Ruger LCP 380 ACP, 2.75" Barrel, Blue Finish, 6rd Mag

Ruger LCP 380 ACP, 2.75" Barrel, Blue Finish, 6rd Mag
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380 ACP
Ruger LCP
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LCP .380 ACP Caliber, 2.75" Barrel, Blue Finish, 6 Round Magazine
Lightweight Compact Pistol - LCP
With blued through-hardened steel slide and black, high-performance, glass-filled nylon grip frame. Fixed front and rear sights are integral to the slide while the hammer is recessed within the slide. Included finger grip extension floorplate can be added to the magazine for comfort and grip.
The LCP is a one of the best concealed carry firearms for anyone needing a small-frame semi-automatic pistol that can easily fit in a pocket, purse, briefcase, etc. Weighing in at only 9.4 ounces, the LCP has a 6+1 capacity of ACP 380 ammunition.

Action: Double Action Only (DAO)
Barrel Length: 2.75"
Length: 5.16"
Width: 3.6"
Barrel: Blued Alloy Steel
Slide: Blued, Through-hardened Alloy Steel
Grip Frame: Black, High Performance, Glass-filled Nylon
Sights: Fixed

The Ruger LCP .380 ACP was originally announced by Strum, Ruger at the 2008 SHOT Show, and it has now captivated the .380 ACP scene. "The development and introduction of the Ruger LCP is in direct response to customer demand," said Ruger President, Stephen L. Sanetti. "We have not been part of this market, but the growing number of states authorizing the licensed carry of pistols for personal protection by law-abiding citizens, and continued demand by law enforcement for quality back-up guns, cannot be ignored. The Ruger LCP is a .380 Auto pistol with superior ergonomic design and handsome styling. It incorporates state-of-the-art polymers, aircraft quality aluminum alloys and high-grade precision steel components engineered for strength and maximum weight savings."
This shape and size of the Ruger LCP is similar to a Kel-Tec 380, but unlike Kel Tec P3AT380s, the LCP offers legendary Ruger reliability and quality craftsmanship. The Ruger LCP is comfortable and affordable, making it a natural choice for a dependable back-up or personal defense carry pistol.
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  • Category : Pistols
  • Type : Pistol
  • Action : Double
  • Caliber : 380 Automatic Colt Pistol (ACP)
  • Barrel Length : 2.8"
  • Capacity : 6+1
  • Safety : No Manual
  • Grips : Integral
  • Sights : Fixed
  • Weight : 9.4 oz
  • Frame Finish : Black

83 Reviews

  • Great Carry Pistol. Unnoticeable.

    Posted by Ivan on Sep 4th 2016

    I have 2 of these little Ruger LCP's. One came with a Crimson Trace laser and both are very accurate considering their short barrel. Well built

  • Nice little firearm

    Posted by Yakker on May 14th 2016

    Seems there is always one or two people that rate everything at one or two stars. If you read their reviews, they are never happy about anything to do with the product they review.

    I hardly ever read a review with less than 3 stars out of 5.

    Carry an extra couple of mags with you just in case. Ruger makes good stuff.

  • Ruger LCP 100% Self Defense weapon

    Posted by Rick on Jan 15th 2016

    Great self defense gun .Well built,very accurate 10 yards or less.Accuracy falls off sharply after 10 yards.Impact Guns had a great price on it couldnt pass it up.

  • Great little gun

    Posted by General Jay on Dec 6th 2015

    I have to agree with some of the reviews and greatly disagree with others. I own MANY handguns and this baby handles very well for something this small. Firearms of this size are not meant to be tack drivers but rather to be comfortable enough to actually carry. I have 2 carry guns but usually carry this one because it fits in my pocket.If you want a range gun buy a range gun.

  • Ran over and still works!

    Posted by Charlie on Nov 2nd 2014

    I was cleaning out my truck parked in my drive way at night. Gun must have fell out I did not see it of course. Rained all night in the morning I went to leave and backed right over it. Needless to say it made me sick. The gun looked perfect not a mark on it. Brought it the house unloaded it dried it went to work. Got home checked it out reloaded took it out back still shot perfect. What a well built gun!

