Excaliber C2 Crank Cocking Aid

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Reduces effort required to draw any model. Guarantees consistent string alignment. Detaches in seconds when the bow is cocked. Constructed of high strength aluminum alloys.Category : Archery and...

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Excaliber Crossbow Stringer, Black

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Adjustable, heavy duty stringer designed to facilitate stringing and unstringing an Excalibur Crossbow. Included instructions explain how stringer is attached to the limbs and trigger for ease in...

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Excaliber Micro Realtree Crossbow TH 335

Available Online In Limited Quantities

The Micro just got magnum power. Built on the popular Micro 335 platform, the Micro 355 packs incredible performance into an ultra-compact design. It features the stylish and comfortable Feather-Lite...

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Excaliber Serving Wax

$9.99 $7.64
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Serving Wax will dramatically increase string life by reducing the friction created when firing your crossbow. Comes in a handy resealable container.Category : Archery and AccessoriesType : Serving...

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Excaliber Aluminum Arrows Firebolt, 20", 6/Pack

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Accurate, reliable high and performance. Excalibur's arrows are made from the highest quality materials to exact specifications to ensure the best possible accuracy while using broadheads.Category :...

Excaliber Ex-Lube Rail Lubricants

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EX-LUBE is designed to extend the life of your string's serving and maximize the speed of your crossbow by reducing friction. This odor free, non-toxic lubricant comes in a handy tube and continues...

Excaliber Field Points, Silver

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Excalibur Field Points are available in 12 pks. and are 150 grain.Category : Archery and AccessoriesType : Field PointModel : ExcaliburWeight : 150 GrainsDraw Weight : 150 lbsColor : SilverQuantity :...

Excaliber Superior Lubrication Ex-Oil

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EX-OIL This superior, all purpose lubricant will keep your bow and it s trigger mechanism functioning flawlessly in even the toughest weather. Ex-Oil comes in a convenient container that will allow...