Sig Sauer Releases new P365 with Manual Safety

Posted by Jordan on Feb 11th 2019

Sig Sauer Releases new P365 with Manual Safety

The Sig Sauer P365 was arguably one of the most popular new handguns of 2018. Now, Sig has released a new P365 model to accommodate customers who prefer a manual safety.

The placement and feel of the safety is very ergonomic and easy to manipulate, and it really doesn't get in the way or make the pistol too bulky. The ambidextrous safety is great for both right handed or left handed shooters. The safety will only engage when the gun is cocked, but you can still manipulate the slide with the safety on. 

Sig claims that the manual safety model will be coming in at the same price as the normal P365 model. They also mentioned that the manual safety P365 has been pre-approved for sale in Massachusetts.

Order the P365 w/Manual Safety Here