  • new and improved

    Posted by Richard on Oct 8th 2014

    While Ruger didn't advertise their latest LCP's as such they have been "up-graded" The latest ones have an improve trigger pull and better sights. Although a gun with 4" sight radius is never going to be a target pistol. This is a CCW weapon and it fulfills that role very well. There will always be those who feel .380 is an anemic round...You can be sure a defensive load in this caliber in center mass will severely discourage an attacker.

  • Fantastic!

    Posted by SciGuy on Sep 15th 2013

    I must say, I am pleased beyond belief. I am a shotgun man for sport. This is my first pistol to own. Have shot many others, including my son's 9. I struggled with what to buy, but simply wanted a grab and go in the pocket gun. I read all the reviews and, yup, it is small and has serious trigger pull. But, it is EXACTLY what I wanted. This gun dissappears into my pocket. I am comfortable carrying it and do so constantly. My family is simply safer. Today on the news, there were two headling armed robberies in my "viewing area." The threat is real. A bigger gun would be a contant chore and/or decision. Not with the LCP. It is the way to go.

  • Ruger LCP

    Posted by Ed on Feb 4th 2013

    This is a great gun for concealed carry because its size makes it likely that you actually will carry it all the time. My other carry gun is a Beretta PX4 Storm compact, the best handgun I've owned, but I'm only comfortable carrying it in winter when it is easier to conceal. In summer clothing the LCP is so easy to conceal with an IWB holster, that I practically forget I'm wearing it.
    I had 2 failures to eject in the first 50 rounds I fired. Since then I've fired hundreds of rounds with no problems. It does have a long hard trigger pull, but this is a feature of a DAO pistol with no safety. It takes some getting used to, but does not affect the performance of the gun. At 7 to 10 yards I have 2 - 3 inch groups in the center of the target. I don't practice longer distances with this gun, as its purpose is strictly self defense.
    The LCP is not in the same class as the PX4, but I didn't expect it to be. It's purpose is to be a reliable gun that you never hesitate to carry, and it meets that objective extremely well.

  • Great CCW option

    Posted by Big Timmy on Jan 8th 2013

    I carry my LCP daily-as I write this I am gearing up to go the the grocery store and my LCP will ride with me in a DeSantis Nemesis pocket rig. The best thing about this little LCP is you will carry in places you may not have otherwise due to it's extreme concealability and light weight. Work functions, kid's plays, sporting can carry this ANYWHERE. It goes bang every time and cycles quality ammo with total reliability provided you have a FIRM GRIP! I MEAN FIRM. It can be a very challenging pistol for novice shooters to master. I bought my wife the S&W Bodyguard because she can gain more purchase on the larger grip. People with smaller hands may want to stay AWAY from this little gun. I have MASSIVE hands and by gripping FIRM with my top two fingers she runs real, real well. I have plenty of carry options but have found this little pardner to be a huge tactical asset

  • Ruger LCP 380 compared to SW Body Guard 380

    Posted by sidekick56 on Jan 1st 2013

    Looking at some of the other reviews, it looks like people need to learn how to fire a pistol. Just purchased this gun and I'm 100% happy. Very accurate even with the trigger pull. Some people need to learn how to shoot a pistol. Compared to my S&w 380 Body Guard which had 2 misfires from the same box of ammo, I'll take the Ruger LCP 380 over my S&W Body Guard. Ruger had NO misfires and no ejection problems and this was with CHEAP AMMO from over sea's. Looking to buy a second Ruger for my wife to carry.

  • For all intended purposes...

    Posted by LAT60 on Nov 8th 2012

    I bought this pistol for my little sister, the first time i took her out to show her how it worked i was a bit suprised by the trigger pull, in truth i would consider this a DAO pistol. when the slide is racked, the little hammer is half cocked however the trigger fully cocks it before it drops. so, the trigger is performing two functions therefore it is double action. i cant hit anything with this pistol which doesnt bother me because it was never made for that, this is a point and shoot pistol made for chicks who probably arent avid shooters. the long trigger pull will help avoid negligent discharges. if some one is standing 5 feet from you, your going to hit them every time.

