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Windham Weaponry AR15 MPC M4 A3 5.56/223 16" W/Carry Handle, 30 Rnd Mag

Windham Weaponry AR15 MPC M4 A3 5.56/223 16" W/Carry Handle, 30 Rnd Mag

Windham Weaponry AR15 MPC M4 A3 5.56/223 16" W/Carry Handle, 30 Rnd Mag

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Reviewed by 11 customer  
WM AR MPC 223/556, February 11, 2017
Very pleased with my rifle enjoying every time I pull the trigger and the brass starts to fly. Seriously excellent weapon. Well done WM. Going to put a scope on but not sure what to get.
By John from Alabama
Two years and well over a 1k rounds......, September 25, 2016
I bought my MPC over two years ago, have bought five AR's since (total of 7) and bar none, this is still my favorite. The only changes have been Magpul furniture, removed carry handle for Vortex SPARC II optic and had the trigger group professionally polished. For the money (& a couple hundred more), you can't go wrong if your adding this to your collection or just starting out buying your first AR15. FWIW- WW is the original owner, factory, equipment and a majority of skilled employees that made Bushmaster the "gold standard" of the 90's. Bushmaster was sold to Freedom Group/Cerberus Capital who moved the company to New York State. After the " no compete" clause of the sale expired, Richard Dyke decided to build a better rifle with everything that Bushmaster left behind in Windham Maine....and they have.
By DawnPatrol234 from South Florida
You will wish you had two..., September 03, 2016
Even on my old Bushmaster, I had to put in a JP trigger! This weapon is complete. Excellent crisp mil spec trigger. Fit and finish is Ausome. Oh yes, I now owe TWO. Windom Weaponry is a high quality Mfg. Co. A most excellent classic with subtle upgrades!!! Buy one or two!
By Smurf from Las Vegas, Nevada
The Windham Story, July 17, 2014
And few years ago, the owner of Bushmaster in Windham, Maine decided to retire. He sold the company to Freedom Group. Freedom Group moved production elsewhere,leaving an empty factory, and a bunch of experienced workers unemployed. Bushmaster's former owner decided to start a new company, Windham Weaponry, with the goal of making better rifles than Bushmaster made. He hired back a bunch of former Bushmaster people, and there you are. You can't go wrong with Windham.
By Mark from Louisiana
Can't go wrong, February 21, 2014
I wanted to get back into an AR platform rifle after many years without, ( had a Colt Match Target H-Bar) great gun. doing alot of research I decidid on an M4 style. Then value for the money, Windham came out on top. I purchesd the MPC mdl. Great product excelant fit and finish outstanding warrenty. I was only able to put 10rnds. downrange so far (weather conds.) dead on at 25yds. IMHO, Windham Weaponry is my choice.
By Greg from Michigan
Pick it up., January 01, 2014
Okay. This is an unbiased review of Windham's MPC M4 model. Where to begin? Just pick it up. Go to a gun store and physically pick up a different brand, and then handle a Windham. I am not a fan boy of any manufacturer...I'll post this review where ever I can, because I rarely get impressed with a weapon. That being said, I've owned everything. Colts, Bushmasters, Rock Rivers, Etc.. I went in to find a starter rifle for my lady friend who wanted to get into tactical rifles. I was going to pick up a bushmaster, or something low end. Just to get her started. Everything felt so...plastic? And I felt like I was going to break them. They didn't have a solid build. Or there was too much play between receivers. AR-15's are a crap-shoot. If you're lucky. You'll get one that doesn't give you too much trouble. If you're not...AR's can go REALLY bad. Right when I picked up the Windham. I was very happy with the quality of the build. No slop. It was just a really solid feeling rifle. Chrome lined barrel. So the life of the barrel is going to be good. One thirty round mag, pretty standard. Carrying handle. Basically every feature of the Bushmaster XM-15-E2S. With one HUGE difference. The quality and care, and construction of the build itself, supersedes MOST of the rifles I've seen. There is always a corner cut somewhere, to save money on mass production. The Windham? It appeared that a loving gun-nut spent a LOT of time machining and constructing this ONE rifle just for me. No corners cut. No excuses. I like that. The warranty just can't be matched. Lifetime. No BS. And it's transferable to any other owner, that may acquire the weapon. WHAT?! A lot of people say that Windham is Bushmaster. I have Bushmaster's weapons. And I'll tell you this. Those people are wrong. Bushmaster customer service wasn't NEARLY as nice to me as Windham was when I called in for a warranty on the TWO rifles I bought from them that day. The guy that answered the phone genuinely wanted to know what I thought of the build. It's a small, up-and-coming company. But they care about their customers, and their opinions. I'm intensely impressed. Shooting. On first glance, I noticed that this "entry-level" rifle would shoot LITERALLY anything I put into it. Cheap-O rounds, dirty rounds, anything. Heck, I'm sure if I primed a rock, and put some powder behind it, it would shoot too. Now I put my personal rifles through rigorous testing. I want to make sure that NOTHING fails. 2500 rds through it without a cleaning. Not a failure to feed, a misfire, a light-strike. Not even a slight hiccup. Right out of the box. 1" groupings at 100 yards. Beat that, with no sight adjustment. This is supposedly their entry level rifle. But for the parts, reliability, and craftsmanship...I'm definitely excited to get my hands on some of their classier models. Windham Weaponry? You've got me hooked.
By Chris from Florida
Shoots everything accurately, July 12, 2013
I've played with a bunch of different types of ammo and this baby shoots it all accurately. Great fit and finish and not a single issue in thousands of rounds. Great rifle at a great price. The bang (pardon the pun) for the buck can't be beat.
By Ed from NY
Awesome gun, July 07, 2013
Windham Weaponry IS NOT Bushmaster which is why their fit and finish is so much better than Bushmaster.
By Shawn from Alabama
Windham, February 18, 2013
Windham IS Bushmaster just to clear it up if anybody was wondering>>>> note: (WAS Bushmaster)
By TactArms from CA
love it., November 14, 2012
I have shot about 400 round, no cleaning and the gun has worked perfect. I don't buy any special ammo, i just get the cheapest one (tulammo). The gun is good quality, and they offer life time warranty. I haven't had any jams or malfunctions. Its a good deal.
By R.A. from midland, tx
the price is right, November 10, 2012
After reading throught the brochure that came with th ecarbine i gathered that pretty much everyone that works at Windham Weaponry was a long time employee of Bushmaster Arms. maybe they all got ticked and left, maybe the company announced there would be no more company christmas party......but who is to say for sure? anyhow, this carbine is pretty standard, the features reflect the price however the build quality is superb. my one and only complaint is the front sight/gas block. the upper receiver being a flat top m4 style makes the front a2 style sight kind of "IN THE WAY" for mounting optics and such, im not saying its impossible to swap gas blocks, im mearly pointing out a paradox. after about 600 rds of wolf and umc without a single malfunction i can say "yeah i would buy that again". im eagerly waiting to see what the new kid on the block will come up with next.
By LAT60N from Alaska
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