Hi-Point Compact, 9mm, 3.5" Barrel, 8rd, Black Poly Grip/Frame

Hi-Point Compact, 9mm, 3.5" Barrel, 8rd, Black Poly Grip/Frame
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Hi-Point C9C
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Hi-Point 9mm Compact 3.5 Inch Barrel Black Powder Coat Finish Polymer Frame 8 Round striker-fired single action semi-automatic. Rugged and simple design. Safety lever at top of left grip locks sear and slide, also locks slide in open position. Magazine catch in butt.
Polymer frame Durable, attractive easy-grip finish Last round lock open Quick on-off thumb safety Operations safety sheet +P rated Free extra rear peep sight Free trigger lock Lifetime warranty 100% American-made, parts and assembly
*Note: Not for sale in IL
  • Category : Pistols
  • Type : Pistol
  • Action : Double
  • Caliber : 9mm
  • Barrel Length : 3.5"
  • Capacity : 8+1
  • Safety : Manual Thumb
  • Grips : Blue Polymer
  • Sights : 24/7 Tritium Night Front, Integral U-Notch Rear
  • Weight : 29 oz
  • Frame Finish : Black

35 Reviews

  • Worst firearm ever!

    Posted by Jason R on Mar 5th 2019

    In 2003, my wife kids and I moved from California, to Colorado, to the town that my wife was born and raised in. Her ex husband was very abusive to her and the kids they had together. As a result, he had lost all parental rights and there was a restraining order against him, to stay away from everyone. Before we moved, he had threatened to kill my wife and kidnap their kids. He had also threatened to kill me too. Due to his threats, when we moved here, we wanted to buy a handgun for home protection. A local pawn shop sold new Hi Point handguns. He was selling the Hi Point C-9 for only $99.99 so I bought it. Having lived in California my whole life, I knew very little about firearms at the time but have always been very pro 2nd Amendment.
    I started taking the gun out to a shooting range to get familiar with it and become tactically competent with it. The Hi Point was hot garbage! It would either fail to eject a spent casing or failed to load a new round after every time it fired. It was literally good for only one shot and then you had to deal with clearing a malfunction. I properly cared for the gun, always cleaned it and kept it oiled and fired enough rounds through it that the fun was broke in. I called Hi Point on at least three different occasions to voice my concerns and the person who I spoke to every time was rude and offered no help. I was told the gun was an inexpensive gun so it was normal to behave how it did. Thank God I never had to use it to protect my family because if I ever had to, unless 1 round fired stopped the threat, my family and I would have been screwed. I ended up trading the Hi Point in on a Glock. My Glock has been incredibly reliable. With Hi apoint, in good conscious, I can never recommend them to anyone for fear that their Hi Point could malfunction as much as mine did. And the customer service of Hi Point was just as bad as the quality craftsmanship of my C9.

  • Hi-point C9 9mm Handgun

    Posted by John on Oct 9th 2016

    Had the C9 for a couple of weeks now. Put 200 rounds through it. Read numerous reviews about this gun and it appears that you either love it or hate it. Noticed that the lovers actually own the gun, while the haters don't. Go figure. Did two mods prior to actually shooting the gun. The back sight is painted red while the front sight is yellow. Hard for me to see the red on the back sight in low light. Painted it florescent orange. Much easier to see now. Read that there was a problem with the magazines, causing failures to feed, so I pulled the spring and did the mod I found on YouTube. Others also polished the feed ramp, but I'm hesitant to do that. Anyway, I pumped the 200 rounds through it with zero failures of any kind. I'll pump another 300 through it, and if I still don't have any failures, I'll leave the feed ramp alone. Conclusion - I actually like this gun a lot. The look of it actually grows on you over time. It's not the Mercedes-Benz of handguns. It's more like a VW Beetle. It's a fun gun and you don't mind tinkering with it to make it the best it can be.

  • Very impressed with the C9

    Posted by Cornelius on Oct 5th 2016

    I purchased my hi point C9 because I wanted to see if all of the negative reviews were true. I heard that they jam, stove pipe, and are ammo specific. I also heard about all the issues with the 10 round clips not feeding properly. I ran 135 grain Hornady hollows and 115 grain Estate fmj's through it without fail from the 8 and 10 round clips. I love this gun! Sometimes it's better to do your own research and become another person on the bandwagon. The C9 performed well in my opinion.

