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Walther PPS, 40, 3.2", Black

Walther PPS, 40, 3.2", Black

Walther PPS, 40,  3.2", Black

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ITEM #: 698958029831
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Reviewed by 4 customer  
An outstanding CCW - 1 month owner, May 15, 2012
I'm an ardent supporter of this weapon as being both a great weapon generally and a good CCW for my build (5'10" - overweight). Since my purchase, I've carried it almost daily and have been satisfied that I can carry this in shorts and a polo shirt without much issue because it is a super flat gun for the caliber. With the default 6 round magazine, most shooters should be able to get all of their fingers on the grip, with the dangling pinky an annoyance of mine regarding weapons that go much smaller than the Walther PPS. While the weapon has a slight blockiness to it, the grip ergonomics are almost as good as my H&K P30 .40 Caliber. As noted, the backstrap is also interchangeable if you want it to fit in a larger grip. Incidentally, while this weapon has the typical striker fired, drop-safety only system a'la Glock, you can completely safe the weapon by removing the backstrap, which decocks the striker and makes it impossible to fire. While some look at this as a potential failure point as the backstrap could somehow fall off in a crisis situation, as a parent, I appreciate the option of being able to easily and completely safe the weapon. At this point, I've put about 250 rounds through it, and I've got to say that again using my H&K P30 as a bench mark, that this weapon's felt recoil for me was the same, so the spring system is very well designed for the felt recoil to be the same when the Walther is significantly smaller. I'm also making 8" groups just plinking around at the 15 yard line, so the accuracy is just as good as my full size pistols as well.
By Smitty from Dallas, Texas
Excellent Pistol!, January 25, 2012
The PPS in .40 caliber is currently my favorite pistol. I only have about a thousand rounds through it at this time, but have thus far not experienced a single malfunction. For its very small, slim and concealable size, it is incredibly manageable - I am more accurate with it than I am with my larger Glocks in the same caliber. The European-style magazine release in the trigger guard takes a little bit of getting used to, but I actually like it now as engagement is very quick and positive with a middle finger on my shooting hand. The fit and finish on this pistol are awesome. IMHO, Walther got everything right on this one. I'm planning to buy another in 9mm so that I can save a bit on range ammo. I cannot recommend the PPS highly enough.
By Wagner from New York, NY
Slim with a punch, November 21, 2010
Certainly one of the smallest reliable handguns of .40 cal or higher. Small and light with good ergonomics (replaceable backstrap really makes a difference in fit). Very easy to conceal even with light clothing on. Mine had a problem feeding with one of the 4 mags I have for it. Replacing the spring solved the problem and it has been quite reliable since.
By Jester from Old Dominion
slide lock problem, then replaced, November 16, 2010
Had for about a year. After the first 30 rounds or so, the slide locked back and would not budge. Returned to my local dealer and got a replacement in a day or two. Have not had any problems with the new one. Its a bit snappy, but handles well. Nice and slim for carry.
By Paul from Arkansas
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