CZ 75 P-07 Duty 9mm 3.8" Barrel, Black Polycoat Finish, 16 Rnd Mag

CZ 75 P-07 Duty 9mm 3.8" Barrel, Black Polycoat Finish, 16 Rnd Mag
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The CZ P-07 Duty is the next generation of the CZ handgun family. The Duty features the ergonomics and accuracy of the CZ 75 with a totally new trigger system. The new Omega trigger system simplifies the CZ 75 trigger system, uses fewer parts and improves the trigger pull. In addition, it allows users to choose between using the handgun with a decocking lever(installed) or a manual safety (included) by a simple parts change. The polymer frame design of the Duty and a new sleek slide profile (fully machined from bar stock) reduce weight, making the P-07 Duty a great choice for concealed carry.

9 Reviews

  • Great price, extremely accurate!

    Posted by ADM on Dec 21st 2014

    Took this to the range for the first time today. Made me look like a pro from short range, and I'm a beginner. Great cold weather concealed carry gun. Great price too!

  • I Love This Gun

    Posted by Utah Shooter McGavin on Mar 27th 2013

    I've been eyeing a P07 Duty for a while, and had some concerns about the reviews of early models. The later B version of the P07 Duty (this model is 4 years into production) supposedly corrected these initial issues, and so I sprang for one. My first impression is WOW! The balance, grip and feel of this gun is superb. The $450-500 price tag belies the quality. This gun is machined from barstock and fits together solidly. The reverse rail system of the P07 makes for a smooth and tight slide action. Def. made an improvement in out of the box accuracy. I took it to the Impact store in Kearns, and put a box and a half of both FMJ and Gold Dot JHP downrange. The DA/SA omega trigger is smooth and the safety conversion kit is a nice touch. This gun is small enough to CC, but large enough to be a full size duty pistol (16 +1 rounds). Needless to say this gun makes me a better marksman, it feels good in the hand, and shoots like a dream. You won't be sorry with this weapon.

  • Love This Gun Already

    Posted by Utah Shooter on Mar 25th 2013

    Hard to review a gun without shooting it, but the build quality for the price just screams top notch. It's got a decocker/safety conversion kit, a cleaning kit and two hi-cap mags that come with it. The feel in the hand is good. Real good. If this thing shoots like it feels, it's def. my new favorite gun. From shooting other CZ's, I have a feeling I won't be disappointed.

  • Ufff Excellent!

    Posted by Sir. Soto on Sep 8th 2012

    The new trigger system is delicious Highly recomend it.

  • Great shooter!

    Posted by akgp1975/ Matao on May 5th 2012

    Great gun/ not so great sights. The sights are plastic and very "soft". (Prone to scratches ect.) Other than that; I love the gun. Shoots great. Cycles everything without any issues- 300 rounds and counting. Grip stippling and beaver tail make it really comfortable to shoot. Finding a holster was a bear. I hit the forums and learned that holsters fitted for the 4' XD will fit. Found one (a Tagua) at Impact WVC for 40.00. It fits like a glove. They also had a Galco that fit ever better; but also had a 70 dollar price tag- ouch! Some are touting this weapon as a "great" conceal carry weapon. I dont know about that; its quite thick for IWB carry. Rides great in my new holster with a light jacket on though. I am really happy with the performance and would recommend this weapon; it is a straight shooter!

  • Excellent gun, excellent price

    Posted by Manny on Mar 19th 2012

    The CZ P-07 fires like a gun that's priced much higher. At about 700-800 rounds I've never had a FTF or FTE. If I was in a self defense I would not hesitate to pick it up. The P-07 is as accurate as you are and a lot more reliable. It can be concealed but is a tad bulky, it's very similar in size to the USP Compact.

  • Amazing Gun

    Posted by nut-ster on Feb 28th 2012

    I purchased this gun after reading several gun test reviews on the internet. Originally purchased for my wife, I can't help but slip it in my bag when I go to the range. I have shot over 1000 rounds of everything 9mm through it. It has never jammed! It is one of smoothest operating and best balenced guns you will ever shoot. For the price, I don't believe it can be beat. Install some upgraded night sights, and its near perfect.
    Google some test reports of this gun by some pros and see if what I'm telling you isn't correct.