  • very good for the price

    Posted by dawoodsy on Jun 12th 2016

    Good bang for the buck , right out of the box put a hundred rounds through it without a glitch , very good accuracy . The gun is ugly , little top heavy . Well worth the money .

  • The best gun for the best price.

    Posted by stillsteve3555 on Jan 30th 2016

    Amazing priced right. Took it to the range 3 days later. Mild kick lots of bullet power.
    No misfires for first fifty rounds out of the box.
    Super aim!

  • Impossible to beat for $160

    Posted by buck on Sep 4th 2015

    It has occasional feed problems if not oiled, nothing that is a problem. The worst I had to do was drop the clip and pull back the slide.

  • Great gun for price!

    Posted by Eric on May 27th 2015

    ...I am 100% satisfied by its performance. I will say it is a bit top heavy and doesn't feel as sleek in your hands as a glock, s&w ect. But it is an awesome weapon for the price. Let's face it unless you are trying to show off to your friends the only concern should be does it go bang when you pull the trigger. This one does every time, plus it's American made. Only reason I couldn't go 5 stars is due to the top weight and cheap safety design. I will add my s&w sigma .40 doesn't even have a safety. So it's more of a reason to like this gun. Overall for $129 I am happy with my purchase!

  • Great for the price

    Posted by RM on Feb 5th 2015

    This rating is based on the price I paid. If it were up against a Sig or a Glock it would be a three. I bought the C9 as my camping, keep in the truck gun. It is pretty awesome in that role. It functions very well for the price. The more you shoot it the better it gets. After 100 rounds or so it really wakes up. Yes, it's heavy, I don't much like the slick grips but, it's reliable. The trigger pull is bad, just not good. But, it puts bullets downrange and pretty accurate for what it's supposed to do. Sadly, this has become the gun that I have with me pretty much every day. My more expensive guns never leave the house. The C9 has become my work horse. The reason is that if it gets gone, lost or stolen, it won't break me.

  • Good gun

    Posted by Jailer X on Sep 12th 2014

    After many reviews, went out and bought one as I was curious. I have a Hi-Point 9mm carbine and love it, 100 yards accurate out of the box.

    So far the C9 has held up with with no issues. Many of the "experts" I know say it's crap, but I honestly believe they've never seen one, held one, or shot one. I have numerous guns and this one is really no different than the others except being cheaper and having a better warranty. It shoots when I pull the trigger, that's enough for me.

  • accurate, reliable, heavy

    Posted by donintn on Aug 1st 2014

    I have fired over 1,000 rounds thru this gun and it is rock solid reliable. I have found it is best to only put 7 rounds in it though. With 8 rounds, it was infrequent, but it did jam a couple of times. With 7 rounds, has never jammed.
    I've been on ranges where everyone else is pulling out their uber expensive pistols and you can see the disdain on their face when they see what I am shooting.
    Their only problem is after firing and we pull in the targets, my cheapo hi point is dead accurate and the shot groups are always excellent, nary a stray.
    I look at their targets and they have rounds all over the place. Not saying the hi point is a better gun, but the gun doesn't make the shooter, if you can shoot, this thing will go where you point it every time - and that's using either white box cheap ammo or more expensive hollow points or whatever you wish to use.
    The only drawback is I wouldn't use it as a concealed weapon pistol as it is heavy. You wouldn't be forgetting you have it with you.
    I carry a Taurus 738TP as my conceal carry but I do try and keep the hi point in my car, boat or whever I am going and feel a 9mm may be better to have around.
    In my opinion, for the cost, no other gun can compete with it unless you want it for concealed carry.
    It may not feel as tight and smooth, but it just keeps on shooting and shooting well. I wouldn't want to be on the wrong end of one

  • great

    Posted by butch on Jul 21st 2014

    wow....great gun, shoots straight at a reasonable distance. never jams, why spend big bucks for a gun this size? I know why, because you didnt try this one first. sorry. your lose.

