Friday, September 25 Update: Fiber-Optic Line Cut, Phone System, Product Availability, Order and Email Lead-times

Posted by Thomas on Sep 25th 2020

EDIT: Phone lines and Internet have been restored.
Today, September 25th, a fiber optic line that supplies phone and Internet service to our operations building was cut. Our entire area is down, currently. If you cannot get through today, please try again.

Lead-times are still much longer than normal due to demand. We have hired new employees, expanded and improved systems, and re-organized in an attempt to get caught up, but the increased demand due to social unrest is absolutely massive. We are working hard on trying to stay on top of your orders, but lead-times are still being affected for orders (even if in stock) and with email response times.

We continue to find what product that we can, but the entire supply chain is now dry of most items. Manufacturing is also severely behind.  We continue to scour all resources to try and find what we can, but availability is extremely limited.

We don't see a change to this situation with the election coming up. We try not to get political, but it is very important for you, as a believer in your right to protect yourself and your family, to get out there and vote for your beliefs. Certain politicians, our media, educational systems, and our social media platforms are all pushing a violent agenda, censoring debate, and trying to forcibly shove a political belief system down our throats that would change our country for the worse, if implemented. They are doing everything in their power to bypass the Constitution and individual freedom-- the blatant disregard for property, the incitement of violence, the push to defund the police, the censorship, the pushing of a socialist agenda-- these are all totalitarian tactics used to tighten their grip on society. The only way to stop it is to let your vote speak-- speak now before your voice is taken away.