DoubleStar Oops Replacement Kit

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Includes replacements of the most commonly lost or damaged parts: 4 takedown pin detents, 4 takedown pin detent springs, 2 buffer detents, 2 buffer detent springs, 2 firing pin retainers, 2 selector...

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DoubleStar AR-15 Lower Parts Kit, Semi Auto

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This kit contains every part that fits inside a lower receiver and includes the pistol grip. Only U.S. GI Spec. parts are used. The Kit includes: Fire control group Fire control group pins and...

DoubleStar Ace Compact AK Receiver Block Black

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Internal Receiver Block requires modification to the receiver; i.e.. the tang on the back of the receiver must be cut off then filed or ground smooth. Internal receiver block will then simply bolt...

DoubleStar Ace Original Skeleton Stock 8.5" Black

$113.99 $88.59
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End cap and butt are machined from solid aluminum billet, oxide blasted and hard anodized. Top bar and center brace are turned from the super strong engineered polymer Delrin. Includes choice of .5"...

DoubleStar Field Repair Kit

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Includes: extractor, two extractor springs with insert, disconnector, gas ring set, extractor pin, firing pin, two firing pin retainers, cam pin, hammer spring, trigger spring, disconnector spring,...