  • Hi Points and Gun snobs

    Posted by macrol444 on Mar 24th 2014

    Look, first lets admit that you can get a lemon anytime you purchase something. I'm a retired Police Officer and also served as an MP. Have used guns most of my life. I own a Browning, a Colt and a Beretta. I also have a C-9 High Point and a 45 acp High Point. I have shot several hundred rounds through my High Points with very few jams or stove pipes. (actually less than in my Beretta and Colt. Pretty? No! Heavy? Yes! However, they literally always shoot and are quite accurate also. I've heard some say, "Won't risk my life with one." I would with either of mine. When someone looks down the barrel of my C-9 or 45 High Point I doubt if they will say, "It's a high point. Don't worry, it won't shoot." C-9 is a good gun for what it is intended for. Can't beat the price or Lifetime Guarantee either. Don't be afraid to purchase one. You will always have gun snobs. Just ignore them. Most have probably never owned a High Point.

  • Great gun for the $$$$$

    Posted by L Cramer on May 2nd 2013

    When I was in the market for a replacement for my lost 9mm, a friend suggested I check out the Hi Point guns at Impact Guns. I am so glad I did, I couldnt believe that an American made gun could be so reasonable in price so I was a little skeptical at first. I read every review I could find here and at other gun forums. Gun snobs knocked it because it was so inexpensive and their words not mine butt ugly. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and to me this sweet shooting gun is a great value. I have shot 50 through it with a combination of fmj and jhp and never had any porblems with it. Fed everything perfectly. It was a little of shooting low to the left but that will be rectified next time when I go and sight it in. All in all this is an excellent gun which has less recoil than the 38 Super I used to have and the 2 380's that I took along to compare with. Now just need to find a sufficent supply of 9mm ammo and all will be good. My next purchase will be a Hi Point in either 40 or 45 ca.
    Hi Point thanks for a fantastic sidearm at a reasonable price, I would have expected to pay more for a gun this good and one that has a lifetime warranty also. The only reason I gave it a 4 right now is I didnt have enuff ammo to really work it out.

  • A good gun for anybody

    Posted by Paul on Apr 18th 2013

    I own the hi point 9mm and the hi point 45. Ive never had a problem with either one of them. I was trained in the marines on the 45 so I'm used to a heavy gun. It's not that heavy either, I can shot the nine all day at the range with no problem. I only use the least expensive ammo I can find, usually winchester and have no problems.


    Posted by maddog on Mar 25th 2013

    I have both 9mmc and 9mm carbine. i have put 4000 to 5000 rounds in each with no problems.looking add a 45sm

  • Love It

    Posted by Shooter on Feb 14th 2013

    Good handgun, shot with a buddy shooting a Taurus and both jammed twice in the first 50 rounds out of 500. Same box of ammo so maybe that was it. Shot both brass and alloy cases with no further issues. Weight is good to me, good grouping and no problems. Wife likes it to.

  • 2"

    Posted by Ross on Jan 18th 2013

    Being a first time pistol shooter I wasn't sure what to expect. After familiarizing myself with the gun I shot about 20 rounds. The gun shot low about 4". I made one turn adjustment on the sight for elevation and promptly shot 4 rounds in a 2" grouping. Then 3 quick shots in a 4" group, all at 5 paces. The seasoned shooter I was with was quite impressed. Affordable, durable and to tell you the truth the weight really wasn't an issue.

  • Quality and Afordable Love It!!

    Posted by Eddie on Jan 17th 2013

    I absolutely love my Hi Point 9. It is great to be able to buy AMERICAN MADE with the quality and affordability of these firearms.Ive run about 250rds thru it without any probs.For those of you wanting to have a gun for protection at low cost this is it.Mine is primarily a truck gun.if it gets scratched up or stolen not alot invested like in a high priced handgun.I have a limited budget so this fit the bill.I also hav a S&W 40 but prefer this for just plinking.I plan on adding a Hi Point 40 to my collection as soon as funding avaiable.I would recomend the Hogue Handell 1700 grip sleeve ,as factory grips are a little slick for my liking.Buy one,support America,Enjoy shooting.


    Posted by Slow-Shooter on Jan 5th 2013

    I saw the videos on U-Tube. I heard the people talk about the Gun. I read the reviews. I bought the gun about month ago, and I had one Fail To Feed in 400 rounds through the Gun. I paid $201.67 for the gun new and three mags out the door. I bought the gun from (brand-X) and not Impact Guns. I could have saved some $$$$. The Gun will not break, but like most reviews, the disassembly is a pain if you do not take your time. I own a Smith & Wesson Sigma 40ve, and break down is done within 10 seconds. This gun takes a little longer, but the price, videos, and reviews sold me on this gun to add to collection for protection. Also, the ammo is less expensive to target shoot than my S&W 40.

