Citadel 1911 Compact 45 ACP, 3.5" Barrel/Blue Finish, Wood Grips

Citadel 1911 Compact 45 ACP, 3.5" Barrel/Blue Finish, Wood Grips
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45 ACP
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CITADEL 45 Compact 1911 3.5"
These 1911 semi-autos pack a lot of extra features without the extra price!
Absolutely the best triggers out of the box for an entry level 1911.
Available in Full Size or Compact, Wood or Hogue Synthetic grips, and in .45 ACP or .38 Super.
Built by Armscor (Rock Island Armory), the Citadel M-1911 series offers solid performance and reliability for sport shooting, concealed carry and general shooting.
Each pistol comes with a lockable, hard plastic case.
  • Category : Pistols
  • Type : Pistol
  • Action : Single
  • Caliber : 45 Automatic Colt Pistol (ACP)
  • Barrel Length : 3.5"
  • Capacity : 6+1
  • Safety : Manual Thumb/Grip
  • Grips : Wood
  • Sights : Novak
  • Weight : 32 oz
  • Frame Finish : Black

6 Reviews

  • Citadel 1911 Compac

    Posted by Geo. B. on Oct 19th 2018

    I traded a Beretta 84F that I'd had for decades but my arthiritis and a very stiff slide meant it to find a new home. I went to a gun show and a dealer I knew said he'd like to have it so we struck a deal. He got the 84F, 2 mags and about 350 rounds of .380 ammo and I got a brand new Citadel .45 Compact - plus $70. I figured it was a good deal and couldn't waitto get it to the range.

    After the first mag was emptied my only thought was WOW!! Undoubtably the best trigger I've come across yet. I also have a 1st Gen. CZ-75 I picked up in Europe in the mid-80's that had over $1K of custom work by Robar and the Citadel beat it by a mile. I won a Texas hog hung and I'll be carrying it in the field as a backup. A 30.30 for the porkers, the CZ for piglets and the Citadel for just in case - loaded with Universals fluted solid copper 165gr +P. If one hog comes close enough, I'll try and take it with the.45. The ranch has a rule - head and neck shots only but I think I'm give the Citadel a try. Be getting a lot of range time in before that hunt and if I can hit the head/neck 9 outta 10 times at 40-50 yards I think it's doable. P.s., I've been shooting since I was 13 - I just turned 74.

  • lots of bang for the buck

    Posted by Steve on Oct 31st 2014

    I've had my Citadel compact .45 about 2years. No problems that weren't operator error (loaded a squib by accident) this is my EDC and pretty accurate. It came with wood and Houge grips for less than $500 out the door. I was so impressed, I bought a fullsize model as well

  • Citadel 1911 compact rocks

    Posted by GAF on Jul 30th 2014

    Have had the pistol for 2 weeks, bought it used but with low use. Have not had one problem! Shoots great, looks great feels perfect. Would reccommend all day long. At first you cringe a litte because it's made in the Philippines but the pistol will win you over quickly.

  • Citadel compact .45 1911

    Posted by Heavy Hinds on May 9th 2014

    I bought this gun about 6 months ago and am very pleased with it. Good feel and shoots great. My only problem was failure to feed. Throw the factory mags away, they are junk, buy some chip mccormicks and this little gun is hard to beat.

  • am now a believer

    Posted by Big Ed. on Jan 21st 2014

    i had reservations about this little gun. it being a gun made in the Philippines i had my doubts about quality and c/s. one day a close friend brought me his gun to trouble shoot it. he was experiencing some failures to feed. i gave it a good cleaning took it to the range and bought it from him the very next day! it shot way past my expectations i showed him my target (a standard b-27 ) with 21 rnds all in the ten and nine ring at 7 and 20 yds. i will absolutely recommend to any one looking for a good 1911 platform compact pistol.1000 rnds later.

  • Citadel Compact .45

    Posted by Mark T. on Jul 29th 2012

    Outstanding pistol, other than some tritium sites this pistol rocks! Bought this at a gun show 4 or 5 months ago, had always wanted a compact .45, but prices were outrageous. Found this bad boy, beats my Springfield 1911 which is kinda to hard to hide..effectively. Had my trusty Kel-Tec P-11 9mm which is my tried and true EDC, but have since my Army and law enforcement days liked the punch od a .45.

    Now that I have my Citadel compact .45 this has become my EDC weapon of choice. Nice thing about the will take standard and extended 1911 mags. I still have one 7 rnd. and 2 10 round mags I had from my Springfield 1911, I only sold it with 3 10 round mags, knew that my extras would fit the Citadel. Now..instead of just the 2 7 round mags you get with the pistol, I have another 7 round and the 2 10 round mags which is about equal to a box of ammo I have easy access to.

    Great pistol for not a lot of cash, I have just over $500 wrapped up in my Citadel. Shoots well, be it 185 or 230 grain rounds. Haven't found anything yet that this beast wont eat up and spit out. If you're looking for a great compact .45, but don't have the 1K plus for a Kimber or its like, get your paws on one of these, you wont be sorry you did.

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