Knights Armament

Knight's MK23 .45 Caliber Suppressor

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KAC MK23 .45 Caliber Suppressor. KAC has been involved with sound reduction devices since its inception. Some early projects have included the snap-on 9mm, Colt 9mm SMG, ACR Program, Colt...

Code Blue Estrus Doe Urine 1 oz

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Get the attention of the big bucks with this doe estrous deer scent. Each bottle of Whitetail Doe Estrous is collected from a single doe in heat, making it the purest deer scent on the market. Pour...

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Code Blue Whitetail Estrous Gel 2 oz

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Whitetail Doe Estrous or Whitetail Buck Gel. Certified, numbered doe estrous urine or buck urine from a single whitetail in a gel form. The ideal all weather scent because gel will not wash away or...

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