    buy one for every woman in your life

  • Great Consealed Carry Pistol

    Posted by Dave Van Brocklin on Oct 1st 2012

    I can't begin to say enough good things about this pistol, extremley reliable.. I carry this little dude in a pocket holster in my back pocket everyday at work (Target) this pistol is my main self defense pistol that I carry everyday.. what people need to remember before they write bad reviews about this pistol is its not designed for distance shooting, its a self defense pistol, its a up close and personal pistol for defense, anyway you wouldn't want to shoot somebody at distance, that's where legal trouble begins, so its designed for close range self defense, if you stick this pistol up someones groin- and give it a double tap, its going to do the job.. anyway great pistol, Good job Ruger.. remember stay safe and carry your pistol..

  • 380

    Posted by j-dub on Sep 30th 2012

    love pocket this pistol!!one most reliable 380 out there!!

  • AS advertised

    Posted by Capthotrod on Jun 8th 2012

    Just as advertised. Impact shipping was smooth. I expected a lot of punch from such a light gun and it did not disappoint. I'm already carrying it on a daily basis and was spot on from 20 yards. Solid little guns that is easily concealed and dependable. Very happy

  • pew peeww

    Posted by mr.McSkeeter on Mar 10th 2012

    A good gun but i got large hands and was hard for me to operate the slide because so. But the grip was great and the aims "pointability"

  • How did i conceal a full size SR9 for 3 years?

    Posted by preptic on Feb 7th 2012

    early review with only 50 rounds of walmart federal and a few Hornady critical defense. wish i could afford more ammo. functioned flawlessly

    accuracy is amazing!

    carry it everyday while delivering pizza and would hardly notice it throughout the day.

    better have small hands like i do.

  • Great Gun!!!

    Posted by Buckshot1911 on Dec 22nd 2011

    The LCP380 Rocks!!!!


    Posted by Griz on Dec 21st 2011

    This pistol is awesome, the perfect light-weight carry guy. Took mine to the range to break it in, put 150 rounds down range without a single issue, perfect function, and smooth firing with very managable recoil. Very long trigger pull which takes some getting used to, overall im very pleased with this ruger ! even though the sights are super small.

  • great little gun get one!

    Posted by Camanche on Nov 14th 2011

    i have one in the od green and it is a sweet little piece. if your looking for a c.w. gun look no further i put hundreds of rounds through it hornady critical defense hollow points and monarch fmj and had not one issue do your self a favor if your thinking of getting a conceal gun get this one

  • Excellent!

    Posted by Lpete on Dec 30th 2010

    This is just an excellent little pistol. I do not actually own one, but have borrowed one and have put about 300 rounds through it. Very accurate for such a small gun, and conceals well in a pocket holster. Ruger makes an excellent product!

  • Must have for anyone who CCWs

    Posted by Z on Dec 29th 2010

    Its small, its light, and its in .380. With the exception of that last part thats what I love about the LCP, true ruger could have made it a 9mm but with that caliber comes the need for more material to reinforce and with that addition of material brings a larger size, so kudos to Ruger for keeping the LCP in .380.

    Some of you may ask why its a "must have" for anyone who ccws. There are times when I must part with my standard CCW a tweener sub/normal compact sized 9mm and dress in clothing that isn't CCW friendly. My normal carry would print in a heartbeat in certain clothing (IE dress clothing) so I switch over to my LCP in a wallet holster.

    Granted it takes a bit of time to find dress pants with a large/wide enough front pocket to allow me to front pocket carry but after I did the rest is pure comfort. My LCP sits inside a wallet holster in my front pocket, I have no worries of it printing for if the holster prints it just looks like I have a large wallet in my pocket. I can walk around and forget that I even have a CCW on me because I'm not worrying about printing and the weight of the LCP is practically nothing.

    Now granted some people will use the LCP as a B.U.G and for that it works excellent. Again the little .380 is a bit of a hurdle to get past but once you accept its limitations and find a good load many of those worries go away.

    But sadly the LCP isn't without issues, many people will tell you about the design being copied from Keltec. Having shot both a Keltec P3AT and the Ruger LCP right out of the box I can say the Ruger just feels a tad bit more "polished" when it comes to shooting right out of the box. They are both great guns, but the ruger just looks and feels a bit more polished out of the box and I'm quite happy with it.

