Phoenix Model HP22 Pistol, 22LR, 3", All Black, 10 Round Mag

Phoenix Model HP22 Pistol, 22LR, 3", All Black, 10 Round Mag
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22 Long Rifle
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Model HP .22 Long Rifle 3 Inch Barrel Black Finish Black Grips 10 Round
Features vent rib barrel and adjustable rear sight. External hammer. Firing pin block safety. Magazine interlock with manual hold open. Button magazine release. Includes cable lanyard lock.

Phoenix Arms Model HP22 is a single action semi-auto .22LR caliber pistol with a staggered 10-round magazine that makes for a compact and comfortable fit in the hand. Weighing in at just 20 ounces in a size 4.1 by 5.5 inches, features include 3-inch vented rib barrel, serrated trigger, adjustable rear sight, magazine interlock with a manual slide hold open, external hammer and firing pin block safety. Available in satin nickel or matte black finish. Design for standard velocity target ammunition.

*Note: Not for sale in IL

Specific Caliber .22 LR
Barrel Length 3
Magazine Capacity 10
Finish/Grips Black/Black

22 Reviews

  • The 22lr gun

    Posted by Larry dieter on Jan 18th 2020

    I had one of these but then sold it to my son. But am now going to buy another one with the longer barrel

  • Great value!

    Posted by Donnie on Nov 26th 2018

    I bought this little pistol in 22lr blued finish first and liked it so well, I bought one in the same caliber with the nickel finish. I’ve actually worn the blues one out and am sending it back to the factory for refurbishing. They have a lifetime warranty for the original owner. You just can’t beat it for the price!

  • Suprisingly good gun

    Posted by David on Jul 19th 2017

    I initially bought this gun to take fishing with me. I wanted something small and cheap. Don't let the diminutive stature fool you. This gun feels a lot bigger than it's actual size. It shot flawlessly and my neighbor has decided he wants one too. It is new but so far I feel like I made a terrific choice.

  • good pocket conceal to shoot from 10 feet..

    Posted by Qman on Mar 2nd 2017

    Ok accuracy but wouldn't want to try to use it past 10 feet. Complicated safety makes me pause to take it off.
    EXTREMELY difficult to take apart to clean. Real PITA!
    Both front/back sights completely black, difficult to really see where I'm shooting in a lit, indoor range.
    10 round mag is a plus, as well as being American Made.
    around $100, it's neither a bad gun, nor a great gun. Basically, you get what you pay for.

  • 22

    Posted by Zipit80 on Sep 1st 2014

    Man this was fun! Ran 400+ rounds and only one jam for the price you can't beat it

  • Great handgun

    Posted by Raz on Apr 24th 2014

    Love this little gun. It eats all ammo that I put in it. Very accurate good weight and feels like a more expensive handgun. I did the mods for the safeties before I even fired it the first time. I am very impressed with this gun. I did not expect much for a handgun that is so cheap. I plan to have this on me pretty much all the time. Now don't get me wrong I carry my 9 when we are traveling. But just around town I plan on having this in my pocket at all times. I know people that would give me crap for carrying a 22. But shot placement is key to any shooter and this hp22a is pretty much dead on at 15-20 yards.

  • Nice pistol & a fix for last round slide lock back

    Posted by Willy on Jan 28th 2014

    I love this HP-22. It just looks right and feels right. There are fixes for the multiple safeties if you like to do that. The thing shoots as well as any other small caliber pistol. And there is a fix for the slide not locking back on the last round fired.

  • Wow - great handgun for the price

    Posted by Travis on Dec 31st 2013

    I have nothing but praise after spending $139 for this gun from Impact Guns. Ordered online, they delivered quickly to their store for pick up. It has become my kids favorite gun when we go to the shooting range or out in the country to practice. They all love to shoot it. I did not expect it to be so solid of a purchase. It does have a 2 safety set up which is fine since this is not my every day personal handgun but really one to teach the kids safe gun care and shooting. I actually find I like shooting this little gun too and have taken it into our back country excursions. We have yet to have any problems or have even one shell get jammed. I highly recommend this to someone who doesn't have much to spend but would like a 22LR handgun.

  • Not for Gun Snobs...

    Posted by Mick on Sep 6th 2013

    Quality gun for $120. Bought two extend clip mags for the pinky and the holster. USE only standard velocity LEAD bullets...The book says 1150fps or less...I plan to use the 1200fps Blazers...Great gun, great price, lifetime warranty

  • Fantastic pistol

    Posted by Winston on Aug 6th 2013

    I bought the Phoenix after reading some reviews and out curiosity. I could not be more impressed. I have had and shot lots of handguns, both rim fire and center fire. My Phoenix is the most reliable 22lr handgun I've ever shot. It has less malfunctions that my Ruger Mark III's.

