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Wilson Combat Ultima-Lube Universal, 10CC Syringe

Wilson Combat Ultima-Lube Universal, 10CC Syringe

Wilson Combat Ultima-Lube Universal, 10CC Syringe

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ULTIMA-LUBE® virtually eliminates metal-to-metal friction through the use of high-quality conventional lubricants as a carrier and electrochemical ionization utilizing anti-friction metal treatment technology. Therefore, the lubricating benefits of ULTIMA-LUBE® are twofold: the high-quality conventional lubricant stays where you put it without getting all over your clothes, hands and shooting glasses. Simultaneously, the anti-friction metal treatment ''PLATES" the metal contact surfaces with a virtual "FRICTION-FREE" surface to eliminate galling and surface wear from friction. Since the metal treatment actually fills the microscopic pores of the metal surface, these surfaces retain adequate lubrication even after the carrier lubricant has been removed. This unique combination of lubricating methods has proven ideal for today's high-tech semi-auto weapons, whether manufactured of conventional steels, aluminum alloys or stainless steel. In addition, we have found nothing superior to ULTIMA-LUBE® for proper lubrication of the tightly fitted custom handguns that Wilson Combat pistolsmiths have built their reputation on.
This combination package of oil, grease and bore solvent will keep your firearm in top operating condition. Ultima Lube bore solvent quickly and aggressively dissolves and strips away powder residue, metal deposits, lead, and brass fouling without harming the integrity of the metal surface. The bore cleaner protects and lubricates surfaces between cleanings. Ultima Lube nearly eliminates metal to metal friction on your weapons critical contact surfaces. The syringe tubes insure that the lubricant stays where you put it, not on your clothes and hands.
This Item Is No Longer Available.
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