inside and out. Not to mention, it is made in the USA!

  • AWESOME GUN !!!!!!!

    Posted by Kurt on Aug 31st 2012

    I wanted this gun since january when it came out but nobody had it in stock.I seen good reviews and heard alot of good things about this gun.I finally got it and shot 500 rounds through it so far and also wanted to see how good it was so i through everything and anything through had rounds clear from 1985 when walmart had rounds for 99 cents.Out of 500 no failer or failer to eject.Awesome gun and very well impressed.Maybe get my son one next.

  • Great gun for the money, fun and cheap to shoot

    Posted by Simon on Jul 31st 2012

    Bought this for my wife after reading reviews here, in magazines, and on internet. My wife loves it, I enjoy shooting it myself, even my stepson enjoyed it. (He prefers 9mm mostly.) Jams? A couple of hangups, but it seems to improve with use, and to be fair, .22's have alwayys been jammers in every gun I've ever tried. This one does far better than most and it's easy to clear. I would really love to see Ruger make one in 22 Mag. That would be a lovely little carry piece. (By the way, I am a wheelgun man, and don't generally like semiautos. This one was an exception.)

  • great Gun

    Posted by Ed on Jul 11th 2012

    I've had mine since April and have put about 2000 rounds thru it. All were Federal Bulk HPs & I've yet to have a FTF or FTE. I can't say enough about this gun.

  • great 22 for the money

    Posted by New to the . 22 world on Jul 3rd 2012

    I own this. I got it as a anniversay present in June 2012. Searched various models & this one was IT. I have only put about 300 rounds thru it, but is very accurate and great for a woman who wants to shoot cheap but hit the Target! Pretty much all the time

  • Perfect 22

    Posted by MarcM on Jul 2nd 2012

    This is by far the best .22 pistol out there.

    It works fine with cheap ammo.

    Easy to take apart and clean.



    Made well.

  • One thing I would like to see

    Posted by Steven J Martinez on Jun 18th 2012

    This is a great little gun. I love it. The only thing I have an issue with is the mag release, seems like it needs to be a little less recessed, or larger. The one thing that I would like to see is that Ruger design some larger caliber pistols after this gun. I would love to see this exact gun in a 9mm, .40, or .45 cal. I hope Ruger is already considering this.

  • Works great

    Posted by BB on Jun 14th 2012

    My wife and I each purchased the SR22 about a month ago. Mine has about 500 rounds through it and hers about 250. We've had one failure to feed in this time and with all types of ammo (Bulk to the good stuff). This pistol is fun to shoot so buy extra ammo. It's also easy to field strip and clean.


    Posted by JD on Jun 12th 2012

    picked it up yesterday fired it today (300 rounds of four different types of ammo)not a single problem. very satisfied with this 22simi i have two others that i am not so satisfied with. great little gun MADE IN USA

  • Awesome

    Posted by RayRay on Jun 2nd 2012

    This gun rocks, Ive run about 2000 rounds threw it and have had 0 issues, used CCI and federal ammo, some of the federals had some issues but nothing I wouldn't expect from bulk ammo. I highly recommend this weapon to anyone who wants cheap ammo and a fun lil gun

  • Magazine flaw

    Posted by Obiwan on May 24th 2012

    I like everything about this pistol... except... only one of my six magazines will drop free when I hit the release button. Have to use my free hand to strip the others from the grip. Apparently an out of adjustment stamper at the magazine factory needs to be worked over. Great pistol though!

  • Not that great

    Posted by Chris on May 2nd 2012

    Gun is OK. Put 500 rounds through one today. A few things I noticed

    Trigger Pull - Heavy trigger pull.

    Small - Small grip, although it does come with the extender. Even with the extender it was a little too small for me. Pinky was free unless I squeezed my hand really hard.

    Jams - Used CCI minimag rounds and had 3 jams out of 500. Magazine staggers the bullets in a non-particular fashion so a few jams happened and the slide is heavy so the ammo doesn?t always clear - May have just needed more oil.

    Accuracy - Sights were decent but not great and the barrel is fairly short so when I compared it with my S&W in terms of accuracy it was definitely not as accurate.

    Also thought the mag release tended to stick and the button was fairly small.

    Oh and one more thing, if you will be quick-firing through a magazine watch your front hand because the flash tended to touch my hand a few times and I felt some decent heat, which has a lot to do with how short the barrel is.

    All in all this is a fairly decent gun, especially for the price, but those things above really surprised me. This is just my opinion so don?t take my word for it - Go test one if you can. Barrel is heavy duty and I like the safety and ease of loading the mags.

  • I love you Impact Guns

    Posted by SHIMMY on Apr 19th 2012

    I'll admit that I cheated on Buds gun shop and cheaperthan dirt.But I will never return to either of those sites. I ordered the SR22 16 April after the email notification of availibility. Then on 19 April my pistol was ready to pick up. I have faith in Ruger, this is my third ruger firearm. I'll take it out to the range SUN(22 April). Now if you would only notify the the KEL TEC AR15 pistol is available.

  • Another Hit for Ruger

    Posted by Sea Dog on Mar 30th 2012

    Range report: Like all Ruger pistols fit and finish are top notch, won't go though the details on what comes with the gun, but most importantly you get two ten round clips which come in handy when your ripping through 500 round a trip. Accuracy is on par with other Ruger's in other words the gun is much better than 98% of us will shoot, out of the box the adjustable sights were dead on as far as windage but shot low at 10 yards consistently with 4 different types of ammo used, easy fix, half turn up and good bye bulls-eye. I had zero "gun" malfunctions or failure to feed, (note I shot 500 rounds right out of the box, I did not clean, just two low power green box Remingtons failed to fire.