    This gun purchase is a no brainer. I will purchase a few more.

  • Good weapon for the money

    Posted by Coloneljim on Mar 26th 2013

    I bought this weapon for a glove box gun, but liked it so well that I carry it in my hip pocket. Very accurate to be a small weapon, Made some modification so I could get the mag out easy, Getting one for my daughter and wife to carry, they like shooting it, and if it was not on me, my daughter would have taken it. I like the weight close to the weight of a Springfield XDM 9mm. Would recommend it for a training, Glove box, night stand weapon.

  • update to my reveiw

    Posted by fred sw ok on Oct 10th 2012

    i like everything about this gun except no last round hold open. i load one 22LR quiet first in the mag so it will not cycle and i know its empty.also i ordered the 5" barrel and the extended grip mag.well worth the price.

  • impact guns/HP22 both winners

    Posted by fred from sw ok. on Sep 21st 2012

    a real bargain and impact guns made the purchase effortless. will buy here again.

  • Great!

    Posted by Ken on Sep 18th 2012

    I bought the HP-22 to practice with to go with my excellent Hi-Point C9. I can shoot it 5 times for the same cost as 1 shot with the Hi-Point. I have run 700-800 rounds through it and it performs great. I initially had a few failures to eject but once I changed ammunition, it has been perfect. I would recommend it highly to anyone who wants a very affordable 22 and I would recommend the C9 to anyone who wants an affordable 9mm.

  • Reliable little pistol

    Posted by Ken on Sep 5th 2012

    This has been a reliable and fun little pistol. Was looking for an affordable plinker. Saw this firearm, did some research and the price sold me. I expected a few hiccups during break-in but had zero. Have run nearly 400 rounds through it in less than a month and it has performed flawlessly. Only ammo shot so far is CCI standard velocity. The safety mechanisms take a little getting used to, like having to push the MAG release to insert another MAG, but you get used to it. It is a tad on the heavy side for its size, but for the price and reliability who cares. Already saving to buy another one.

  • WOW - What a deal

    Posted by Old Codger on Sep 2nd 2012

    Saw an excellent HP-22 review by an ex-special ops commando on a survival blog. Bought one, and think it?s a great little pistol. Disassembly is easy enough. Keeping the recoil spring in place during reassembly is the only sticky point. You?ll master it after a couple tries. Supposed to shoot only standard velocity rounds according to factory. The first 50 I put thru mine were high velocity as I was itchy to try it and only had those available. Not a single hiccup. Accurate, and feels comfortable with the extended magazine for large hands. Solidly built bargain.

  • Great .22 for the money!

    Posted by Wesley on Mar 24th 2012

    Good accuracy, good concealability.

    The safety features are something to get used to and taking it apart takes some practice.

    If you don't mind paying a bit extra for the deluxe kit it will add even more versatility to your pistol.

  • I'm impressed!

    Posted by JW on Mar 9th 2012

    Best quality for the price. Been dependable and more accurate than I imagined. Wish it was a little lighter but fits great in your pocket. Or fairly easy to conceal anywhere. Phoenix is alright with me. Impact Guns made buying easy and a good experience.

  • What a gun!!!

    Posted by Proud owner on Dec 22nd 2011

    Perfect to conceal!

  • Perfect

    Posted by Jason on Dec 22nd 2011

    I love this little gun. It is most accurate small gun I have ever shot. I purchased my first Phoenix HP22 gun and loved it so much that I purchased 6 more. My wife, mother, and each child love them.

  • Good Value

    Posted by Chuck on Dec 16th 2011

    This little .22 has been completely reliable, and I am impressed by that. I have had it several years, running about 400 rnds through it, and have had no fails of any kind. I shoot my BuckMark a lot more often, but for the money, this is a handy little gun. It is clumsy to dis-assemble for complete cleaning, but I have vowed to only use a bore snake & Q-tips ever since the one time I had it all apart.

  • Decent little .22

    Posted by Mark on Nov 10th 2011

    I bought one of these just because of the price figuring that I could risk $100.00 on a pistol even if it turned out to be junk. I have been pleasantly surprised by this little gun, it is much less picky about ammo than my Browning Buckmark is and is pretty accurate considering the size of the gun. I have fired several magazines through it without a hiccup. I would recommend one for anyone looking for a fun plinker.

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