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Trails End is a complex blend of natural ingredients developed through years of extensive testing. It contains a unique blend of natural doe in heat urine and special, highly effective hunger and...

Wildlife Red Fox Urine One Ounce

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Fox Urine is a masking scent and fear reducer, collected only from meat fed red fox. This premium urine is acknowledged as the best masking scent a deer hunter can use. It also works as an excellent...

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Wildlife Research Coon Urine Cover Scent Coon 1 oz

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Coon Urine hunting scent from Wildlife Research Center is truly a Deer Hunter's Grade Masking Scent. If you hunt an area where raccoon are found, this is an excellent cover scent to use. You can...

Wildlife Research Scent Odor Eliminator 12oz

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Scent Killer Liquid Soap is an anti-bacterial liquid soap with special odor-stopping properties for hair and body. Gentle on you, murder on human scent, the soap is extra concentrated for long term...

Wildlife SK Gold Spray 12 oz All Species

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Wildlife Research Center's Scent Killer - Super Charged is an odorless human scent elimination formula. Wildlife has done extensive field and lab testing on Scent Killer with amazing results. In...