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Walther PPS, 9MM 3.2", Black

Walther PPS, 9MM 3.2", Black

Walther PPS, 9MM 3.2", Black

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ITEM #: 698958029824
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Reviewed by 11 customer  
Perfect ccw weapon, June 12, 2013
Great Gun! Slim, lightweight, and good caliber.(Mine is the 9mm) I will shoot this thing all day and not have any issues with my hand hurting. I also have larger hands and it still aims and fits fine. All around great purchase. Just wish the mags were easier to find.
By Taylor from Fort Lauderdale, FL
Walther PPS Does Have a Decocker, February 15, 2013
I love my PPS. It is lightweight, slim, I have nearly 1000 flawless rounds through it, and I would trust my life to it. My PPS fires whatever ammo I put into it. My real intention for posting is to correct a previous post indicating this firearm does not have a decocker. The Walther PPS does in fact have a decocker. The backstrap of the grip is removable, and doing so does in fact safely decock the weapon. Paired with a limbsaver, I am comfortable all day at the range with my PPS. Highly recommended.
By David from Salt Lake City
Very good gun, October 25, 2012
This is a nice 9mm but it lacks a decocker. It's very slim and comfortable
By Joemama from Ga
Great gun, July 20, 2012
A great accurate gun and easy to use. The Walther is compact and thin and easily concealable, perfect for CFP holders. The 9mm recoil is tolerable considering the size. The only bad part about this gun is the long trigger reset. The Magazine release is on the trigger guard and is difficult to access using your thumb, however using your index finger works just fine. I would rate this gun as a fine gun with little to no problems.
By Matt H. from Salt Lake City Utah
Excellent, July 07, 2012
This is an amazing gun. Light, thin, soft shooting, accurate and reliable! I've never had a failure with this gun, despite my best efforts. My only complaint is the magazine release on the trigger guard - and only because I prefer the standard mag release. However, it is growing on me. That being said, I cannot stress how awesome this gun is!!!
By Seth from NY
Sivispace, April 05, 2012
Wow! I just got mine! I normally carry a Glock 27 in cold weather and have no complaints. But this Walther has a great trigger, better than Glock. It fits all of my Glock 27 holsters; points naturally and the sights are great. The manual of arms is similar to Glock other than the magazine release. The Walther has a better Hk-USB style magazine release. I wish they made a bigger version. Thanks Impact for another great purchase.
By Sivispace from Western Washington
Excellent Weapon, October 27, 2011
My CCW of choice. I love the size,power and feel of the weapon in my hand as far as grip. Very easy to conceal with my iwb holster. There has been times my wife didnt even know i had the gun on me until she got all touchy feely or hugged me. I carry concealed and like to keep a low profile so if that is what you are looking for you will be satisfied. Fun to shoot. The only problem(stiff slide & magazine,failure to feed) when i first bought the gun, i had to break it in roughly after 200 rounds things smoothed out. So if you buy the gun new and it jams or fail to feed within first few months dont become frustrated. Love this gun.
By Gun's from Va Beach, Va
Great for its intended purpose, December 01, 2010
This is a great shooter. The one I fired was flawless. The recoil is easy on you and overall it's not hard to shoot at all. The single stack grip takes a little getting use to. My only con to this is the mag release and I'm sure you could get use to that as well. I just don't like the design of it.
By Nate from Idaho
Easily concealable and looks good too!, November 27, 2010
I've had my PPS 9mm for 8 months and put well over 500 rounds through it. No problems! It is my cc of choice. I get reliability, power, comfort (changeable grip plates and pinky extension on the mag), and good looks all from this little sub-com beauty...not to mention how FUN it is to shoot! FYI: I recommend getting an 8 rnd mag as soon as you can find took me almost 8 months to find them in stock, so i bought two.
By LeftHandMT from Middle Tennessee
The Best, November 16, 2010
One of the best carry guns in the market
By Aponte from Puerto Rico
Awesome carry gun!, October 19, 2010
I was finally able to handle this gun in person! A cop friend had one he carries as a homicide detective. I was impressed with the small dimensions, the fit and finish and the potential for concealment in a hot environment. Right now I carry a Ruger LCP and a Glock 27. The Walther bridges the gap between the two and I can't wait to add it to my collection!
By Sivispace from Portland Oregon Metropolitan area
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