    The big issue I've had is that certain brands of ammo have caused the LCP to be a jam factory, yet others will run as smooth as silk with it. If you purchase a LCP make sure you run a 100 rounds through it before you start CCW'ing it just to workout any issues it may have and to nail down what carry ammo you should use.

    Overall I rated it a 4 as its a damn good gun and at a good price, but there are competitors that do the same for less or around the same price. Also its availability in the past (ruger being caught off guard on how popular its been) does knock the rating down slightly.

  • The Best Pocket Gun Out There

    Posted by Kyle on Dec 25th 2010

    I just purchased one of these & this is easily the best pocket 380 out right now. It is very small & easily concealable. Ruger also has a excellent customer service record as well which is another major selling point in my opinion. I find the stock checkering to bite into the hand a little too much. Everyone with a ruger lcp (or other small guns) should check out traction grips. I ordered a pair of those for the lcp & the gun feels much better in hand & control is better as well.

  • Great gun, Great price

    Posted by Mad Dog on Dec 23rd 2010

    I am very happy with my LCP with the Crimson Trace laser. I only wish I had found it here at this lower price before I purchased it for more from another source.

  • Excellent conceal weapon

    Posted by Cougar Hunter on Dec 22nd 2010

    The gun makes an excellent choice for a conceal weapon. The gun is small and light weight. Some of the best features of the gun are accuracy and powerfulness. When the gun is carried at plain view most people would not notice it because of its small size. I recommend considering this gun on your next purchase.

  • Ruger LCP

    Posted by chief on Dec 21st 2010

    I just bought one last week. It fits in my pocket easily and is surprisingly accurate.

  • Elsie Pea

    Posted by Rusty on Dec 19th 2010

    Great little pocket gun for someone with small ha nds. Surprisingly accurate and very reliable.

  • Extreme Lightweight but awkward

    Posted by Jim on Dec 19th 2010

    Seems well made and reliable, impressed with the light overall weight, but sights could have been better and the small design forces an awkward hand position for medium-large hands

  • best pocket pistol ever

    Posted by alfred lin on Dec 18th 2010

    after owning and carrying many pocket class pistols this is the one
    for me. its flat design and thin profile actually makes me forget that
    i have at all!. no other gun has done this. they finally got it right.

  • Excellent Conceal Carry Pistol

    Posted by Dave on Dec 18th 2010

    I've owned this gun for over a year. I've found it to be surprisingly accurate for such a small gun. It's well made and with 100+ rounds fired I have never had a feed problem. I carry it in my SmartCarry holster. Even wearing dress pants, no one knows I have it. I love it.

  • Sweet Lil 380

    Posted by Batman on Dec 17th 2010

    I would like to let everyone know they need to go out and purchase one of Rugers Best Lil pocket pistols along with a Blackhawk pocket holster you cant go wrong it is a sweet Lil 380.

  • You get what you pay for...

    Posted by Brian on Dec 16th 2010

    For it's price, this will probably be the most widely used and distributed CCW. One of the most affordable options for CCW, still takes some sacrifices in critical areas. Shooting this pistol undoubtedly proves its reliable accuracy. It packs a very adequate amount of power for it's size and price as a defensive/backup weapon. However, the trigger pull is ridiculously unmanageable as well as it significant recoil because of it's caliber and weight ratio. But, most of all, the sights are very difficult to work with and aquire a target. Overall, it's very much worth the price and value in which it is sold or traded for, and nothing more. If your require a more well rounded CCW, invest more money in possibly a Sig, (my siggestion).

  • The Great Ruger LCP

    Posted by Bob on Dec 16th 2010

    I have owned my LCP for over two years now and I love it. I don't shoot a lot, but when I do I shoot my FNP-9 and my LCP. My Ruger LCP is the perfect pocket pistol. I originally owned a Keltec PF-9, but when it failed on the seventh round I never felt I could trust it. My
    LCP fires every time I pull the trigger. It is very accurate and in a pinch will even fit in the back pocket of my jeans. Fits great in any jacket pocket or dress slacks with my DeSantis pocket holster which I got for free when I ordered my Armalaser laser attachment. I carry 3 spare mags in a small nylon case on my belt on my left side, so I have 25 rounds readily available. Bob

  • Awesome Pocket Pistol, You Can't Miss!

