Taurus Model 738BSS TCP, 380 Compact Pistol/3.3", Black SS, Extended Mag

Taurus Model 738BSS TCP, 380 Compact Pistol/3.3", Black SS, Extended Mag
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380 ACP
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Make way for the lightest Taurus ever created! The 10.2-ounce 738 TCP is not only the lightest semi-auto in the Taurus line; it's lighter than any of our small frame revolvers too! The 738 TCP offers 6+1 shots of .380 ACP, a durable polymer frame and low-profile fixed sights. You have to feel it to believe it!
  • Category : Pistols
  • Type : Pistol
  • Action : Double
  • Caliber : 380 Automatic Colt Pistol (ACP)
  • Barrel Length : 2.8"
  • Capacity : 6+1
  • Safety : No Manual
  • Grips : Black Polymer
  • Sights : Fixed
  • Weight : 10.2 oz
  • Frame Finish : Black

4 Reviews

  • Great at what it's intended for

    Posted by The big guy on Sep 11th 2015

    I picked one up about a week ago and have ran about 250 rounds threw it. Have not experienced a malfunction yet. I put some white pant on the sights, that helped tremendousley with picking them up and knowing where the gun is. I have hit static clays out to 20 yards but I usually shoot betwean 7 and 10 with it, it will shoot as good as I can. It carrys well dose print just a little in blue jeans but no worse than a cell phone would. All in all I think it's a reliable carry gun.

  • taurus tcp 738 380

    Posted by bru on Oct 10th 2013

    I have numerous pistols but wanted something compact. The price was very reasonable (under $200). I didn't have great expectations but ended up being very impressed with this inexpensive gun. I have only put about 50 round through it, but have been really impressed. didn't have any problems with the factory mag however it did jam occasionally with the aftermarket mag. I wouldn't have a problem recommending this handgun to anyone looking for a inexpensive compact.

  • Tcp people talk trash

    Posted by Rc on Feb 4th 2013

    I pick this little gun ... was going to buy the ruger LCP but saw this for 150 less . Went on YouTube didn't here to much good things about this little gun people having nothing but problems and having to get them sent back . I'm still yet to shoot mine hope I have no retreats .

  • US-made PT-738 is no dog

    Posted by 1gunnut9 on Nov 14th 2010

    I chose this little gem because of the last-round holdopen (rare in this class) and the second 6-rd mag, standard. I?ve never had a problem with a Taurus, so I wasn?t worried about getting a lemon. (Yes, all you Taurus-mockers out there, I ignore you.)

    First time at the range for the break-in session, I put a couple hundred rounds through it. At the end, it stove-piped a time or two. I chalk it up to being just a tad dirty at that point because I took it home, cleaned it up, and cycled several rounds through it with no problems. Considering most gun fights would not last 200 rounds, I?m not worried a bit about carrying this for primary concealed or as a bug. I had absolutely no issues, otherwise. Of course, sights are basically non-existent, but that?s the case with all of these little guns. If you?re using it for carry/protection, you?ll probably be shooting within 15-feet anyway, so you better not NEED sights. Quick mag changes were not as difficult as I thought in this small a gun.

    The 738 feels good in your hand for a pocket pistol. I had people who own the Ruger LCP tell me that it was no fun to shoot. I never shot one, but did not find I had the control problems alluded to. By the end of my first session, I was doing double-taps from the ready position, and was perfectly comfortable with it. The DAO trigger may be a put-off for some people, but I like the idea of trying again if it doesn?t go ?bang? the first time. The trigger is only about 7 lbs., so it?s no big deal.

    The little case it comes with is a joke. It almost fits it like a glove (who thought of that, the Brady Campaign?!) I supposed with enough practice you could get the gun out of it in less than 2 or 3 seconds. Also, you?d think that if they are giving you a free pouch, with a second mag, they?d have figured out that someone might want to carry that second mag in the pouch. Not the case, ergo, it?s a pocket mag. But then again, it?s a single-stack, 6-rd mag, so it?s not as if that is a huge burden. I actually came up with a nifty alternative, and for the right price, I'll reveal it.

    Overall, I?d recommend considering this gun for anyone who is looking at this category. And the bonus is, this is the first gun Taurus is manufacturing in the USA.

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