AR-15 Chamber Brush

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Designed to clean the chamber and lug recess area. The front brush has bronze bristles with a stainless steel core while the rear portion has longer stainless steel bristles. Brush is male threaded...

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Brownells Acraglas Gel Kit 4 oz

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Acraglas-Gel has been custom formulated by the country's leading epoxy engineer to combine every modern improvement of the industry into one superior gun bedding compound. Total stability, recoil...

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Brownells Quick Set Sling Tan

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The Brownell Latigo sling is the first sling ever offered to shooters that does not require an assortment of hooks, laces or gimmicks to give you quick, positive setting of any length sling desired...

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Brownells Steel Bed Kit 9 Piece

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Brownells steel bed kit. 20 minute working time. Steel-bearing bedding compound. For wood & fiberglass stocks. 72% stainless steel. 100% skin-tight, stock-to-metal fit. Shrinks less than 1/10 of 1%...

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1911 Auto Bushing Wrench

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Does not damage finishes. Virtually Unbreakable. Pocket sized. Versatile, double-ended design. Used to remove the barrel bushing from the 1911 Autos. Fits all the calibers and variations; Colt-made...

Formula 44/40 Gun Blue 2 Ounce

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Original high-speed formula. Instant deep penetrating blueing action. Fast, easy, wipe-off, application. Superb for touch-up. Great for external and internal parts and pieces.