Armscor 1911 US GI Standard .45 ACP 5" Barrel Fixed Sights Parkerized Finish 8rd Mag

Armscor 1911 US GI Standard .45 ACP 5" Barrel Fixed Sights Parkerized Finish 8rd Mag
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45 ACP
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GI Standard M1911-A1 Pistol .45 ACP 5 Inch Barrel Fixed Sights Parkerized Finish 8 Round - California Compliant

GI Series pistol. Standard safeties. Standard beavertail. Standard sights. Semi-auto and recoil operated. One magazine.

Chambered in .45acp and outfitted with smooth wood grips and a parkerized finish, this is the 1911 Standard GI Series. Faithful to the original 1911 design, the Standard GI is equipped with a 5 inch barrel, fixed sights, and an 8 round magazine. Perfect for the first time shooter or collector.
Specific Caliber .45 ACP
Finish Parkerized
Barrel Length 5
Capacity 8

31 Reviews

  • A Wonderful Gun

    Posted by Ronjon on Mar 11th 2017

    Bought this piece over 2 yes ago, and have over 300 rounds thru it without a problem. My family loves to shoot it, even my twelve year old grandaughter.
    I carried a battered Colt in Viet Nam, that had no front sight, but it shot just fine when needed. The sights on a GI model were designed for close quarters fighting, not target shooting. There's and old saying that a handgun is what you reach for when you don't have a long gun. As far as I'm concerned this sweetheart will serve just fine when you call upon it. You don't have to spend more. I must confess however to splurging on rosewood grips.

  • Is it a good choice

    Posted by Rocky on Jul 22nd 2016

    Is this a good handgun for daily carry? I want an 1911 style affordable handgun in .45 to carry.>>> It's on the large size for concealed carry- you should look at a smaller version of the 1911. Search for this one- as an example: 4806015514169

  • RIA 1911

    Posted by Dean on Mar 2nd 2016

    I bought one of these here recently and really enjoy it! It is a beautiful gun, and a piece of history at that. I personally think an old GI style 1911 is cool. Comes with 1, 8 round mag. It is very stiff, so no problems there. Came with a nice hard plastic case. Ive only fired 50 rounds so far, I had 3 failures to eject, but the gun calls for a 500 round break in period so they really dont count anyway, and I noticed some grime in the action from the ammo, where the shell was getting stuck on( cheap, re-man ammo), so I blame the ammo, not the gun. It is comfortable to shoot and recoil is not bad at all. Comparable to my poly 9mm, the weight of this gun really tames the recoil. If your looking for a good GI style pistol to add to your collection/ or for carry, this is a good choice. Buy it, put good ammo through it, clean it, and enjoy!

  • Basic military issue

    Posted by Lanny Cook on Dec 14th 2015

    I checked out the history of R.I.A. and found that it has made military issue 45s scenes the 1930s.
    I wanted a basic military issue and got one. I have only put 500 rounds through this fine wepon. No matter how fast I fire there was no malfunctions. That was using different ammo as well.
    Drop it, kick it just blow off the dust and use it. It is easy to clean, detailed instructions come in the box.
    I am very pleased with this military issue 45.

  • My Full sized 1911 A1 GI

    Posted by Dannyboy on Nov 10th 2015

    Over the course of a couple of years I have heard some bad things about these pistols. On the recommendation of two friends/owners I bought one. I have owned two Colt .45 ACP pistols in the past, this pistol is as good as either of those in functionality and quality.

    In the two years I have had this pistol I have fired approximately 2500-3000 rounds (some were +P rounds)through it with no problems. It functions flawlessly and is sufficiently accurate out to 50 yards, the furthest I have fired it.

    There are no tool marks visible in or on my pistol, I believe the quality to be as good as can be found anywhere. This pistol is my "go to" gun and constant companion.

  • The Beast

    Posted by bear on Oct 26th 2015

    Buy one you will love it ,it's the ak 47 in hand guns.

  • Great for the price

    Posted by Gak on Mar 20th 2015

    Shot this today for the first time 80 rounds. Very accurate. Impact was quick and painless will use them again.

