Kahr Arms CW9 Standard DAO 9mm 3.5" Barrel, Black Polymer Frame/Stainless, 7rd

Kahr Arms CW9 Standard DAO 9mm 3.5" Barrel, Black Polymer Frame/Stainless, 7rd
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Kahr CW Series 9mm Compact, 3.6" Barrel, Black Polymer Frame, Matte Stainless Steel Slide, 7 Round Mag

Trigger cocking DAO. Lock breech, Browning-type recoil lug, passive striker block and no magazine disconnect. Textured polymer grip. Drift adjustable rear sight and pinned in polymer front sight. Black textured polymer frame and matte stainless steel slide.
The working theory behind Kahr Arms'' new CW9 carry pistol - by every measure that counts - is reliability, accuracy and user friendliness. It shares these attributes with the twin of the company flagship, the polymer-and-stainless P9. Plus it goes for $143 less. Now that's entertainment! "Our goal was to break the $500 barrier, and we did," explains Kahr marketing chief Frank Harris. "We wanted to bring in new customers, so we decided to offer a product that competes with Taurus, Ruger and other lower-cost guns."
  • Category : Pistols
  • Type : Pistol
  • Action : Double
  • Caliber : 9mm
  • Barrel Length : 3.5"
  • Capacity : 7+1
  • Safety : Trigger
  • Grips : Black Polymer
  • Sights : Low Profile White Bar-Dot Combat
  • Weight : 15.8 oz
  • Frame Finish : Black

13 Reviews

  • If I were to do it again

    Posted by Oly on Nov 25th 2017

    I'd pay the extra $350+ (If you can afford it) and get the Kahr MK9 that Impact sells. There's just something I like about all metal weapons...I do have both types however....Nothing wrong with the CW9. Bought one from here back on Oct. 19, 2014 bought a ported barrel for it...and later the threaded barrel (will get a 9 mm silencer eventually too)...

  • Kahr cw 9mm

    Posted by ford f250 on May 4th 2015

    Give five stars, owned several, gave my son my CW.45 he likes BIG gun's , hey 9mm's have come a long way , HST's are awesome. very good guns . Own some going to get the CW in .45 soon again , I carry . 45 1911's in winter, 9mm KAHR and .45 is so light I have touch it, to make sure it on my hip. (not in front of people of course) . my go too gun in Texas HOT weather and .380 backup. I tell every close friend don't over look these WELL made guns. Smooth triggers . The best bang for you Buck, Keep it up..

  • Kahr Purple CW9

    Posted by Marie on Dec 7th 2014

    I remember walking into the firearms store and my eye was immediately drawn to this pistol. I asked the employee about it and liked what I heard. He said that this particular weapon was designed with women's self-defense in mind. As a woman with little hands and a soft spot for the color purple, I found this pistol to be very appealing. I love my husband's 1911 and I can fire it like a champ... but when I got to fire my Kahr for the first time, I truly felt like I purchased an extension of myself. I am confident that this weapon is one of the best purchases I have ever made. A+++++ :)

  • Nice gun

    Posted by Oly on Oct 18th 2014

    I ordered the CW9 back in June of this year...so when it arrived at Impact a few weeks later (I had already bought some extra magazines for it) I was able to at least fire 16 rounds right out of the box. All the rounds hit in the target (I didn't have my glasses on, so the sights were a blur)...so I guess you'ld call it a 1 foot group. Later, bought a ported barrel from Kahr (Impact Guns didn't have one) for it....no problems hitting a zombie target at 75 feet. No matter what kind of ammo I was shooting (Fiocchi, American Eagle, Blazer or Winchester) no problems with feeding or firing. It's a breeze taking apart for cleaning too. I like the service I get from Impact Guns either over the net ordering or in person...I have since bought a 9mm Baby Eagle too...

  • Great bang for your money

    Posted by Gunner on Oct 13th 2014

    This gun is flawless pick it up at a gun show earlier this year 2014.Shot 1000 rounds at the range no problems what so ever,been the best little carry i have owned...I been a glock carry owner for many years but now the Kahr CW9 change my mind on glocks,ruger,Colt Mustang XSP,Kel-Tec PF-9,SIG Sauer P938 and the Beretta Nano.Cw9 is much lighter and easier to conceal also its very slim and the trigger pull is flawless.Hands down the cw9 is the way to go.

  • Great gun-almost as easy to carry as LCP

    Posted by Big Timmy on Jan 25th 2013

    I really like this gun-I gave it 4 stars because I only have a few hundred rounds through it so far. Gun has been flawless with hydro shocks and quality target ammo. Carries Nice! I really like my LCP but with winter clothes this is almost as easy to carry. At 15 ounces and some change you simply cannot feel it-even with a loaded mag. Gun shoots nice and picking off cans at 10-15 yards was pretty easy. Shooting my LCP right next to it-not so much. Long DAO trigger but if you stage it right-breaks real clean. Great piece so far-nice stainless slide and great KAHR craftmanship-even in a polymer frame.

