Smith & Wesson M500 500 Magnum 4" Barrel 5rd Matte Stainless Finish

Smith & Wesson M500 500 Magnum 4" Barrel 5rd Matte Stainless Finish
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500 Smith and Wesson
Smith & Wesson 500
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Single action/double action. X-Frame frame size. Interchangeable black blade front sight. Micrometer click black blade rear sight. Hogue rubber-energy absorbing grips. Stainless steel material. Satin stainless finish. Recoil tamed with muzzle compensator. Five round capacity.
Most Powerful Production Revolver in the World Today- Massive 500 S&W Magnum Cartridge 2600 ft/lb. Muzzle Energy
Recoil Tamed with Effective Muzzle Compensator & Hoque Sorbathane Recoil Absorbing Grip
Easily Removeable Muzzle Compensator for Different Recoil Reduction Effects and to Accomodate Different Types of Ammunition
Comes with 2 Compensators - 1 for Lead Bullet and 1 for Jacketed Bullet Ammunition Muzzle Energy Capability in Excess of 2000 ft/lb. in a 56 oz. Package
  • Category : Revolvers
  • Type : Revolver
  • Action : Single/Double
  • Caliber : 500 Smith & Wesson
  • Barrel Length : 4.0"
  • Capacity : 5
  • Hammer Style : Spurred
  • Grips : Black Synthetic
  • Sights : Red Ramp Front, Adjustable Rear
  • Weight : 56 oz
  • Frame Description : Stainless Steel

4 Reviews

  • Excellent Revolver

    Posted by Topper on Jan 26th 2013

    I bought my 4" barrel model at Impact in Boise. I have shot it extensively and tested a number of handloads. As handloaders know, in a straight wall case an increase in powder charge raises velocity slowly but the recoil increases more noticeably. I prefer the Cast Performance 440 gr. bullet with 33.7gr of H-110 or Win. 296. This load is very accurate in my gun. I carry this revolver when I am over the mountain in Montana. I prefer my El Paso Saddlery strong side flap holster to any type of chest harness holster. I understand the quickness of the chest holsters, it is just a preference. I have a couple of speedloaders for this revolver as well. A very fine handgun yet it is only for advanced pistoleros.

  • great

    Posted by big gun on May 9th 2012

    this is a very nice heavy handgun

  • Great Unit

    Posted by Jim on Apr 21st 2012

    I've owned mine for several years and it has become a great hunting tool. It is the best safety gun a hunting party can carry. Stops pigs or any other angry beast without hesitation. No second target acquisition but so far, none needed. Also, purchased H&R Handi-Rifle in S&W 500 to compliment hunting experience. Single shot backed-up by five additional 1/2" chunks of metal moving fast goes a long way in making a hunter feel secure. Best carried using Alaskan guide chest carry rig. Web ammo is cheaper and using .38 inserts allows for more rounds through the gun for less $$$. 4" muzzle break keeps things real but under control. Pushes hard but doesn't "Kick".

  • S&W500 owner review

    Posted by Marc Griffin on Nov 16th 2010

    I don't have the 4" stainless but I do own the 8 3/8" stainless.
    For the experienced handgun owner this revolver is top of the line!! It was intimidating at first to shoot until.....YOU SHOOT IT.... You will find out this firearm is not as scary as you would think! Smith & Wesson really took their time and made sure that it worked well!! It is a heavy handgun to take some out of the recoil, and though heavy it is balanced perfectly with heavy grip so the barrel and cylinder weight doesn't force your wrist to work to keep it up!! The shock absorber in grip really helps also with recoil that the weight of the gun deminishes. I only shoot 400gr. Winchester Platinum tips out of it and though it is a hot load with bigger pressures I was able to handlt them easily due to the supreme manufacturing from Smith & Wesson. My arm was tired after but now I have no problems at all. if their is anything negative about the S&W500 is the trigger is a light, but anyone who shoots S&W knows their triggers are classical light.

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