    Posted by Bryan on Dec 16th 2010

    I purchased a Ruger LCP .380 pocket pistol a few weeks ago and am thoroughly impressed with the weapon. It is reliable, accurate, and incredibly light in terms of weight.

    Even though it is so compact and small it still handles well and is easily kept on target.

    At a distance of approximately ten (10) feet it is just about impossible to miss your target. I consistently fired all seven rounds (six in the magazine and one in the chamber) into the chest/center mass of a silhouette target at distances between 8 and 12 feet. Arguably the pistol isn't for long range encounters but rather close up work when things have gotten nasty and it's time to get down to business. At a distance of approximately ten feet I posted two targets and fired three rounds into one and four rounds into the other, with all of the hits either being in the mid or upper chest, and one hit in the neck/throat. You just draw and fire, it is that easy, and as long as you're lined up with the target it is basically impossible to miss.

    The Ruger LCP can fit easily into any pocket you select, be it a front pocket or back pocket and it can be drawn out easily, particularly when used in conjunction with the Blackhawk holster made specifically for the Ruger LCP. If some thug gets the drop on you and is standing a few feet away with a knife or some other sort of weapon, demanding your wallet he'll have no idea that you have more than just a wallet in your pocket. He'll think you're reaching for your wallet when you draw on him and end the situation before he knows what happened.

    Just make sure to remember to take the pistol out of your pants at the end of the day because it is so light you might forget it is there! For an easy to handle and easy to carry light-weight pocket pistol, or for a backup/secondary carry pistol, the Ruger LCP cannot be beat.

  • Sweet 380

    Posted by Batman on Dec 15th 2010

    This lil Ruger LCP is a great pocket gun with the BlackHawk pocket holster its great for dress slacks or jeans cant tell that you have it on you I strongly advise everyone to go out and get one or two never know when you will need one.

  • Great .380 for everyone to have!

    Posted by Mark on Dec 15th 2010

    I've owned this small but powerful gun for over a year and carry it everywhere. It is extremely accurate for such a short barrel. I prefer just to carry it in my pants pocket instead of a holster. Its so light you don't even know its there. As a pastor, I am in a suit a lot and you'd never know i was "packin" I recommend this gun for anyone that wants to carry and its a great first gun to buy the wife for self protection. My son is a police officer and this gun is often used as a backup on the force. You won't wrong go with this gun especially for the great price Impact Guns is selling it for. In fact, buy two !

  • Excellent for Daily Carry

    Posted by Philiphb on Dec 15th 2010

    I own two, one blued and one satin chrome. Fades away into a front or rear pocket. 1500+ rounds without any problem. Eats any ammo I feed it. Add a Crimson Trace Laser for dead on aim!

  • Ruger LCP 380

    Posted by motor lemond on Dec 15th 2010

    I have owned and shot the Ruger LCP 380 for some time now and put around 500 to 700 rounds through it. I have found that it gets tighter groups the more I shoot it. I love this gun! I carry it non-stop!

  • Awesome CCW gun!

    Posted by JustinB on Dec 15th 2010

    If you find yourself leaving yout ccw at home too often because it is too bulky and/or tough to conceal, then this is the right gun for you. I bought mine in the summer and can easily conceal it in a IWB holster all day in shorts and a t-shirt. The perfect upgrade for the LCP is the Crimson Trace Laser sights--making it a great self defense option. Impact Guns offers top notch service--I highly recommend that you buy it from them even if you think you can save a buck going elsewhere. They are great (I mean the Ruger LCP and Impact Guns).

  • One of the best conceal weapons!

    Posted by Rick on Dec 15th 2010

    This gun is extremely well made, easy to shoot (even for it's size) and very easily concealed. With the use of the right ammo, the stopping power is certainly powerful enough to stop any opponent. I added a Crimson Trace laser grip and now even the accuracy at 20 feet or so is very good.