  • when concealment counts

    Posted by freebird on Jan 22nd 2013

    i own a glock 19 and cw9 , the kahr is the best carry pistol on the market for its size and performance great gun

  • Great little pistol.

    Posted by Jake on Dec 28th 2010

    Shot one of these out on the range. Very easy to Double Tap a target with it since it is 9mm. I was doing it straight out of the box without practice, it's just a natural shooting and feeling gun. Accurate too. I was keeping a pretty tight group at 20 meters withou8t trying very hard.

    Overall, a great little gun for CCW.

  • Kahr leads the field for good reason

    Posted by Rob on Dec 15th 2010

    The Kahr CW-9 is lower cost version of the P-9 with cut rifiling instead of polygonal rifiling and (with the new one) a pressed in stud front sight instead of dovetail sights. Mine I have had for some years and it has dovetail front and rear sights. The gun is flawless and functions perfectly and is a canon in a small package in full 9 x 19 caliber yet is small and fairly light and thin and easy to handle and the long double action trigger pull is just great although as a bullseye shooter for many years and being used to a crisp sharp trigger single action, it took a couple of hundred rounds in steel plate matches to get used to the different trigger. Now ues is second nature and for a carry gun I agree with those who say a double action smooth trigger is a safer way to go. Buy the Kahr every time!

  • Great Gun

    Posted by Leibniz on Dec 14th 2010

    This is no 1911 carry, but it does the job. The gun is concellale, durable, and reliable. I have fed over 1000 rounds through this gun and not one serious failure -except on smoke stack ejection resulting from a miss of the external extractor.

    Accurate, but somewhat deciding at distances combined with quick follow-up shots. I would recommend this to any new CCW holder (remember: smaller the gun the more correct shooting stance and anatomical positioning is required, the barrel is only 3.5" long).

  • Great 9mm for small (and not so small) hands

    Posted by Hols on Nov 29th 2010

    Love this gun! My hand, which measures in at 6.0 inches from wrist to tip of trigger finger, could not reach the trigger of most other brand 9mms without me twisting my hand in an awkward and wrong position. I placed many 9mms in my hand and I was becoming discouraged, until, the sales representative placed a Kahr 9mm in my shooting hand--perfect fit with pad of finger nicely positioned on trigger. It felt balanced and heavenly. And then, he told me to pull the trigger (it was unloaded at this time, of course)--wow! It was smooth as butter. Beautiful. He told me I would love this gun--he was right.

    I bought myself a Kahr CW9 and gave "her" a test run at the shooting range. I had amazing control over this accurate gun and there was hardly any kickback at all. The trigger was smooth all the way through the long pull (this is its safety feature) and it just felt good in my hands. My spread (115 grain FMJ) was very narrow and this was the first time for me to shoot this gun. My hand/wrist did not hurt at all after shooting 100 rounds--I could have kept shooting all day long. As I was shooting, other shooters in the area were asking me what type of gun I was shooting, and, when I told them it was a Kahr CW9, they all replied "great gun."

    The CW9 is the "stripped down" version of some of the other higher-end 9mm Kahrs which I don't mind at all, because, it's still a Kahr and it is much more affordable than the higher-end Kahrs, and, it's a great gun. You may want to look at the other Kahr 9mms available with the added "whistles and bells." For me, I just wanted an affordable, nice, well made, accurate, and fun gun to shoot that fits my hand well and I found it. I would highly recommend the Kahr CW9.

  • nice little ccw

    Posted by terry on Nov 23rd 2010

    Won this cw9 at an NRA function for $30.00. First time at the range with it 16 shots in a 4 inch circle out of 21(first three mags.) Small very easy to conceal, cleaning and lubing is very straight forward and easy. Slide was stiff in the beginning, it does loosen abit. I shot more accurate with 124gn winchesters, than the 115gn. great little gun, would carry it but i like compact 1911 better.

  • Fantastic Weapon!

    Posted by ~(8(|) Dohhh!!! on Nov 15th 2010

    If you are looking for a carry and conceal weapon (CCW) that is reliable, accurate, and easy to maintain then this is a top pick. The CW9 is the starter model in the series but none-the-less a great little shooter. Off the shelf this diminutive gun put three shot groups almost completely through the same hole at 20 feet. I wish I could say it was all me! After 2 magazines with the same results I bought it. If you want to do off the shelf customizations then you may want to look at the 'better' models such as the P9 or PM9 as manufacturers seem to focus on them. The biggest drawback to this series is price and I am not excited about steel moving against polymer. It would be nice if it were ambidextrous too. Regardless of the drawbacks, I bought a P9 and am waiting of gov approval at the time of this review.

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