Radians Electronic Hearing Muff

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Radians 430-EHP is an electronic sound amplification earmuff. One independent microphone picks up and amplifies low sound level noises. Compact folding feature for easy storage. When sound levels...

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Radians Cease Fire Earplugs, Red

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Noise activated internal baffle technology reduces impulse noise while still allowing normal conversation. Eliminates plugged up feeling sometimes associated with earplug wear. These plugs are...

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Radians Digital AM/FM Earmuff

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Use with portable music players or smart phones. Preset up to eight different radio stations per band. Fully adjustable headband for a comfortable custom fit. Digital AM/FM radio tuning with LCD...

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Radians Foam Earplugs, Red

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Foam earplugs tapered shape offers the most natural fit and seal for ear canal. Low pressure, self-adjusting foam offers long wearing comfort with a very quick recovery time. Smooth skin surface...

Radians Low Profile Earmuff 21 dB Camo

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Low profile earmuff with a moisture wicking headband, and a compact folding feature that allows easy storage. NRR 21 dB. Available in camo.Category : Hearing ProtectionType : EarmuffColor : CamoNRR :...

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Radians Lowset Earmuff 21 dB Orange

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Radians Lowset 21 Earmuff has foam filled, cushion padding on earcups along with evenly spread tension in the headband which allows for comfortable wear while wearing protective safety glasses.They...


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Pro-Amp electronic muff a full function electronic earmuff with an affordable price. Automatically compresses harmful impulse and continuous noises to a safe hearing. Enhances low level sounds to...

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Radians Snug Plugs Earplugs Red/Black

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Super soft Snug Plugs are washable, reusable and include a reusable flip top carrying case on a header cord. FDA approved material for comfortable hearing protection.Category : Hearing ProtectionType...

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