  • Great Gun

    Posted by gman on May 18th 2011

    Have over 500 rounds through this gun with no complaints or a single issue. Feels nice, shoots real nice, nice trigger, and accurate. It is one of those guns that is just easy to shoot accurate. It looks MUCH better in person than it does in pictures. I am really happy with this gun, i doubt many people would be disappointed (except those that just hate polymer guns no matter what). For the price, it is unbeatable. I think it has a better feel in the hands than the g19, comparable HK and SIGs, and it doesnt feel any "cheaper" in my opinion.

  • Wonderful CCW now that the bugs are worked out.

    Posted by Z on Dec 26th 2010

    Wait what? A CZ that isn't perfect?

    I bought a CZ-75-P07 with the intention of using it as a low round count CCW and for that purpose its wonderful. Low profile sights, nice flat controls, a thin grip that fits my hand like a glove, nice and light, and 16 rounds of 9mm squeezed into a grip that feels like a single stack.

    Sounds like a winner right? Sadly I've had issues with it as have many other P07 owners. Early on it was issues with non-drop free mags (serial number pre-3xxxxx) and then issues with the polymer bulging due to heat (from firing) after high round counts (pre-65xxxx).

    The good news is that CZ is AWESOME at customer service and if you have any of those issues they replace it. The bad news is that after you experience the frame bulging first hand it shakes your confidence in the gun.

    All that being said I love my P07 and after having to RMA it back to CZUSA for a minor frame bulge (CZ insists this is merely cosmetic) I've yet to experience an issue with the new frame .

    For those wondering size the P07 is almost exactly the same in size as a Glock 19, with the exception of the frame being thinner. Ergonomics are better then a Glock as well so it feels as though the P07 was molded to fit your hand. Its a natural pointer and with my medium sized hands my pinky falls on the edge of the frame with ease. Its not small enough to be a subcompact, and its not large enough to be a compact...its a tweener.

    When you get your P07 expect a few things, a rock hard spring that needs to be broken in, roughly five gallons of oil in the gun, and some paint in the sights that doesn't last worth a damn.

    After you clean the oil out its worth it to apply some clear nail polish to the sights to help hold in the paint they used, otherwise you can scrape out the paint and use some paint (krylon fusion or high temp enamel). If you want to replace the sights your going to have some trouble as the P07 does not use CZ75 style sights, it uses its own type of sights so your very limited to about four types from CZCustom.

    Also as a note of non-compatibility the P07 uses its own unique magazines so it does NOT accept mags from any other CZ75/85 but that is the price you pay for that thin grip.

    Shooting the P07 is quite nice, it lacks the "bite" that some other polymer guns have and its quite comfortable to shoot thanks to the grip. Even with 90 degree temps the checkering on the grips has keep my hand planted after a hundred rounds of non-stop firing. Big kudos to CZ for the design on that as well as the "safe zone" markings above the trigger.

    Accuracy is as good as you are, out of the box I knew the gun was more accurate as me as when I was "on" the P07 was making me look good. Even with cheapo bulk packs it maintains a good accuracy and a constant string of reliability with (thus far) no FTF or FTFeeds or FTE. The P07 chambers rounds at almost nearly a flat angle so it eats HPs, JHPs, and T/FMJs like a fat kid eats cake.

    One thing I do to see how reliable a new gun feeds is mix a magazine with as many types and brands as possible. With the P07 I managed to gather up fourteen different brands/types of 9mm which was good as the mag springs are quite stiff and I could only load in 15 at that time. The P07 fed and fired all of them without a single issue. I do want to note that this is NOT a recommended practice and I definitely do NOT approve of doing this in real world situations. But at a range for testing it is helpful.

    The big chunk of ugly that is the trigger guard is NOWHERE as offensive in person, and it grows on you. With a light the P07 looks pretty darn good as well.

    So when you get down to it the P07 is a nice gun that has had its faults, if you buy one check your serial number so you know what to expect.

    I gave it rating of 4 (3.75 really) as it does have its faults and when I purchased mine at $399 it was a good deal, but now with prices pushing into the mid $400s there are other guns I'd recommend over the P07 for the price.

    If your looking for a CCW I'd add the P07 to your list of guns to handle and shoot. Just be warned as with all CZ handguns your going to want to clean out all the oil from it when you get it, break in the spring, and also familiarize yourself with the "half slide" that CZs use.

    I do love mine and when I want something larger then my LCP for CC I still pick my P07 over the other options I have available.

    Its a great gun and even if your buying one without handling or shooting it you won't be disappointed.

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