  • This gun Rock 'n rolls

    Posted by Cowboys up on Dec 2nd 2014

    I love the gun plan on buying a few more just because I like shooting and plan on one day teaching my family how to shoot

  • Rock Island Armory 1911-A1 CAL.45 Model 191

    Posted by MIKE U. on Nov 27th 2014

    I Bought this pistol on SEPT.9 2001.I must have shot at least 2500 Rds. or better with out any problems at all. Its my opinion that Rock Island Armory makes a REALLY,REALLY GOOD 1911-A1 CAL.45 Pistol.

  • Wow! Added fiber optic sights!

    Posted by Randall on Apr 14th 2014

    I bought this on a whim as I never owned a .45 ACP and the only thing it needed was some new sights.

    However, here is the story that made up my mind to buy this gun. Think of this gun as the AK47 of auto hand guns. I never owned a .45 and was interested in the platform. A friend of mine took me to the lake to shoot his. I was aghast when he put a foam ear plug in the barrel and threw the pistol in the mud and stepped on it. He then proceeded to take the gun out of the mud, remove foam ear plug and fire an entire magazine with no issue. Then while laughing, he field stripped it rinsed it off in the lake, put a good coat of Mobil 1 synthetic motor oil on it and reassemble. He then put the foam ear plug back in the barrel and threw the pistol in the gravely sand and covered it up. He pulled it out of the gravel, removed the foam ear plug from the barrel and fired the entire magazine with no issue. Lastly, like the ex-marine he is he cleaned (w/lake water), oiled, reloaded and jumped into the lake, then completely submerged came up and again fired a complete magazine with no issue. So I bought one, thinking of the pistol more as a combat pistol than a tactical pistol.

  • Rock Island 1911

    Posted by Mr. Smith on Apr 5th 2014

    Bought this new around September of 2013 haven't hit the range that often, but a great gun. Only problem I had was a sticky trigger, tore her down, cleaned her up and it was fine, excellent gun for the price

  • This is a GREAT gun.

    Posted by Handguncombat1911 on Dec 11th 2013

    This is not a beginners gun this 1911 is way MORE than beginner. This 1911 is right up there with the more expensive 1911s. Has yet to malfunction. Easy field striping. I would trust this gun with my life. It just needs its sights painted or replaced with night sights. Can't go wrong with this 1911. Don't let 1911 snobs tell you they suck.

  • well i like the gi. .45 acp. the 45 l. blackhawk.

    Posted by skinny man on Aug 8th 2013

    my friend has one he says' it is jus' like the g.i. one.we carried ours a round the world.

  • Best Kept Secret

    Posted by sgtkali on Feb 19th 2013

    I am former Marine Corps and broke my teeth on a .45 so when I went to buy a firearm my main concern was that it be something I was familiar and comfortable with.

    I did a lot of research before plunking down my hard earned money and found an interesting story about Rock Island Armory (not 100% sure if it's true!). According to what I researched, Colt had a large pistol manufacturing plant in the Phillipines before WWII broke out. When the Japanese took the Phillipines, Colt evacuated their factory there and left all the tooling machinery & dies and never returned for it. Years later, Rock Island Armory was created using the exact same equipment as Colt uses during their machining process.

    I have now put real close to 1,000 rounds downrange with this firearm. I did have 2 jams that occurred within the first 300 rounds, since then, absolutely trouble free.

    As for cleaning, I purposely did not clean this firearm just to see how it would perform "dirty". No problems at all. Eventually I gave her a good cleaning just because the smoke was making it hard to see downrange lol!

    I had heard a couple people mention tooling marks on their firearm and as for myself, absolutely none. This thing came in perfect condition and ready to roll.

    I had to laugh because when my armorer went through the safety check at his shop during delivery, he mentioned that he was suprised I even knew about Rock Island Armory. In his words, this firearm is the, "Best kept secret in the industry." since for the money, you won't find a better .45 pistol.

    Based off my experience, you are going to be extremely hard pressed to find this great of a firearm at this price! Heck, for that matter you might find it impossible, my armorer sure thinks so.