  • Excellent Every Day Carry

    Posted by Philiphb on Dec 15th 2010

    This is an excellent choice for every day carry. It fades away into your front or back pocket. The fit and finish on this little beauty are superior to their competition. Add a Crimson Laser to it for pin point, dead on aim. 1500+ rounds without a problem! Eats anything I can feed it.

  • Very light and small.

    Posted by Jeff S. on Dec 15th 2010

    The LCP is tiny, light and reliable. My assumption is that this is the reason most people purchase and retain it. On the downside, it has terrible sights and - again - it is tiny and light. I purchased this gun for my wife and she hated shooting it, thus, never practiced with it and rarely carried it. I carry it a bit when weight is my primary concern (like long bicycle rides) but prefer handguns with more power. It's a neat little gun and has good resale value so buy it if it strikes your fancy.

  • Pocket .380

    Posted by YB on Dec 15th 2010

    I own two LCP and carry one everyday in my pants pocket. There are a number of holster made for this pocket rocket. I do not use a belt holster. Because, I do not carry the LCP as my primary handgun. My every day carry is Glock 32 in .357 Sig. Fact is this is the LCP is the gun I carry. When I'm not, carrying a hand gun. For years I carried a .22 LR in my pocket. The Ruger offers more of a punch that a .22 LR and more rounds. down range on target! Both the .22 LR and .380 are my shot and run calibers. The LCP work always great. I have never had a stoppage with ether one of my LCP's The LCP is also, easy to take down to clean. The LCP is priced right too. When people ask me how I like my LCP? Well, I like it a lot!

  • Ruger LCP HandGun

    Posted by BKay on Dec 2nd 2010

    I have had my LCP for about 5 months now and have put about 200-300 rounds through it, just enough to get passed the break in period. I have to admit it has a lot more punch to it than you would think being a small pistol. It is very accurate at close range, but that is what it was designed for, a personal protection weapon, I carry mine on me every day and can barely tell that I have it on. If looking for a conceal weapon this is the perfect choice.


    Posted by Mike on Dec 1st 2010

    I was amazed by the accuracy of this gun out of the box. I have several small 380 and only the Walter PPK/S shot as well out of the box. I am sure it is a personal thing, but for the the long double action trigger pull took some getting use too. I have to say either I have gotten use to the trigger pull or it has smoothed out after several hundred rounds, not that it was bad, just different than what I was use too.
    I carry this gun in a Pocket holster when I do not have a good conceal garment to ware. I reallly think the Crimsom Trace Laser is a must for these little guns. Also you will want to get the Mag. Extensions. They really help on the grip.

  • Great CCW

    Posted by tfspear on Dec 1st 2010

    My wife carries the Ruger LCP on a daily basis as she is a realtor. She likes the portability but has trouble chambering the first round. Overall, pleased with the weapon and prefer it over kel-tec.

  • Good for its purpose.

    Posted by Joe on Nov 27th 2010

    I bought one slightly used, had some initial trouble with it. I called Ruger, they paid for shipping/repairs and got it back to me in about 2 weeks. Now, it performs great. I installed the pocket clip that Kel-Tec makes (fits with some minor alteration of clip). The clip allows you to just carry it in your waistband or pocket without having to grab anything else. If you live in a hot climate and have to conceal under light clothing, this is a good choice.

  • Perfect carry for summer

    Posted by Chris on Nov 27th 2010

    I carry this everyday. You would never know it is so small it does not bulge. Long trigger pull due to no safty, other than that perfect.

  • great for concealed carry

    Posted by tnrparker on Nov 25th 2010

    this gun is perfect for concealed carry. it is small enough to carry in a pocket or purse. great gun at a great price!

  • Great Gun

    Posted by Older on Nov 23rd 2010

    This gun is great for concealed carry in either a pocket holster or inside the waist band holster. Always there, but never aware. I forget that I am carrying it and nobody else can tell. The .380 acp round is good enough if you place your shots well. The Crimson Trace laser sight is excellent.

  • Great Gun

    Posted by TJP on Nov 23rd 2010

    This is a great gun for concealed carry, especially with the Crimson Trace Laser.

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