  • Good cheap gun

    Posted by NAS on Nov 28th 2012

    I give it 3 stars because its just that... an avg gun, no bells or whistles just something that goes bang every time you pull the trigger! I highly suggest polishing the feed ramp. I also totally disagree that its very hard to take apart. its extremely easy! yes you need tools but seriously who field strips anymore? before you buy do some research there is allot of good vids on youtube of the pros and cons of this gun, also some good ones about how to take down.
    overall I'm pretty happy with my C9 the 8 round mag runs flawlessly! the 10 had some break in time... currently im running Cor-bon +p dpx through it and so far so good after 25 rounds no flaws... its a good nightstand gun or in the car gun!

  • fun gun

    Posted by troutbum on Oct 28th 2012

    sweet gun, just got it a couple weeks ago and put 100 rounds through it a few days ago and she goes bang like a good gun should.The only thing is the 10 rnd mag had a hard time feeding the second cartridge until it was broken in a little. (worked fine after about 40 rounds). the 8 round mag( the one the gun is shipped with.) worked flawlessly.I have the hi-point 45 acp as well and all i can say is good guns, cant beat the price or warranty.Go buy one and see for youself

  • What more can you ask?

    Posted by Ken on Aug 17th 2012

    Accurate, reliable and cheap with a lifetime warranty regardless of the number of owners. What more can you ask for? Like a good wife, it is not the lightest or most attractive but it is always there when needed and you can count on it. It has been flawless through a few hundred rounds and the accuracy has been surprisingly good. Gun "snobs" will bash them even though they have never shot one and gun shops will try to sell you a more expensive and more profitable gun. They were also wrong about my Phoenix HP-22A which I also like a lot.

  • It is what it is

    Posted by Jack on Jun 26th 2012

    I'll start with the cons on this one: It's got a weird balance issue, real top heavy due to its design, the only safety is a thin little piece of bent steel that slides into a shallow notch on the slide, you can't field strip it without a hammer and an awl, and even with that, it's no easy task, and it just feels cheap.

    That's because it is cheap, it's a 150 dollar pistol. However, it shoots straight enough, and it never jammed on me. If you're looking for something to shoot cans and milk jugs with, or a just a trainer to get used to the feel of firing a pistol, go for it. If you're looking for self defense or concealed carry, this ain't the one.

  • HI PTS...try it..be happy.

    Posted by scottccasteel@yahoo.com on May 24th 2012

    The only drawback to any Hi PT, is the weight, which i like. TOP HEAVY(CAP LEtter probs, sorry) is like hav,n a free compensator. U can reacquire target quick. Made in USA,Super warranty,great price. They cant manufact fast enuf 4 demand..that says something. I own 2 c9s, 9 carbine, .40 pistol, and about to buy .45 pistol and carbines for both. Ive read u have to keep em real clean- havnt had that prob with a single one of mine, which havnt been cleaned r lubed since the box(b sides a brush dwn barrel) in hundreds of rds. Also read they only like brass- havnt seen that in mine. I shoot good n crap. Hpts n fmjkts. When new, my .40 pistol didnt like steel hulls unless they were laquer coated. that was mags fault. just lite file under ears or shoot brass n laquer till mag is broke in. im sold on quality, and just waitn 4 after mkt grips to b made. im tired of all the haters rag n on a US co. thats mak n an affordable product. JUSt dont buy if weight is yor main concern.

  • Pretty Good for a cheap weapon

    Posted by BootyMan98 on Apr 25th 2012

    It's sights are decent and it feels good to hold it is ugly as heck but if you need a good sturdy weapon that will work go with this.

  • First Gun and Good Experience

    Posted by Franklin on Apr 9th 2012

    First, I'd like to say the service on this website was great.

    I had not owned or fired a gun until this purchase, so in effect, there is nothing to compare the Hi-Point C9 to.

    I took it to a local range the weekend before last and put 158 rounds through it; 115 grain, fmj 50 rounds Lawman, 50 rounds TulaAmmo, 50 rounds Federal, and 8 rounds 135 grain hollow-point Federal. It went bang each time.

    At a local shop where I got a second magazine, they were kind enough to show how to clean, and cleaned it. The advice they gave was, clean it after every use to maintain functionality consistency.

