Ruger 10/22 Carbine 22LR, 18" Barrel, Hardwood Stock, 10rd

Ruger 10/22 Carbine 22LR, 18" Barrel, Hardwood Stock, 10rd
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22 Long Rifle
Ruger 10/22
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With American hardwood stock. Gold bead front sight and folding rear sight. Includes a combination .22 tip-off and Weaver-type scope base adapter.

The Benchmark for .22 Rifles - Experience the Tradition.
The Ruger® 10/22® rifle is America’s favorite .22 LR rifle, with proven performance in a wide range of styles for every rimfire application. Ideally suited for informal target shooting, "plinking," small game hunting and action-shooting events, Ruger has sold millions of 10/22 rifles since their introduction in 1964. With its legendary action and renowned reliable rotary magazine, all 10/22 rifles are sleek, perfectly balanced, rugged and superbly accurate. With a variety of choices - from the standard 10/22 Carbine, to the tack-driving accuracy of the Target model, the 10/22 is still today’s most popular .22 rifle. It looks right, feels right, shoots right and continues to perform under heavy use - inspiring the most fanatical loyalty from its owners. With proven design, legendary reliability and the modern features demanded by today’s .22 LR shooters, these firearms are priced right to make keeping tradition affordable.

  • Category : Rifles
  • Action : Semi-Automatic
  • Caliber : 22 Long Rifle
  • Barrel Length : 18.5"
  • Capacity : 10+1
  • Trigger : Single-Stage
  • Safety : Crossbolt
  • OAL : 37"
  • Weight : 5 lbs
  • Stock Description : Walnut
  • Metal Finish : Black

21 Reviews

  • The Legendary Ruger 10/22

    Posted by Rimfire Rifleman on Sep 15th 2015

    This rifle is a legendary firearm. I purchased a standard carbine back in 1994 (30th anniversary).
    It is the most durable, rugged and reliable firearm I have ever owned, and I've owned a lot over the years. It is my favorite rifle too. It is the 'standard' by which all other semi-auto .22's are measured. Everyone who can own firearms should own a Ruger 10/22, if no other firearm. This is an 'All American' rifle. My only two minor complaints are with the factory sights and trigger; they could use improvement. Ruger should install fully adjustable 'peep' sights and fix the rough trigger, and they would have a 5 Star rifle on their hands. Even so, if I could only own one rifle, this would be it...

  • BEAST GUN!!!!!!!

    Posted by Aaron on Sep 17th 2012

    I love it, that all i have to say

  • 10/22

    Posted by Air Force Allan on Aug 20th 2012

    When I was 11 years old my parents bought me my first gun; the 10/22. I was estatic. I did alot of target practice at an uncles farm to gain experience and eventually added an inexpensive scope. The gun was made with simplicity in mind. It's an excellent entry level gun. I've had it 42 years now and it still looks and shoots like it just came out of the box. I'm very pleased with the Ruger products I own.

  • if i had to pick just one....

    Posted by LAT60N on Jan 22nd 2012

    If i had to choose just one firearm, this would be it hands down. should be everyones first gun. tack driving accuracy, rock solid dependability. dont get caught without one. buy it now.

  • great buy on a great rifle

    Posted by boatbuildr on Dec 21st 2010

    have had this for about ten years now and love everything about it. it shoots great and you can buy anything you want for it. i have a 3x9 scope on mine a little over kill but it works beautifully.

  • Best Decision

    Posted by Nubs on Dec 19th 2010

    Bought this rifle for my son when he earned up a credit with us. He has taken awesome care of it and when he is down doing all his work he cares and cleans it. This rifle is fun for the whole family but has been especially good for my son and his responsibility. Would definitely recommend!

