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G96 Gun Treatment Spray Lubricant 12 oz

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This is the single and best gun care maintenance product ever designed to solve a gun owner's cleaning, lubricating and corrosion protection problems. A unique formulation of active lubricants will...

G-96 1108 Military Grade Bore Solvent 4oz 1 Bottle

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Bore cleaning solvent cleans by powerful solvent penetration, without alkaline ingredients. Won't cause corrosion or staining. Available in 4 fl. oz. bottle. Safe to use on metals, pH Neutral. Will...

G96 Nitro Solvent 6oz Aerosol

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Neutralizes the corrosive acid residue built up from plastic shot shells. Heavy duty solvents quickly remove leading, powder residue and metal fouling.ProductPageNumber : Made In The USA : Made In...

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G96 Silicone Spray 10oz Aerosol

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Lubricates and releases. Ends sticking and binding. Prevents rust. Displaces moisture.Made In The USA : Made In The USA Item Description : G96 SILICONE SPRAY 10OZ Size : 10 oz...

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Silicone cloth puts a deep (like new luster) on all metal surfaces to repel dirt, prevent finger marks, and displace moisture. Constructed of heavy weight flannel triple treated and fully impregnated...