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Boker Plus Axe 5.625" SK5 Axe G10 Tan

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The "Tomahook" design is highly effective as a hatchet, with its wide, sharp edge, it can also be used as a lever, as the top of the ax head is sharpened like a chisel. In addition, the handle can be...

Boker Plus Fire Starter Striker 4.75" Black

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The Boker Plus magnesium fire starter is indispensable utensil in emergency situations. The chips produced with the enclosed scraper help tremendously to rapidly kindle the camp fire or emergency...

Boker Plus Folder 2.75" Drop Point Ebony Wood

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Boker's Plus Damascus Gent II is a smaller version of the Gent I model. It is extremely lightweight and has flat construction that allows for extraordinary carry comfort, along with its compact...

Boker Plus Folder 3.42" VG-10 Titanium

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Urban Trapper features a thin titanium frame-lock profile. The large holes in the titanium handle transform the Urban Trapper into a true lightweight that can be conveniently carried in a suit pocket...