  • My Ruger 10/22

    Posted by Mr. Doubtfire on Dec 16th 2010

    My son and I have spent lots of hours and lots of rounds having plinking contests with my Ruger 10/22. This is the rifle I bought five years ago for inexpensive target practice and fun. It has paid back handsomely ever since, consuming every kind of .22 LR I could buy in bricks. It has proven very accurate and reliable, even in the hands of a squinty shooter. As perhaps the most customizable gun in the world, it was easy to fit with a pair of see-through rings and a low-power scope that lets us choose scope or iron sights without changing parts. This is the only modification made to my gun, though it's simple to customize with a broad choice of accessories. My only caveat; keep it clean. When full of crud it will jam, but it will shoot a lot before getting that dirty. As for our contests, my son usually wins, but we both come out ahead.

  • Great Affordable Rifle

    Posted by hogfan949701 on Dec 15th 2010

    The Ruger 10/22 is a terrific little rifle for plinking and for varmit hunting. I had my tricked out in full tactical gear with a folding tactical stock, 50 round tear-drop clip, flash hider and sling. It is a pretty mean looking little set-up for not much money. Ruger .22's are known for accuracy right out of the box and this gun is no exception. A lot of fun for a beginner or even a veteran shooter like me.

  • Great little rifle

    Posted by hogfan949701 on Dec 15th 2010

    For the money this is an outstanding rifle. I got the folding tactical stock, 50 round clip and flash-hider. This is a nice little tricked out rifle for much less than a big-boy version and much more affordable to own and shoot.

  • A must for every firearm owner

    Posted by Lpete on Dec 15th 2010

    Ruger has an excellent reputation for making fine, affordable American made firearms. Their excellent designs have made them one of the top makers for many years now.
    The Ruger 10/22 is probably one, if not, my favorite guns of all time. How else can you acquire such a versatile plinking gun? The options of customization are nearly endless, and the choices of magazine capacity are awesome. I highly recommend butler creek steel lips 25 round magazines if you want the added capacity. The factory mags are extremely reliable and are a great innovation because they load flush, and don't protrude from the rifle. The short stock is great for getting the younger kids into shooting sports and hunting.
    I have shot thousands of rounds through my 10/22 and it will eat any kind of ammo I put through it from value federal, to CCI raptors. If you are looking for a great small game/ plinking rifle that is fully customizable, I highly recommend the tried and true Ruger 10/22. As with any firearm, be sure to clean it when it gets dirty, or you will have jams.

  • Great little rifle.

    Posted by Jake on Dec 9th 2010

    What more can I say about this rifle that the other reviews havent said...

    I agree with the other reviews, the magazines seem to be an issue. After a lot of use they seem to get dirty and gunked up with carbon. There are tutorials on the web on how to clean the magazines. This is also depending upon how dirty the ammo you use is.

    Otherwise, the Ruger 10/22 is an accurate and reliable rifle. I have two of them and they digest and fire everything that is fed to them.

  • Can't Go Wrong With This Classic Rifle

    Posted by Eric on Dec 8th 2010

    Like many others, the Ruger 10/22 was the first rifle I owned. I learned to shoot on this baby and have nothing but fond feelings for it. Ruger has been putting this model out for years and for good reason. It's simple, reliable and very hard to find anything wrong with it. Centerfire ammo can be a bit of a crap shoot but with the right ammo you'll have very few misfires. There are tons of aftermarket mods and add-ons for this rifle too if that's your thing. There are so many good things about the 10/22 you simply can't go wrong purchasing one.

  • My Squirrel Hunting Gun

    Posted by koiphish on Nov 27th 2010

    This is the gun I use for squirrel and rodent hunting. It shoots really straight and the only failure to feed/eject was from poor quality ammo. I love that I can use clips instead of slide or top loading the ammo like most other .22's make you do. Feels good when shooting it and isn't too heavy to toss on your back during a hike. This will be my son's first gun for sure. I trust it that much.

  • Excellent Product

    Posted by John on Nov 19th 2010

    Ruger keeps making these 10/22's because they put out a fine product that needs very little. I owned one for a few years and put thousands of rounds through it. Easy to operate and easy to clean. It's very accurate out-of-the-box and digested all the different ammunition I put through it.

