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Wolf Performance 7.62X39 Bimetal FMJ 122 GR 1000Rds

Wolf Performance 7.62X39 Bimetal FMJ 122 GR 1000Rds

Wolf 762BFMJ Performance 7.62X39 Bimetal FMJ 122 GR 1000Rds

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Reviewed by 10 customer  
Corrosive, but cycles well, December 29, 2010
What else can I say? It is cheap, reliable, yet REALLY dirty practice ammo. I have only shot it through an SKS, so I am not expecting great accuracy, but it is fun for attempting to plink coffee cans a few hundred yards away. Be sure to clean your gun after shooting this stuff. That being said, it is a great way of breaking in a new rifle. Shoot a few hundred rounds of this through your rifle, clean with a bore polish and you will have an accurate rifle.
By Lpete from Providence, Utah
Dirty, Dirty Russians, December 22, 2010
Well, it's cheap. So there's that. This stuff is filthy...and not in a good way like that Russian girl you met at the club last weekend. But she'll get the job done. Like other reviewers have said, you should be cleaning your SKS and AK thoroughly after every use anyway, so it may not bother you. Other than that it pretty much is what it is. Cheap, practice ammo. Go nuts.
By Eric from Texas
Good value for plinking, December 22, 2010
I shoot this alot in my mini-30. Accuracy isn't the greatest 2.5" at 100 yards but fine for plinking. I think it is a very good value for high volume shooting.
By Grendel6.5 from Florida
Wolf Ammo, December 16, 2010
I have fired hundreds of this round through my SKS and have never had any problem. It is reasonably accurate for most any plinking or hunting out to about 200 yards. Good round for the money
By ohenkle from iowa
good ammo, December 16, 2010
Wolf is a fairly popular ammo for AK shooters. I bought a few boxes to test out and was satisfied with the product. I am not much for worrying about target grouping so I can't say much about detailed accuracy. If I was aiming at a human sized target, I would have hit it every time. Several torso hits and a few "lucky" head shots. This was my first time out with a new rifle and new to this caliber as well so all I can really say is I was happy with the results. Decent price but I prefercheaper ammo for target shooting.
By Richard Blackburn from CA
Good stuff, December 06, 2010
This is some pretty good stuff. I have two AK's and an SKS and it works flawless in all of them. It is still fairly cheap. Even though it says non corrosive I wouldn't take any chances and clean the rifle anyway.
By Shawn from Michigan
You get what you pay for, December 03, 2010
I went through a brick of this stuff with an SKS, and I agree with the other reviewers, it's not the cleanest ammo money can buy. That doesn't bother me too much, because guns should be cleaned after use regardless of ammunition choice. What did bother me were the many malfunctions with the ammo. I experienced several failures-to-feed and a few failures-to-fire - probably 12-15 faulty rounds in all. It's not a big deal financially, just a hassle when you're out at the range. If you're looking for cheap ammunition, Wolf is the brand to buy, just don't expect it to perform flawlessly.
By John from New Hampshire
Great Ammo, Just a little Dirty, November 30, 2010
My SGL-21 eats this stuff up. I've had a 0 duds using this ammo in that rifle after thousands of rounds. It is a little bit on the dirty side, so be prepared to do a little cleaning. Otherwise, this is a great value quality ammunition.
By Ikeaboy from Warrenton, VA
Cheap and Dirty, November 18, 2010
I've put allot of ammo through my ak47 the majority of it being Wolf surplus ammunition. For plinking and target practice it is great ammunition cheap and you don't need to bother with the cases. Yet you get what you pay for. The first drawback is how dirty it is, and it is dirty ammo. It's also corrosive so you really need to clean the weapon after each shooting session. Special attention should be paid to the chamber and barrel due to the lacquer blowing off in the high temp environment. Beyond how dirty it is I've only had one round fail to fire. I believe it had been manufactured without powder. I was left with the actual bullet just past the chamber after a quick swab with the attached cleaning rod I was good to go. For volume shooting you either load your own, spend a fortune, or buy Wolf. I'm going to keep using Wolf.
By Erro from New Mexico
Great!, November 16, 2010
Excellent ammo, works great in my SKS. I have used over a thousand rounds and not one jam or misfire. All in all a great buy!
By Bob from Colorado
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