Dutch Auction Rules

What is a dutch auction?

A dutch auction, or reverse auction, is a method of selling where the price of an item is continually reduced until a buyer purchases the item.
Currently, no Dutch Auctions are active.


  1. Each item will drop each day until sold or at the end of 5 days. Price changes to the items in the auction happen at 10:00am MST,

  2. Auction will start Sept 4th, 2018 thru Sept 8th 5pm
  3. No layaways,
  4. All sales final, Web orders, phone calls or in store orders accepted - first come first served- limited to inventory in our possesion

  5. Auction can end at any time without notice,

  6. It is possible that you may not get the item you are attempting to buy if another customer buys it at the same time.  Our system will update as quickly as possible, but for some high demand items it is possible that two or more people would buy an item even though there is only one left.