  • solid 1911

    Posted by C 2 4 on Jan 25th 2013

    Ive had my rock island arms 1911 for a few years and still has yet to jam or misfeed. I love it. Cant beat the price. When i got mine i didnt pay but $350 for it new. Just a great solid, well shooting 1911.

  • 1911 Rock Island Armory

    Posted by Brad on Sep 30th 2012

    Great price (around $500), not overly tweeked/tuned(Kimber), lots of aftermarket parts choices, gunsmith's seemingly like the RIA, I've fired around 500 rounds and hasn't failed once. Looks great. 1st Parkerized finish I've owned, still on the fence about it, think I like the Blued finish, but I'll check back in in a year after I've sent about 10,000 rounds down range with this bad boy with a difinitive answer. Unless your shooting in bright lights/have great vision, my eyes go blurry after a few clips trying to differentiated the front sight from the rear sights (about 2 hours, 3 drilled dots, white out & some clear fingernail polish fixed that) I had to file a step into the front sight to put a dot on the front corner, now I can see/shoot great, was actually getting shots on target at 50' today at the range (I could barely see it..). Oh yeah, the wood grips are awesome, others have cheap plastic grips. Great gun, great price.

  • Great pistol

    Posted by Greenheadspoonbill on Sep 12th 2012

    Great pistol, great price, very solid gun, best of all it takes all
    1911 accessories . Get some new grips and a 10rnd mag. Can be a little difficult to break down, but just takes some practice.

  • Great Handgun

    Posted by Big Fatty on Sep 5th 2012

    I love my Rock Island 1911. Fit is solid, function is perfect. I cant complain even the price was right for me. Semper Fi

  • RIA 1911

    Posted by Fig on Jun 6th 2012

    First I don't consider this an entry level 1911. Why does it have to cost a $1000 to not be an entry level gun? This is a good basic 1911. It is real close to the 1911 I carried as a Military Police officer in the Army 30 years ago. I don't like 1911's that have too many bells and whistles. Some people over due it with add-on's. I've shot over 5000 rounds through mine with no problems. As long as its cleaned and well lubed it will fire.

  • Review for 1911A1

    Posted by Wayne on Feb 25th 2012

    I just bought a RIA 1911A1. i took it to shooting range today. I bought a box of FMC when I bought the gun.Ont the first mag, it hung on the second shot. I flipped empty off and it finished loading and emptied. My son had a Springfield mag and Remington shells. I shot these. No trouble. Tried his shells in my mag. Shot fine.Went back to mine and shot my box and his box and it never failed again. I think it just needed firing a lot. I don't care for the sights they put on them.Wish they could've been better. Great GUN I believe.

  • great gun

    Posted by berlin grunt on Dec 23rd 2011

    Had a colt in the army that was bad. this I bought in oct.and first time out i hit 13/16 on target from 50' Good gun for the money,needs very little to improve it.night sights and grips?

  • RIA 45-GI

    Posted by Sixgun911 on Dec 13th 2011

    This 1911 version was more than I expected, A few tiny tooling marks but what a gun otherwise! IMPACT GUNS had lightning fast billing,processing and FFL confirmations. I wanted a 1911 that I could customize myself and I am very happy with this one. I looked around locally {Toledo,Ohio) and Yes I found this 1911 that 1911, some customized to no end some just a few different parts But None for this price and bare bones. This is pretty darn close to the GI 45 I used while in the US Navy in the early 80s. Impact Guns will surely get more of my business soon!!

  • Awesome gun for the money

    Posted by Woody27 on Jul 25th 2011

    Bought this pistol for a cheaper fullsize conceal and carry weapon and was definitly blown away, awesome value for the money, well balanced and pleasure to shoot, strait out of the box put down 250 rounds and never had the slightest problem, definitly recommend for an entry level 1911

  • Great. 45 1911

    Posted by scott on May 8th 2011

    An incredible good deal. Most of all it has all the vision of the original design. Two minor comments...Buy some new grips and perhaps have better sites installed. Nevertheless the best gun I have bought for the money

  • Rock Island M1911A Good Buy

    Posted by PackingPadre on Dec 31st 2010

    I own two Rock Island M1911A1 pistols, one a full-sized government model and the other a compact size, what many manufacturers would call an officers model.