    The beauty of this gun is that it is a perfect training gun in feel and operation for a full sized higher power pistol. A second use that I had not planned on or even thought about is the SR22 is a perfect way to "loosen up" and get into rhythm for shooting larger pistols. I ran 200 through the SR22 focusing on sight alignment and a consistent trigger pull then jumped to a Sig P220 one of my carry guns and plowed 50 in a 2 inch hole at 10 yards. I liken it to hitting a bucket of range balls before a round of golf, doesn't always help but never can hurt.

    Conclusion, the Ruger SR22 is going to be every 10 year olds dream gun, it has a high cool factor, shoots anything you can put through it, is as accurate as any 3 inch barrel out there, and its relatively cheap! Oh yeah it's a pretty cool gun for us older dudes too, if you can find one grab it you won't be sorry.

  • Pleased

    Posted by Jeremy on Mar 20th 2012

    Love the gun. Have put roughly 500 rounds through it and only have experienced one failure to feed. I've put federal through it no problem, and have also tried the higher end ammunition without any problems.

    This is a sturdy gun and I would recommend it to anyone buying a pistol for the first time, or want to enjoy inexpensive plinking.

    4.5 out of 5 stars!

  • Great smaller pistol

    Posted by BBH on Mar 18th 2012

    Put 550 rounds through this pistol. Ruger made another great gun (I also bought a SR9C which is dead on accurate). I am fairly accurate with this gun but the shorter barrel makes hitting the center of the target a little more challenging (not impossible - just challenging). No jams/FTF or the like. Used Remmington ammo and getting some CCI soon. I really enjoy both guns by Ruger.

  • Got mine March 8

    Posted by Ronald on Mar 8th 2012

    Got in on this bunch of SR22's from Impact, and picked it up at my dealers yesterday. There were customres at the local store wanting these, and they didn't have any. I felt great to get mine. Thanks to Impact Guns

  • sr22 pistol

    Posted by Erik on Mar 6th 2012

    This is really a fun pistol to shoot. I have put a little over 1000 rounds of bulk federal... through it with no problems. I use the larger grips. No problems with the magazines or grips. Great that those features are included(2 extra finger grip extensions, 2 small and one large, and the 2 magazines).

    Very pleased with it so far.

  • Excellent 22 for the price

    Posted by Marty on Mar 3rd 2012

    Have fired more than 500 rounds and not even a burp or jam with the cheapest ammo I could find. Right out of the box at 15 yards was a good 2 inch group ( in door range ) with CCI amo and some ELY ammo.

  • Great Handgun SR22P

    Posted by DJ on Feb 26th 2012

    This is a great gun. I took it straight from paying at the counter into the range and went through 100 rounds of the cheapest .22 ammo that Impact had.

    I had no issues at all with the gun and it functioned flawlessly. I would recommend it to anyone learning to shoot handguns, teaching kids, or using it for a trainer gun before going to larger caliber handguns.

  • Like mine a lot

    Posted by Erik on Feb 23rd 2012

    ...Couldn't be more pleased. Tried 5 different types of ammunition that first day at the range and it gobbled up anything I put through it, from the inexpensive Remington and Federal bulk ammo (some of which had been hanging around the house for a couple years) to the higher end CCI. No FTFeed, FTEject, or FTFire.

    No complaints. I like the feel and appreciate the additional floor plate with the finger rest...

  • GReat Gun

    Posted by Ruger Rick on Feb 16th 2012

    This is an excellent little 22LR pistol. Fits most hands well and has different size grips as well as extensions for the magazines to help. Shoots anything I fed it so far without any problems. Accurate shooter, easy balance and has easy to adjust three dot sights that can be reversed for those not liking the white dot system on the rear sight. It comes with a good lock, two magazines, two mag extensions, changeable size grips and a carry case. The trigger pull in single action is great, but double action is a bit to tight for me. Maybe a "new" thing!

    I haven't been a Ruger fan because of past experience, but this could convert me. OK, this and my son's SR9C!!! I only have a few small issues that kept it from being a 5 star weapon...

    I would recommend getting a SR22 when you can. It's a great weapon with a few small flaws that might work themselves out generally in a few months.
    (edited for length)

  • Good shooter

    Posted by Dan on Jan 26th 2012

    I really like this new Ruger. They seem to have really improved their quality over the last few years. I have a lot of Ruger guns, so I thought I might try this one. I was really surprised at how well it shoots and my friends really like it too.
    Just waiting for the extra magazines to get in stock. The SR22 did come with 2 magazines- a great idea.

  • Great little gun!

    Posted by Dan on Jan 20th 2012

    I bought this the other day and just loved the way it fit my hand,I have fired 500+ rounds with no problems! Fun to shoot and cheap. The gun is new and I am having a hard time finding extra mags for it!

  • Very pleased!

    Posted by Austin on Jan 14th 2012

    Ran 300 rds. of Blazer threw my sr22 this week and I didn't have a single failure. It was very accurate and more fun to shoot than my 22/45. One of my magazines was defective and I called Ruger and they have one being sent to replace it, they were great to work with and it took less than 5 minutes to get the problem fixed. Overall, I love this gun. I bought it just for the range, I was a bit worried about it being so new and very few reviews out yet but I'm glad I took the chance.

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