    One issue I had was the 10-round magazine that comes stock. Rounds would jam when trying to feed - getting stuck before entering the gun. I don't think this was an issue with the gun, but with the magazine itself. My advice: If you want a GREAT out-of-the-box .22 Long Rifle, buy this one and also buy plenty of spare mags.

  • excellent reliability

    Posted by mark on Nov 16th 2010

    the venerable 10/22 is an excellent weapon. the 10 round standard magazine is excellent, i have put at least over a 1000 rounds through them and never had a problem.

    i have fed over 5000 rounds through my 10/22 and have had very few misfires (likely the ammo's fault). i have never had a failure to feed or eject.

    the gun is not the most accurate weapon out there, but will feed even cheap bulk ammo into a single whole at 25 yards. and with practice even at a 100 yards you can be fairly accurate.

    if you want a cheap, ultra reliable plinker, this is the gun for you.

  • Excellent Rifle

    Posted by Ravin on Nov 16th 2010

    My Dad bought this rifle for me more than 30 years ago. I passed it to my brother while I was deployed and now I have it back in my gun case. Years ago while I was squirrel hunting I took a squirrel at 75-100 yards. Very accurate, reliable and solid rifle that will stay in my family years after I am gone. A great choice for fun plinking, family weapons education.

  • An Old Legend

    Posted by Eric on Nov 15th 2010

    I've owned my Ruger 10/22 since I was a kid. It was manufactured in 1975 and I don't know of a better, more reliable, more accurate .22LR. It's easy to strip for cleaning and I've put thousands of rounds through it. There are hundreds of accessories for this fine old legend but I've kept mine original. Highly recommended!

  • The Best .22lr Rifle today.

    Posted by Ernie on Nov 15th 2010

    I bought my first Ruger 10/22 about 30 years ago. I have it still and it is one of my favorite rifles to shoot. It has become the most upgradable firearm in history in my opinion. Everything is upgradable except for the receiver. You can add new trigger kits, barrels, stocks, sight, you can truly have it your way. With a new stock, you can have similar look and feel of an AR-15 rifle. Put a bull barrel on it and you now have a target rifle. On mine, I upgraded the stock with a pistol grip and added a bull barrel and new sights. It is a great training firearm for teaching new people how to shoot. The magazines are wonderful and always operate. This is by far the best starter .22lr rifle available today and the price is great too. Have fun with this gun.

  • Ruger 10/22, great rifle.

    Posted by Mike Berglund on Nov 14th 2010

    I bought this rifle for my daughters first rifle, she shot mine several times and fell in love with it. I have had my Ruger 10/22 for over thirty years and the only thing I had to replace is the rear sight because my son dropped my rifle and broke it. This rifle is excellent for plinking and small game hunting.

  • Ruger 10/22

    Posted by Mike Berglund on Nov 14th 2010

    I purchased this rifle for my daughter as her first rifle. I have owned and shot my Ruger 10/22 for over thirty years, that is why I chose this rifle for my daughter. The only thing that I have had to fix was a rear sight which broke off when my son dropped the rifle. Excellent rifle for plinking and small game hunting.

  • Ahh The 10/22

    Posted by Austin J on Nov 14th 2010

    I have some Wonderful experiences with the Ruger 10/22. It was the first weapon I ever shot, and the Rifle I learned to shoot with! My father brought all of us up with these Rifles, and taught all of us how to shoot with them. They have always been reliable, and fun plinking weapons. In the many years of use and ownership of the Ruger 10/22's, I don't think I have ever had one jam, or have any other sort of error with it. It is a solid piece of equipment, and as far as I am concerned, one of the best offerings Ruger has ever made. Solid, Reliable, and fun, The Ruger 10/.22 is a staple in my personal Armory, and something that I intend to buy, and use for as long as Ruger sells them!

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