    Overall experience is positive, and in my humble opinion, for the price, it is a great buy because it does what a gun is supposed to do. Plus, you can't beat a lifetime warranty.


    Posted by Catfi$hmob on Feb 15th 2012

    So far i have owened two of these guns and have not had one problem out of neither one just like any other gun cheap or high u have to keep them clean and lubed as far as looks go i think its a pretty good looking gun no not a glock or colt, or s&w but for the price its a great gun and i would recomend it to any one who knows how to take care of there gun and is on a limeted price budget.

  • Great cheep gun

    Posted by jeremy on Jan 7th 2012

    i bought my doing some research first. i polished the feed ramp and never hand a problem shot over 700 rounds. great gun for a first gun.

  • Great Firearm, No Matter What the Price

    Posted by srqmark on Dec 2nd 2011

    Love the C-9. Have tried the more expensive guns and this one more than holds its own. Have shot hundreds of rounds and it is very accurate. Never had a problem with the mag dropping out or misfire. Feeds full metal jacket and hollow points with ease. For me, very comfortable. Not too much kickback. Ugly? Hey, I'm shooting it; not dating it. Although the price can't be beat for a quality weapon, the only thing that matters is whether it will fire when needed - - and for me it does.

  • Buying my second as a backup

    Posted by NSB Jeff on Nov 16th 2011

    Yes the HiPoint's are inexpensive and ugly. However after owning my C9 for 3 years and thousands of rounds fired, I would have to say it outperformed my other "high priced" CCW. My C9 likes brass and has jammed 2 times in all of the rounds fired through it. Keep it clean and lubed and it will work as well as just about any firearm out there.

  • Just get one and you be the judge!

    Posted by Hector on Oct 11th 2011

    I dont know where people keep getting their gun reviews or opinions from on the 9mm Hi-Point. Dont listen to the guy at the gun shop because he is more likely trying to sell you a more expensive gun. This side arm works fine for me, because I clean my gun after every shooting. Yes, listen to Ron, keep it VERY LUBED!! I have put about 300 rounds with no FTE, FTL, or Stove pipes. I do only use FMJ ammo, brass and laquer steel casing. ( She likes the brass!)
    Its heavy for a 9mm, but if its your 1st or 2nd buy you won't know the difference. I also agree the weight helps the less experienced shooters.
    My ex-girlfriend has one and hers jams and drops the mag, but she treats her gun like her car,she never does an oil change. LOL!

  • Not bad for price....

    Posted by Ron on Oct 2nd 2011

    I have the .380 and the 9mm... Not the coolest looking gun but shot over 600 rounds through both of them, no problems... After first 3 rounds both guns jammed, I took both apart and cleaned them. Haven't had a problem since... YOU HAVE TO CLEAN AND LUBE THESE GUNS>>>>>> If you don't do not complain about misfires... If your lazy and don[t like to clean your gun, this is not for you...

  • NO trouble down here

    Posted by florida pete on Jul 16th 2011

    I bourgh the hi-point9c 1st. cal bigger than 22cal. hand gun in my life 75 years old. At range I can hit the target at 20 ft. most times.the mag, doesn't fall out ??? hAVE HAD A BALL with this cheap gun.over 600 hundard rounds and no stove pipes or misfiers. use 115fmj & 124ghp

  • UGLY perfection!

    Posted by Matao on May 24th 2011

    I am the 3rd owner of the C9 that's currently in my possession. I HAD the same problems as the guy who reported stove pipes and the mag drop accidentally being actuated. The stovepipes happened when I would actuate the mag drop. The mag would drop about 1/4 inch, but not fully eject; resulting in a stovepipe. I bought a Hougue handall slip on sleeve. (The one that "fits most glocks"). The sleeve added just enough thickness near the mag release button that it miraculously fixed the accidental drops. (And not to mention; I dont feel like the weapon will slip out of my hands now. the grip is very slick w/o the sleeve added on.)
    Problem solved! Runs flawless now. Get one. They are fun. (and you dont feel to bad if you drop it in the mud, accidentally run it over; or what-not.) :0

  • great but ugly

    Posted by chris on May 2nd 2011

    i picked this gun up a few years back it is an awesome gun was sceptical at first but after going to the range once i fell in love with the ugly duck.... very reliable but ugly as sin. i have put about 500 rounds through the gun and havent had a problem yet.

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