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Walther PPQ Pistol - 9mm Black Finish, 15 Rnd Mag

Walther PPQ Pistol - 9mm Black Finish, 15 Rnd Mag

Walther PPQ Pistol - 9mm Black Finish, 15 Rnd Mag

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ITEM #: 698958030745
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Reviewed by 5 customer  
Excellent weapon, July 28, 2013
Bought a PPQ M2 in 9mm from Impact in Ogden, UT just this past month. This is a very wonderful firearm. Took weapon straight to the range after paperwork complete. First 15 rounds where in the bull and touching at 15 yards. Trigger is the best part of the weapon and makes it standout. Ergonomics overall are outstanding. Have fired 400 rounds to date without a single FTF or FTE with ammo ranging from PMC 115gr FMJ to FC 124 gr HP. M2 variant has push button mag release. If you want an excellent well-engineered firearm look at the PPQ. High quality and upper mid-price range but worth it. Warning ammo budget will go up and magazines and holsters are hard to find at this time.
By Joe from Ogden, UT
Great Pistol, Discontinued Already?, March 06, 2013
I picked up a moderately used .40 S&W PPQ last year. The slide showed very minor holster wear, the previous owner didn't clean it before shipping it to my FFL, and it only came with the large backstrap. Took it to the range for the first time and, suffice to say, my fears were put to rest. The PPQ functioned perfectly, the ergonomics were spot on (even the mag release) and no failures to fire out of 100 rounds. Even with the internals filthy it never malfunctioned. As of 2013, however, I think Walther has discontinued (or so it seems) their original PPQ line. Instead they're pushing a standard mag release PPQ M2 and a cheaper PPX model. Poor form on Walther, but no complaints with my PPQ.
By Van from N.C.
PPQ .40 rocks, March 02, 2013
I have the .40SW model and it is a great shooting gun. It handles recoil better than a Glock, its extremely accurate and very ergonomic. I'm actually looking for the matching 9mm due to ammo cost. The trigger is simply outstanding. Best out of box in a striker fired polymer gun.
By RainmanE350 from Sterling Heights, MI
Walther PPQ, January 14, 2013
Bought this gun in October and love it. I've put about 300 rounds through it without any problems. This is my second Walther purchase the other was a PK380. What I love about these pistols is the ambidextrous magazine release since I'm a lefty. My son and son in law both think it's a great handgun. It does take sometime getting use to the quick trigger. I would highly recommend the PPQ to anyone. Can't go wrong purchasing the PPQ.
By West Texas Girl from Lubbock, TX
Perfect for me, November 29, 2012
I would rate this gun a 5, but its my only gun so I don't have anything to compare it to besides my dad's Browning Hi Power Mark IiI I grew up shooting. It's a bit snappier than the heavier gun, but if you're used to polymer pistols, I'm sure recoil/muzzle flip is comparable. What I love about it is it's a truly ambidextrous gun, and since I'm a leftie and my boys are right handed, this gun is a great fit for us. Very fun to shoot, we've put about 250 rounds through it already and absolutely zero problems with it. It is a little trickier to find fitted holsters for this piece since its a bit newer on the market in the US. I had to dig pretty deep online to find one I wanted. They do exist, they're just not as ubiquitous as the Glock stuff. Two best attributes for this gun are the sweet trigger and perfect ergonomics. Feels perfect in my hand, and it's a lot sexier looking than the blocky Glocks.
By Leftyniner from Layton Utah
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