    My officers model has become my daily carry gun as I am convinced of its reliability and of the fact it is not fussy about ammunition. While I shoot ball for practice, I carry Hornady Critical Defense and so far it has fed fine.

    While I have not tried premium personal protection ammo from other manufacturers, I expect it would feed those as well.

    While the pistol is rugged enough to handle +P loads, I've found no need to use them, as a .45 ACP is a stout enough round at normal pressures.

  • Expect a $400 1911 and you'll be suprised.

    Posted by Z on Dec 30th 2010

    The RIA 1911 is a fine gun for the price, don't expect an STI or Nighthawk just expect a $400 1911. Out of the box your going to want to swap the grips out but beyond that your in for a treat.

    The RIA 1911 still stands as one of the great bargains of the 1911 world. Its a great kick around gun, or a introduction into the 1911 world.

    The only reason I rate it at a 4 is that there are other brands (STI spartan, SA Rangemaster) with models that do offer a bit more for a small amount more. If your looking for a low cost start into the 1911 world then look no further.

  • My First 1911

    Posted by SrTechHead on Dec 17th 2010

    I've owned a lot of handguns over the years but never a 1911. Mainly because of the price. I first saw this gun at local gun show. I was blown away buy the fit and finish in this price range. I went home and placed a order. I am very pleased, after cleaning I shot about a hundred rounds without any problems. I did not experience the "pinch" everyone talks about with 1911's. My only complaint with is with the sites. Replacing the site will be my first upgrade. This may well become my daily carry weapon.

  • great buy for the money

    Posted by boatbuildr on Dec 3rd 2010

    i bought this gun for my son a couple years ago because he wanted a 1911 and i could not afford the the average name brand models at the time. i have been extremely surprised at the results this gun delivers. fit and finish are not spit and shine but they are all buisines. i dont feel bad taking this out and getting it dirty or worrying about what happens to it. to my knowledge it has never failed to fire or misfed ammo. it is very accurate out of the box though i did have to adjust sights a couple times to get it zeroed in not a problem. i would buy another one in a minute because for the price i feel it is one of the best buys out there for a bare bones 1911.

  • Awesome 1911

    Posted by Josh on Nov 24th 2010

    Got this pistol not to long ago, but I am extremely happy with it! It is a great ?entry level? 1911. Shot about 200 rounds through it so far and after the first 100 or so it had a couple of mis-feeds, but after a thorough cleaning it has function flawlessly. I did let a friend shoot it in the desert and he dropped it (while empty) and broke one of the plastic (wannabe wood) grips, he replaced it with some Hogue rubber grips and it looks great and ergonomics are good. At the price I would recommend this for anyone looking for a 1911 without the budget for a Kimber, Springfield, Colt etc?.

  • Why worry about this !911A1

    Posted by Rob54 on Nov 15th 2010

    I had been searching for a M1911A1 for a long time I have tried all the safe queens Kimber,Colt,Les Baur, etc. I bought one of these form Rock Island Arms. Even before the 200 round breakin period I found this gun to feed any type of ammo from Semiwad cutter ro Ball including Gold Dot hollow point. It fired them all.If you don't limp wrist the gun it puts the bullet exactly where you point it. It's well constructed with a parkerized finish and I would bet my life on this gun. The only draw back is weight. But I prefer a Metal over polymer anyday.

  • Love this 1911!!!

    Posted by Bob J. on Aug 21st 2010

    Took this to the range today, and I was absolutely blown away.

    Great entry-level 1911, and feels and shoots like the real deal. I lit up the targets at various distances without a problem.

    Used two different ammunition types, and didn't experience a single misfire or jam in 200 rounds (and this pistol is basically right out of the box).

    Can't ask for much more than that, am I right?

    Great price, too!

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